1. ​@Mr. Listener You are not listening to the real message taught by Jesus. Jesus spoke of Love, and loving your neighbor as the essence of the Law, from his message and that of the previous scriptures. The concept of Forgivingness is an important part of the message. Someone came to Jesus and said; ‘I heard one should forgive a person 7 times for transgressions against them.’ Jesus answered ‘It should be 70 times 7. In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, the man who helped a stranger is distress was viewed by him, better than the Rabbi who passed him. And the Rabbi was viewed has having the most religious knowledge, of that society at that time. The writer of 1 Corinthians 13:1 was not Jesus, but he said this about Love: “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”

      It is the negative Christians, the evangelicals that make the loudest noise and get the most media attention. But they have strayed away from the core message of Jesus. Too many are focused on the ‘end of times prophecies of the book of Revelation which was not written from Jesus words and actions.

    2. @Wheelman 123 I’m a senior citizen. And gay people used to get beat up, just for being gay, back when I was kid. There is a name for it, that came later called ‘gay bashing’.

    1. @Bigirishchef AS intelligent as you are. But in reality probably more, much more. Is that real and intelligent enough for you??

    1. @S Stills I didn’t say that, they are pushing hate towards minority groups since most people that watch it are above the age of 50 and vote republican

  1. Very disturbing ! Poor man . Trauma , but he lives ! Thank God 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. I hope his trauma its not for his life long. Al good for this brave man.

    1. It’s wrong to thank your fictional homophobic deity and fictional homophobic bible for sparing any harm to LGBT people.

  2. This is all SAD. People not bothering anyone having fun and people are working to put food on thier table. This is always WRONG. Prayers for the families, and thanks for the 2 HEROES.

    1. @bill Dautreve Seriously dude? These people are someone’s sons and daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandchildren…

    2. Actually there is a reason but no one wants to address it. It’s called a societal decay. It’s not a democrat thing, it’s not a republican thing, it’s a complete decay of the value of life. We are a barbaric species. It’s in our DNA. We have done nothing to move towards the eradicating of that DNA defect,, instead we are promoting it. Just look at the comment section of any news story, the comments are riddled with people who make enemies of strangers just for having a differing perspective without realizing that no two people have the same perspective of life.

  3. I worked in a retail store where a shooting took place right outside. I didn’t see anything, as the shooter was quickly subdued, but just knowing that someone met their demise that close to me was VERY traumatizing. RIP to the victims and prayers to anyone who had to witness this act.

    1. @Becky Webb dude Colorado has strict gun laws….Chicago doesn’t even allow guns and has more shootings then anywhere. You know where this stuff rarely happens? Republican small towns where we hunt all winter and fish in the summers. You city folk are nuts in the head. Good families, good parenting stops this. Period.

    2. @Mark Hepworth if it weren’t for guns we wouldn’t be the USA. You do understand that right? How do you think we won our freedom? Why do you think we have the right in the first place? Did you sleep in history class or have a liberal activist for a teacher? Do you actually believe the government has never or can ever come against us?? Seriously, did you just ignore all of history?

    3. @Denille Fleming So no gun violence on all days that you’d expect gun violence except, of course, in Chicago where 9 people were shot and three of them were killed. Kinda ironic that Chicago had more gun violence on January 6th, 2021 then Washington D.C. did that day. I wonder why….

  4. this news crew is the most compassionate i ever saw and thank you for asking questions with a trauma informed approach. you are above the rest.

    1. I could never bring myself to do this. A trauma specialist yes. But as a reporter?
      No. An investigative reporter does this. But it’s to uncover hidden or ignored facts.
      Here it’s for views.

    2. @Shadow would you agree that although it be for views, it inadvertently does a great job spreading awareness and showing thanks to those who subdued the gunman? At least recognition towards the survivors and what they have to say

  5. My prayers go out to all those affected by this horrible act of hate. May God give their hearts peace during this most difficult time

    1. @wamblue Who was talking about having mercy on their soul? I said nothing about the victims of the shooting.

    2. @wamblue In general all I said was that it’s hypocritical to send prayers when you pray to a “god” that admonishes homosexuality.

  6. HUGE props and thank you to the people who subdued the gunman and were beating him up on the ground, astounding bravery. Thank you.

  7. You only need to read the comments to see how “the land of the free” is the land of the sick heartless people. No one deserves this! Watching from New Zealand.

    1. The decent people in the US are enabling this too much that’s a big part of the problem. Anyone who is racist or homophobic needs to be socially suffocated, not tolerated.

    2. @python yes, most of the world has seen it. Too bad the people who actually live here choose to ignore it. We really are in bad shape.

  8. So very sad. So very sorry…Good wishes to those that survived and the families of those massacred in this hate crime. Thank you to the heroes that took down this digusting killer.

  9. Michael Anderson – if you read this… First, I’m so sorry and please hanging in there. But I just wanted to say, you represented your friends and your community so well and with dignity. Clear, well-spoken, kind-hearted, etc. I don’t know you, but I’m proud of you.

    1. As long as his memory gets hazy REALLY fn quick about the people striking the killer while he was down. Otherwise, no he just sold out members of his community to the cops, risking sending heroes to jail.

  10. Sad that this happened in this free Country! Condolences to everyone that went thru this. Families are forever changed. Survivors are forever changed. Responders are forever changed. Endless loss and pain. Prayers to all!

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