Bash: If The Intelligence Officer’s ‘Report Is Accurate, This Is Collusion’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Bash: If The Intelligence Officer’s ‘Report Is Accurate, This Is Collusion’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Former Chief of Staff at the CIA and the Department of Defense Jeremy Bash reacts to the blockbuster reporting that the CIA assessed that Vladimir Putin and other top Russian officials are likely directing an operation to intervene in the election by discrediting Joe Biden. Aired on 09/22/2020.
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Bash: If The Intelligence Officer’s ‘Report Is Accurate, This Is Collusion’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. No no he is exposing this country. And he is also taking what he wants on a smaller scale because the powers that be won’t allow a war. So he has to nickel and dime his theft allegedly. The powers that be knew what he was why put him in power distractions it’s not about 45 he is a small fish in a big stealing pond.

    1. @Nemesis1ism Conserative mines???
      Cofeffi much?
      Trump loves the dumb and obviously loves you.

  1. We’ve spent trillions of dollars of our military to defend us…and yet here we are…basically being overthrown without a single shot fired.

    1. precisely. while our representatives wring their hands & mutter useless expressions of ‘outrage’ & the pundits feast on it, one after another. crime after crime, corrupt act after corrupt act. yeah, we’re just a helpless country, but we’re the strongest country in the world??? how does that work?

    2. We are only going through be overthrown if we allow it. Right now the law still functions and we will see how this turns out, but at the end of the day we have the founding fathers safeguard, the 2nd Amendment. Trouble I g days may be ahead but make no mistake, American Patriots will not let her fall without a fight.

  2. In trumpVirus own words, *_”It is what it is”_* do you hear the Joseph Stalin quote: *_”The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic”_*

    1. Yeah. That it is clear that you have made one seriously insane connection haha.

      A five word off the cuff coloquialism…

    2. His cavalier verbal shrug is equivalent to the perception Stalin’s quote infers.
      -trump cares about .2 million US covid deaths in the same way he cares about any other statistic. Those people are nothing to him. You are nothing to him.

    1. zeppo shemp Research you know that kushner uncle bi bi is still killing in Gaza there is no peace. And think we Americans are going to have same peace deal. Already. 200,000 got it

    2. @zeppo shemp It isn’t “historic” just because Trump and Pompeo call it historic. Let’s talk about abandoning the Kurds in Syria or selling Jamal Kashoggi to be murdered by Saudi Arabia so that Trump could sell millions in arms.

    3. @zeppo shemp Really, between non hostile countries, they weren’t fighting each other. So wow peace treaty, hey why not one between canada and australia it could be a real accomplishment. Geesh and you bought into it.

    1. Ryan Guyer stay away from my border, when they come for you, because they will. Your lack of education is apparent.

    2. @Dusty Davis youre stupid there is no evidence for Bidrn or Clinton or Bidens son. These people have not ever been charged or indicted for anything. You just saying they are criminals dont make it true. On the other hand there is documented evidence of the multiple serious crimes Trump has committed while president. These crimes will not go away. Once he is no longer sitting president and loses his immunity you are going to be amazed just how many states are waiting to drop their indictments against Trump. And he has federal crimes to deal with too. No one is above the law except a sitting president but that is temporary. Just recently several big movie stars were sent to prison for their parts in the college for cash scandals. Thats why you sound delutional.

  3. Let us not forget that Trump has still not taken any action against Russia for placing a bounty on the heads of our soldiers.

    1. @Vitality HR Mgr : The joint chiefs would tell you that trying to get a leg up on others, i.e. your family in your case, won’t cut it, and to take your dribbled totalitarian rant and shove it.

    2. They were spying on him before he was elected. Then they investigated him for over 3 years. If there was good solid evidence of him being a Russian agent we would would have it.

  4. Dude, give it up. We all know #KGB alumni already gave him a honorary membership. Heck they even call him Donaldiev Trumpov

    1. I suspect the next decade with be marked by revelations of how Trump and his company were financially entangled with oligarch and Arab $$$.

  5. Ovious to every one. ODNI clearly named who has had direct contacts with Andrii Derkach, who was the source of false allegations about Biden father and son, through whom Giuliani got other contacts through his own OAN news media. Other Senate Congressmen Ron Johson and Chuck Grassley, were also named, who got some money from thr Reoublicans super PAC in Texas, to which Andrii Derkach directed some Russian funds from Ukraine. All dots are connected.
    Then the ODNI Director now refuses the oral briefing to the House. There must be something behind this decision: obviously to help Trump and let the interference continue.

  6. The President has traitorous links to Russia and everyone pays lip service but nothing happens. Eyes wide shut.

    1. The doing is, “we the people”, not we the congress. Be honest, Dem constituents sat on their duffs for over 3 years.

      Teapotty puts the Dems to SHAME!!!!!

    2. The Democrats tried, they impeached him. But, the Republicans don’t care about his treasonous behavior, and refused to remove. McConnell wouldn’t even allow witnesses. He’s in bed with the CCP, so doesn’t care that Trump is in bed with Russia.

    3. @Dawn Oceanside The Senate is the one that conducts the trial of a president. As we said before impeachment, and as we said during impeachment. If you want him removed, you have to convince one of two people: Moscow Mitch or Potato Pence. Good luck.


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