Bash: If Trump Asked China For 2020 Help, It’s A Low Point In U.S. History | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Do you really think china helped Trump…by sending a deadly virus before an election. seems like that helped the democrats more than Trump.

    1. But Ivanka has at least 6 new trademarks with China. Including voting machines…I wonder if those are the ones that malfunctioned in Georgia’s election? You know…made in China stuff…they are cheap and low quality and low dependability.

    2. @james Qanon is just as fake as Trump, the ‘insider’ is just another liar like Trump that the low IQ cult follow blindly.

    1. The lowest point might have been during the days of slavery… Or what about the massacre of Native Americans? Still, during our lifetimes, Trumps time as president is about as low as I’ve ever seen!

    1. If I was visiting another country I wouldn’t want for the people there to know I’m from the USA! I’ve never felt that way before in my 65 years of being an American and ex-Marine!

  1. Trump: “I do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully desecrate the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, pervert, negate, and offend the Constitution of the United States. So help me Putin…or Jyna….if you’re listening.”

    1. David no one on Planet Earth has desecrated Human Common Sense or Logical Thinking then you, but continue Crying it’s been Hilarious to Watch for Four Years Now.
      Just Hope You have your Mental Health Help Arranged for November you are Seriously going to need it 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    2. @Alan aka FANG you have a problem with your theory, that is he doesn’t have the votes, it’s Hilarious to Watch you clowns waffling on about 2020 when you haven’t a chance

    3. @Phrozin you have no concept of how many Democrats have walked away from the Democrat Party, even more now after the obvious disgusting acts amongst Liberal Run Cities and States.
      But keep Dreaming Junior 😉
      Make sure you have some Mental Health Help available in November you are obviously going to need it.


  3. The president did that he asked the China just like he asked Russia and Ukraine anybody in their right mind know he did it especially China for the farmers because he did not do what he’s supposed to do for the farmers jmw

  4. I think America needs to have a long conversation about Trump and his crime family’s close business relationships with Jyna.

    Trump and his crime family have many lucrative business deals with China. Trump’s products are manufactured in China. And Ivanka has conveniently received more than 30 new trademark deals in China since Trump became president. This is what happens when you have a president who from day one was compromised by greed and his own self-serving interests.

    The Trumps are the landlord to one of China’s top state-owned banks, which has occupied the 20th floor of Trump Tower in Manhattan since 2008. The bank’s lease is worth close to $2 million annually, according to industry estimates and a bank filing.

    And despite Trump’s rhetoric about American manufacturing, assembly-line workers in China still produce blouses, shoes and handbags for the clothing line created by Ivanka. Trump’s business interest in China is long-standing. He began applying for trademarks there in 2005, and in 2012, the Trump Hotel Collection opened an office in Shanghai, its first in Asia.

    Trump business relationships with China are among the main examples plaintiffs in multiple court cases have cited in allegations that Trump is violating the Constitution’s “emoluments clause” by accepting payments from foreign governments.

    Two of the Trump Organization’s foreign partners — developers in Dubai and Indonesia, each building residential complexes that include a Trump golf course — have announced new partnerships with state-run Chinese companies. On June 10 2018,  Dubai’s Damac Properties announced that the state-run China State Construction Engineering Corp. had been awarded a contract to build roads and infrastructure at the new Akoya Oxygen. Trump will be paid to operate a golf course there, his second in the area, and paid for the use of his name.

    In May 2018, Trump’s partner in Indonesia — MNC Corp. — announced that it had signed a construction contract with another state-run Chinese company, the Metallurgical Corporation of China, for its planned Lido City development. Plans for that project, in a mountainous area of West Java, include a Trump-branded golf.

    Days later, Trump announced his support for Chinese-backed telecommunications firm ZTE, a departure from his previously aggressive stance toward Chinese industry that prompted ethical experts to question whether the two actions were related. But of course they were related. This is Don the con we’re talking about.

    1. He did report it. He reported it to Barr and the white house counsel Pat Cipollone.
      They are the ones that swept it under the carpet.

    2. If Bolton was a Good American he would have testified in Trumps impeachment trial. He is probably being truthful in his book, I don’t doubt it, but Bolton has chosen dollars over our countries welfare!

    3. @DGM exactly. I hope he’s not made out to be a hero. He should’ve opened his mouth when it mattered.

    1. Actually, you don’t want to be Chinese either. Try west Europe. Good healthcare, good financial back ups for small business and unemployed. No one here has to work 2,3 jobs and still fear not being able to pay their expensive healthcare, no massive tentcities and legal weed. If we could let China pay for infecting the whole world and Trump gets removed or simply drops dead, life would be perfect up here.

  5. Trump has severed relations with long-standing Allies, and he admires the philosophies and actions of Russia, China, and North Korea. Who loves Communists? Another Communist!
    The US has a Communist sleeping in the White House, destroying it from within.

  6. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves, just seeing how traitor Trump has debased America.

  7. …would rather go on hands and knees to China than make an honest plea to his own supporters.

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