‘Be Bold, Go Big’: Sen. Bernie Sanders On How Democrats Can Hold Onto Power | All In | MSNBC 1

‘Be Bold, Go Big’: Sen. Bernie Sanders On How Democrats Can Hold Onto Power | All In | MSNBC


“The right thing to do policy wise makes very good politics. And that is to continue Biden’s effort to be bold, to go big,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders on how Democrats can hold onto their Congressional majority in future elections.
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    1. @Jasmany Foch biden is a republicuck with a D in front of his name. drumpf is a proto-fascist. i’ll settle for biden any day of the week and twice on sunday. i would rather have bernie, but that requires rank choice voting… and a well informed, well educated electorate, which will never happen.

  1. GQP voters need to start asking themselves the question of “Who stands to gain from the policies that republicans have been pushing all this time?” Because for the most part, given how the world has passed them by, it certainly hasn’t been them. Corporations on the other hand….

    1. The Dems are just as at fault for getting us into this boat. Both parties are utter filth. Ranked choice voting is what we need

  2. In states where minimum wage has increased, the number of jobs increased because minimum wage workers have more money to spend.

  3. Bernie always speaks his mind no matter which side he angers. Wish more politicians had his courage.

  4. If politicians do good things for their voters they get re-elected – simple yes? Try telling the majority of politicians who use voters to get elected then the whole ‘game’ is about ‘How do I milk this cow out of every drop it has, legally or not.”

  5. Sending much love to my favorite Senator and Chairman of United States Senate Committee on the Budget. Thank you for your compassion for the American people

  6. Who should I vote for?
    Democrats- helping everyday people.
    Republicans- helping corporations.
    This is a hard 1.

    1. No, but hopefully before too long American-Dreaming Americans raze ‘murka to the ground

  7. Let’s just hope they can pass some of this stuff. Probably not going to get much if any help from the republicans

    1. @Tod Brown they can only sidestep them for budgetary stuff. If all the democrats stay together. HR1 which goes a long way to end corruption would need 60 votes in the senate (I think). They would need 10 republicans. Doubt that will happen. And that sucks

  8. *shakes fist at Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for stonewalling progressive legislation

    Biden is doing a lot of necessary good right now, far more than most of us expected. I wish all Democrats in the Senate were on board with his plans.

  9. Kamala “held” Mayor Brown and “out of him” she got temporal power. No matter what title Harris has or comes to have she’ll alway be known as having obtained it through being Willie’s.

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