Bash asks Gov. Kristi Noem if South Dakota would force a 10-year-old to have a baby

Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD), discusses a report in the Indianapolis Star where an OBGYN said a 10-year-old girl was forced to leave Ohio to obtain an abortion. South Dakota has banned all abortions except when the mother's life is at risk. #CNN #News


  1. Noem’s answers to all “will you vote for it” questions regarding family leave and child care: “We’re under debate!” When she is finally pressed to provide a “yes” or “no,” she says “No!” Even Bash has to smile at Noem’s duplicity!! 😆How do these people live with themselves??😬

    1. These are debates they should have before making abortion illegal.^^ Jesus Christ what’s wrong with them?

    2. But when have you seen a politician from ANY side answer a Yes or No question straight? Its just they way they operate. But nice try though.

  2. Bash: “Would you support paid family leave?”
    Noem: “That’s a discussion we’re gonna have.”
    Translation: No.

    1. Paid family leave is too expensive, and lets not shift the cost of raising children onto the state.

    2. Dana allowed her to sidestep that’s why I don’t watch CNN. Dana Bash is a horrible interviewer and commentator.

  3. Gotta love the way she blames “food insecurity” on Biden. I didn’t know Biden was so all-powerful.

  4. Forcing a girl with an immature body to complete a pregnancy is a direct threat to her short term and long term health. Complications and physical damage can be lifelong.

    1. ​@Loyd Ingle doesn’t mean it’s right. also, what if it’s multiples? that’s harder on the body. I had triplets at 29 so 3 years ago and that pregnancy took a huge toll on my mature body. think about what would happen to a 10 year old doing that. also just because you saw it doesn’t mean anything. are you a doctor? do you have an in depth history of those girls medical history?

    2. I agree except for it should say WILL BE lifelong.
      Every woman I know who had a baby at too young an age (pre-Roe) has had to get dentures by the age of 30 and all had osteoporosis at a very young age.
      Getting the calcium leached out of your bones means every baby thereafter won’t have enough calcium it ITS bones, have bad teeth perpetuating the cycle. AND each young mother won’t have the bone strength to survive another pregnancy. There’s a BIG reason women used to die in great numbers from PREGNANCY.

      These people are just crazy.

    3. @Loyd Ingle and??? Pregnancy is still deadly also girls that young would have to have a C-Section performed on them (of course you probably already know what that is, working with all these pregnant girls coming to you.) And that is the most deadly way to give birth. What’s the mother mortality rate of women under 15 in that state? I am genuinely curious

      oh. and your reply to the comment WindyCityLiz had nothing to do with what they said 🙂 Just a little fyi

  5. It’s sickening how they always do ” the dance” and can NEVER give a yes or no freaking answer. Just the mere thought that this vile woman could not part her lips, “NO, I would never force a child to carry and deliver a rapist’s baby” is nauseating. 😡🤢

    1. The Governor’s answer would have quickly been “Hell No!” if the vile scenario involved a black man rapist and a white 10-year old little girl victim. I’m NOT trying to bring the issue of race into this, b/c this is certainly NOT one. But I’d bet it would have soon turned into one by the GOP & Supreme Court if any of them had considered that vile, disgusting act being perpetated by a black man against any white female. I can almost guarantee if they had considered it prior to voting, then the previous Roe vs. Wade ruling would NOT have been overturned. Esp if they considered if it were one of their white female relatives (woman or child), being violated by a black man and becoming pregnant for him. God forbid that happens to any of them or their female relatives or children. I’d never wish any rape on any woman, child or human being period, regardless of race. But if it did happen since they’ve overturned the case, I bet they’d all be scrambling to secretly ship their relative temporarily out of the entire country to acquire an abortion. They are only “self”-righteous when it doesn’t involve them”selves” or their own loved ones. Goodness only knows how many of them or theirs have already had them for even consensual, age appropriate sex (without expecting to become pregnant). Such hippocrites. Sad situation all around.

    2. @Jeffrey Photonboy Let me help you out. No one can tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. Period. It cannot be dictated by law and now low income women are in more danger all the way around. So hopefully a clearer understanding of the woman as a sovereign being and having the inalienable right to do what she chooses to do with her body will help you struggle less.

  6. She had a pro-choice slip up: “in that situation the doctors, the individuals and families closest to that person would make the decision” HELLO? Thats the whole point. But your state just outlawed the ability for them to make the CHOICE.

    1. The state didn’t outlaw it. It set a limit to six weeks where most can take it without knowing if you’re pregnant or not because it’s safe to take the pill regardless. If it was a “pro choice” it’s because it’s not anti abortion to begin with.

    2. @Veganpotter Thevegan many families have power over their kids. Whether to vaccinate them or not. Whether to marry them off or not. We’ve given too much power to parents.

  7. We need to add 4 more justices to the Supreme Court. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say it has to be 9. The U.S has 13 appeals court districts. Time for Biden to start nominating more justices so we can correct this monstrosity that Trump did!!!

    1. Unfortunately, we know this do-nothing President will do just that. Nothing

  8. As the survivor of a molestation by my uncle from 11 to the age of 14. How do I got pregnant at 11 or 12 I do not think my 11 or 12 year old mind could’ve handled nine months of caring around my molesters/cousins in my room. Suicide will probably add be at the top of my list at that point if I had absolutely no other alternative but to carry for nine months my molesters child and then give birth to it. And that is not saying that I think it’s OK to have a resentment toward a child but if you’ve been molested for four years there’s going to be a resentment toward that child the same way as if you were a victim of rape you are going to have a resentment you are going to have a constant triggered reminder every time you look down at your belly every time you look at that child and not everybody can handle that and I think that it’s cruel and it’s generally men or women who have never ever been raped or molested who are the ones saying oh you can deal with it. If they’ve ever gone through what I went through or what a rape victim go through if they don’t then maybe they could say something if they haven’t they don’t have a right to say anything because they don’t know

  9. She just proved you can do an entire interview without actually answering one single question

    1. She answered, she gave it lip service with circle talk, then said “no” because “taxes”…….

  10. When the gov.’s response to a 10-year-old getting pregnant is that the right of choice is legal in other states, she really should reconsider her stance.

    1. Is there any facts known of the monster who did this to the little girl? Make him an example and take his savings to the 10 year-old family

  11. “We’re going to walk beside women.” How nice. Instead of going home to your governor’s mansion, I fully expect you to show up for every forced labor and delivery and then go home with new mom and baby to enjoy a meal of cup o noodles.

  12. Gov. Noem: We will stand by families
    Bash: How about Medicaid expansion?
    Gov. Noem: Do you know how much that would cost!?!

  13. “I don’t believe a tragic situation should be perpetuated by another tragedy”
    Our main concern here is the wellbeing of the little 10 year old girl, not the fetus. Forcing a child to carry a fetus to full term is paramount to child abuse. It would have scarred the poor little girl mentally and physically.

    1. @Gilbert At 6 weeks there isn’t much to ‘scrape’ out, hell it could be just medication at that point. At this point what is the worst scarring? Most likely continuing to carry a thing that was forced on you and the social stigma of being pregnant at 10 that people in your group would perpetuate is a much greater scar.

  14. Most people support choice but it’s the legislators (gerrymandered) decision to decide. If they put the decision to a national vote, we wouldn’t be having this debate. This women and those that think like her are vile individuals.

    1. If the states that are banning abortions, heck, EVERY state, feels so strongly about abortions, I say put the choice on the ballot and let the citizens decide. If the citizens of the state vote to ban abortions so be it, that state can have that law, but if you truly want it to be the states decision, put it to the vote and let the citizens of the state decide.

  15. This was such a softball interview for Governor Noem… Dana Bash has no backbone to really go after the Governor and her dangerous policies.

  16. Good grief. Answer the questions! We in the rest of the world are appalled at what is happening in your country right now. A 10 year old CHILD should NEVER BE FORCED to carry and give birth to a baby. For goodness sake she was raped! What is wrong with you!

  17. In a parallel universe…
    “Should a 10-year old be forced to carry a child?”
    “Thanks for coming on the show, governor.”
    [Commercial break]

    1. Why is the 10 year old preg? Should we be arresting someone here? The father and maybe the 10 year old also?

    2. @5rings16 : You really are insane. You are blaming the 10 year old for getting impregnated by her Father.

  18. In such matters, we have to grab them by their noses and ask: “Imagine: What if that was _your_ daughter. What would _you_ do in such a situation?”

  19. I’ve never heard of of this ‘Governor’ from South Dakota until today. Based on this interview, however, I feel so much genuine despair at her complete inability to engage/answer questions – and her utterly despicable lack of compassion/concern for the life of an innocent 10 years old ‘baby’. It really is truly sickening and depressing!!

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