Battle Erupts At Texas Hospital Over Covid Vaccination Mandate 1

Battle Erupts At Texas Hospital Over Covid Vaccination Mandate


President and CEO of Houston Methodist, Dr. Marc Boom, joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the heated debate erupting in his hospital system after it suspended almost 200 employees for not being fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by the set deadline. He explains the move, and what he's hearing from his employees and patients.
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    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords You don’t know , there is something wrong if your this clueless. You’re correcting the person who made the IQ comment, so you know there is no right or wrong way to say it, people with a high enough IQ get it.

    2. @Elisa Baumgarte you obviously don’t have high enough IQ then. I didn’t correct anyone, Sweetie. I merely added another comment about the IQ of the Qtips out there. Did it trigger you?

    3. Let me guess you watch tv programming all day and night, never question anything and think you’re einstein

    1. Exactly fire them and don’t give any media coverage these people are starved for attention.

    2. @Mandy Cleaning toilets in rest areas sounds like the perfect scenario for illiterate Idiots

    1. @Dittzx these are educated people who got college degrees for nursing.
      I can understand for the uneducated people who refuse to take vaccines.

    2. Actually that is the doctor’s Hippocratic oath. My wife was a registered nurse (pediatric) for 25 years, and she said the nurses’ oath was “first do some good”.

    1. @Terry Fulds of course trump did this on purpose, then he allowed 40k to come from china without quarantine
      He told Woodward how dangerous it was and told the Americans it wasn’t, he then sent tons of PPE to china and refused to replace for American medical staff who had to wear garbage bags
      So he could get money from china for empty office space

    2. @Confidental Confindental
      In NYS, the New York State Supreme Court threw out all the “Public Indecency laws, a Woman can legally be topless anywhere a man can.

    3. @Richie Tattersall nope the only women topless in in clubs so pay to play and it’s way more from prostitution to illegal drugs so and even seatbelt are laws for your own good

    4. @Richie Tattersall I don’t care how you explain it BC public anything even bathroom is big trouble but no women can’t legally go topless in public no nude beaches

  1. I don’t want to be treated by someone who doesn’t believe in science. Pseudoscience isn’t since.

    1. No but you’d rather believe in “science” based on big corporate dollars? Really? That’s not science at all. It’s just greed.

    2. Doctors who dont believe in science…? Wtf did they study before they got the credentials to practice

      Too many people getting jobs they shouldnt have for that paycheck, in the medical field that gets people killed..

    3. @Blizzo FiftySix I’m happy that you did some research, but I think your mixing a couple things up. Though mitochondria does produce mRNA for the body, its a bit different then the uptake mechanism for the vaccine, which uses mostly caveolae rafts. But that doesn’t really matter as its mostly semantics. I was trying to uncomplicate the issue so that people who didn’t get a PHD in virology would know what to look for when they do their own research on a subject that is anything but simple. To get to your question “where do antibodies come from?” The short answer is the progenitor cells in your bone marrow, but I understand that that probably isn’t what you meant. What I assume you’re getting at is that, yes you can get antibodies from many different methods including getting the virus (which is why we use to use dead viruses as vaccines). but the problem is that most methods of getting antibodies that aren’t through mRNA are either slow or unreliable, but generally they’re both. This is because the bodies natural response is to use trial and error to synthesize the mRNA strand that will fit onto to the virus, then sends that information to progenitor cells to make the antibodies. Since everybody is different, some people will be better or worse at making this information protein. Bypassing the bodies natural response with mRNA vaccines is the best way to insure that the most people possible have a reliable and repeatable form of protection from any major virus that comes up.

  2. I don’t understand how anyone can be a nurse/doctor/other medical professional and be anti-vaccine. Polio and smallpox disappeared thanks to vaccines. Smdh

    1. @Michael Thomas Because they might not be for one. You can be asymptomatic and spread the virus to others.

      Also if they’re stupid enough to be anti-science, then they shouldn’t be working in the field of medicine.

    2. @nosuchthing8 Yes but at what cost ? Now we have babies born with cancer we have children with autism and more .
      Im just saying my brothers sister just had a baby that is only a few months old and has been fighting cancer his whole life his mom has to face that there is a chance each time she hugs him it may be her last hug before ever seeing him grow . So what about that ? What happened to god ? I need to get off the net its a bad place for me now .

    3. @Eleonora Mystic Thank You so so much . Someone said it . Lets just blindly trust a company that has been poisoning us and our babies for decades with no regret. Its so stupid . A cyber hug goes out to you I know how hard it is to keep to your beliefs in this world we live in now .

  3. Republicans want to discriminate they don’t want to be discriminated against. Even if it’s about saving lives.

    1. @John Smith I believe Christian Scientists have religious exemptions. There may be others too. They are entitled to practice their religious beliefs but they are not entitled to work anywhere and everywhere they want because of their exemptions. I think the exception lies where the person already has a job and then rules change like with vaccinations. Then the employers are obligated to work something out but don’t have to keep them in the same position.

    2. @LD Currently, 95% of acute care Covid-19 admissions in a hospital are those who have either chosen to delay or have refused a vaccine.

    3. @Cathi Christian They get an exemption because they believe in a invisible person? That makes no since what so ever!

  4. I needed to be vaccinated to work in medicine. I needed a hep series to do surgical assisting, we screened for tuberculosis. I needed an MMR and a few others to go to college. I know someone is going to start the BS about “experimental blah blah” and all that. It’s safe and there is massive evidence. Take the shot or don’t work there.

    1. @Z Ham absofuckinglutely. If you don’t understand and believe in the science, then you should get a job somewhere else. Pushing a mop at McDonald’s seems more their speed.

    2. You are not getting it..Covid vaccine is experimental..We are the guinea pigs.. The other vaccines are not experimental, there were many years of getting it approved..If health care workers are not getting the shot, they must be witnessing the after results of people who have gotten the covid shot..

    3. @Jan C let’s spin that around then – if the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of medical workers, and scientists, etc, are getting the vaccine, they must be witnessing the effects and data of COVID-19.

    4. @Z Ham And it’s your personal choice to be unable to work where you can spread disease. Choices, Meet Consequences.

  5. I myself don’t want to be treated by anyone who doesn’t believe in the very thing they are working in, science!

    1. @Stefan Jakubowski a better one is cocaine was once used in clinical settings. And opiods were deemed not addictive and safe for pain relief. Science is ment to be challenged. Not accepted at face value. That’s what science is all about. What you guys are doing is worshipping a scientist. Big difference.

    2. @Helena Hall the vaxes were built from ones for existing covid strains, Every testing milestone has been met that’s needed for regular approval. There is no significant history of long term adverse reactions from the vaccines used to build the current vaccines. They don’t test each vax for five years when they have to create new ones for the current strains of regular flu each year. because they come from base vaccines that are safe. but you go ahead.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis no. A vaccine with a 95ish% rate of effectiveness for a virus with a 98ish% survival rate is not necessary. If you want it get it. If it’s so effective then someone not being vaccinated is of no concern to you. I’m an overweight alcoholic longtime smoker who likes drugs. I haven’t social distanced , I haven’t wore a mask unless I absolutely had to to enter a building , all I did was stay away from my grandparents who are now vaccinated. If I ain’t been sick or dead its probably not necessary. I only know one person who actually got sick. My grandma’s 95 year old cousin who only had months to live due to heart failure anyway. Half my friends tested positive in the last year. None were significantly sick at all.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis I believe in science and I don’t believe enough data has been collected to prove who necessarily needs the vaccine, who could suffer adverse effects and who just really doesn’t need it.

    5. @Danny R Questioning the scientific studies and theories is one thing but questioning science is another. No one is forcing the vaccines on anyone. If you make the choice not to get the COVID vaccine, you just can’t work for this Texas hospital system. There are plenty of other employers and careers.

  6. They are also with Gomert in wondering why the forest service can’t move the earth or the moon. No, it’s true, look it up.


    2. @mike briganti you’ll have to show me proof of him saying that. By proof I don’t mean an articular reference by someone else but a video of this senators lips forming those words

    3. @Anon Nympho Dude Do your own homework. The video is on YouTube. It’s congressman Hank Johnson a D from GA.

  7. I’M 52. When I was a kid, one of my babysitters had leg deformities because of Polio. There wasn’t enough doses of the vaccine for everyone and her parents had to chose one kid out of the two. She lost.
    I’m SURE she would have LOVED to get vaccinated.
    If you work in Healthcare. You HAVE to protect the PATIENTS… NOT your ignorance.

    1. Same thing happened to my grandfather’s brother. He hated the family and blamed his parents. Said they played favorites. Took the grudge all the way to his death. Poor fella.

    2. This is what people often forget when they start indulding the anti-vaxx narrative. The world was far more of a cruel place to live in when vaccines were not as evolved nor as available in richest countries as they are nowadays. No one should ever have to leave vulnerable people exposed when the danger can be prevented.

    3. @Michael Thomas Is it? There are people who had COVID more than a year ago and they continue to have chronic and severe symptoms. Some people haven’t been able to return to work because they physically cannot.

    4. People don’t listen to idiots here that don’t even know what’s in these vaccines. But they want you to take it anyway. Nothing but a bunch of pro vaccine trolls here folks.

    1. Getting both vaccines does NOT mean you cant get Covid and spread it naturally. Alternatively not being vaccinated does not mean you spread more virus. Your not getting it….. Getting the vaccine ONLY protects the person getting it from having a bad reaction to the virus, and nothing to do with viral replication. SO a person with both shots vs. a person who chose not to take it has no difference in viral spread. The only difference is the person that took the vaccine will have a heightend immune response and more protection for THEMSELVES. It has NOTHING to do with vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated and either or spreading it.

    2. @me me That’s just straight out lying… Covid spreads SIGNIFICANTLY less to vaccinated people. Vaccines are at least over 90% effective in stopping the disease from spreading. You guys are really ramping up the cult propaganda, huh? Getting desperate, or what? LOL

    3. @me me Plus, asymptomatic spread is SIGNIFICANTLY harder to achieve in vaccinated people. Almost non-existent. Do science better.

    4. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid I work in Pulmonary. You wanna talk percentages fine. Find me peer reviewed science articles that says that Covid spreads differently or more from naturally vaccinated vs. people who have taken the vaccine. I am not anti-vaccine. I have had both shots myself, but what I am saying is there is no science to say that just because someone took the vaccine that does NOT mean they dont shed the virus just as an un-vaccinated person would.
      Again…..**Getting both vaccines does NOT mean you cant get Covid and spread it naturally. Alternatively not being vaccinated does not mean you spread more virus. Getting the vaccine does ONLY one thing. It protects the person getting it from having a bad reaction to the virus. So, a person with both shots vs. a person who chose not to take it has no difference in viral spread. OF COURSE asymptomatic spread is harder to track. The person doesnt show symptoms this is common sense. The only difference is the person that took the vaccine will have a heightend immune response and more protection for THEMSELVES. It has NOTHING to do with transmission.**

    5. @me me Immunity achieved from getting the vaccine significantly lowers viral load in the vaccinated person, therefore making it significantly harder to become infected, carry a viral load in general, or infect someone else. It’s basic virology and science. It’s been proven true with this particular coronavirus as well. Regardless, a non-vaccinated person is more likely to become infected in ANY scenario, and is also more likely to spread the disease to someone else. So, I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve here, other than misinforming someone in an attempt to discourage them from getting the vaccine.

    1. @RDL I’m in California as well. In my area not so much, but in many areas, people are pro-mask and pro-vaccines. I don’t want someone’s religious beliefs affecting my health and welfare. If someone doesn’t believe in vaccines or other kinds of medicines do they really fit in the traditional medical field? For those who can’t take vaccines for medical reasons then they should be protected also by not putting them in harm’s way. There are many types of jobs in the medical field where someone can work but not necessarily be around patients. In this climate, they either get the vaccine or wear the PPE that protects them and others. It does sound like this hospital can and will work with people who have vaccine allergies or religious objections so I am not sure what they are protesting about unless they just don’t want to take the vaccine period.

    2. Luckily, your continent seems to have corralled most of them, keeping that lot, and people who think they’re Magneto now after getting their jabs, confined over there.

    3. @Gary Grud So when you go to work and your boss tells you to cook the French Fries do you question him instead of doing your job? NO wonder you’re living in your mom’s basement on welfare.

  8. The dumbing down continues…somebody tell these people that it’s not a coincidence that small pox disappeared after a vaccine was invented!

    1. @Lee Smith
      The United States Supreme Court ruled that States have the authority to make a Small Pox vaccine mandatory
      Jacobson v Massachusetts 1905.
      Fact, not totally clueless comments.

    2. @Richie Tattersall States not federal right. What about grocery stores? Freedom of religion? how long were they tested and were they fully approved?

    1. Vaccines take 10-15 years of scientific process to be tested. They improved it in less than 1 year. Who is the one not believing in science

    2. @Suave Agave Covid takes a week or so to cause death. So…… you’re in a death cult.

  9. Don’t want a vaccine, great! Don’t work with people whose health depends on you being healthy. Simple as!

    1. @Alan Davidge Don’t be dramatic – these are job requirements for safety on the job. People have a choice whether to be vaccinated or not; if they choose not to, they have to live with the consequences of their own personal decision.

      If health care workers transmitted a serious and life threatening infection that was widely known about, and for which there were preventative measures that could be taken to guard against putting patients at risk… and the hospital did nothing about it, they would be culpable for putting patients at risk and for any deaths. Inaction is negligence.

      It’s not an ice cream parlor, it’s a hospital. Who is in hospitals? Exactly.

    2. @Alan Davidge This comment is so ridiculously disingenuous and/or misinformed that I can’t believe a human being with a working brain typed it out.

    3. If you have the vaccination ,how can you catch it from the in vaccinated. Today experts ? Say ” the vaccine may not help against the Delta variant “

    4. If you have a covid test ,and no covid. How can you then pass covid on if you do not have covid.
      Why be scared of in vaccinated people if you have had the vaccine ? Unless you think the vaccine does not work ?
      Experts say ” the vaccine may not work against the Delta variant” so if you have survived the past year without a vaccination, why get one now when things are improving.
      Covid passports , what next . ?

  10. The events of the last year have ended up being a good way to purge multiple professions of people who don’t belong in them.

    1. @Michael Thomas Do YOU want to be treated by doctors and nurses that don’t believe in what they’re doing? It’s common sense, something that obviously is in short supply in the US.

    2. @Michael Thomas No, you sound like a major drama queen. Since when are people guaranteed the right to a job in the profession of their choosing?

  11. How does Anyone call themselves a health care worker that doesn’t understand medical science?

    1. Liberals are everywhere. They recognize 37 different genders and deny science routinely for political convenience.

    2. Just because they’re a health care worker, they are also a regular person. A lot of people feel that it was to rushed, not that the vaccine is necessarily a bad thing. They want to wait til it’s out awhile. Nothing wrong with that. She did say it is less then 1 percent of all health care workers. Seems like something else the media is blowing out of proportion.

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