1. @Gary May because you said so? How was the was in Ukraine going during Trump’s presidency? Oh yeah, it wasn’t. Ukraine only gets invaded when Joe’s in office 2012 Crimea, and now going for Kyiv.

    2. @Master Blaster That doesn’t mean that Trump is for Putin or for what he is doing, being objective regarding the actions of Putin and seeing how it would be beneficial to Russia doesn’t mean that you’re a fan or even agree with Putin and war. If it did then the entire lunatic cult left would be terrorist collaborators for saying terrorists are brave for blowing themselves up along with innocent people. I recommend that you seek out alternative sources of information aside from any mainstream left-wing “news” sources, because you’re being lied to.

    1. @Save 🇺🇸 I love when people think one misstep cancels out another. Any impropriety by Hunter Biden doesn’t cancel out ones by Trump’s administration.

      Trump wanted a weakened stance on Ukraine before he even took office. And was then impeached for attempting to blackmail them. Facts are facts.

      Biden is crushing Russia without putting our service men and women at immediate risk.

    2. @Alpha66 So what your saying is that you fell for CNN propaganda, diagnosed with TDS, voted for Biden in the most fair election ever cause who wouldn’t vote for anyone who battled Cornpop and Jim Eagle, and where did that get us….? On the bright side that SOTU was hilarious. I didn’t know impractical jokesters did a presidential special.

    3. pro-American Nazis in Ukraine will be destroyed or captured, Biden and a gang of Democrats who have been unleashing wars for more than 20 years in which millions of civilians have died will be put in prison, the people of America have endured enough and must remove the noodles that Cnn and others pro-war “patriots” hangs on them

    4. @StatiX white supremacist Americans are supporting Russia attacking white supremacists in Ukraine? Why would anyone buy that nonsense?

  1. “The price of the sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia. It’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well. Including European countries and our country as well,” – Biden

    1. @Brohan from Rohan because i praised them before and have always been reprimanded to think otherwise but it seems more logical to not idolize them blindly

    2. Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter

    3. @morgan chris money doesn’t make u financially stable half of these ppl lose it before they get it

  2. You nailed it without seeing it. You gave praise to a member of the administration (Bush Jr) that is at the root of the people losing faith in government. The lies to invade Iraq are the reason for distrust, especially in war motivations. The government has to mend that trust not get angry with the people(whose relatives went and are forever impacted). I am a literal centrist so I speak to different sides, this is the root. Instead of news stations and politicians polarizing things more, they need to recognize they lost the faith of the people

    1. @Protector of Ukraine Nope we remember. That’s why Florida is suing Biden and it’s been spoken about on the house floor repeatedly.

    1. Biden is speaking softly because he is mentally incompetent and he doesn’t even know what a big stick is….. they roll him out there on the world stage and this loser shows more aggression toward donal trump who by the way is humiliating him at this job and Biden should never open his mouth ever again bout trump….. just cause he is just a failure truMp makes him look soook stupid I wouldn’t ever dare mention trump. But Biden is weak and failing and slurring and mumbling his words and speaking more about Jan 6th than Russia and Putin !!! Hahahaha how much cash did Putin give hunter Biden ?????? This is pathetic

    1. Confederate traitor racists are the biggest threat to America, deport domestic terrorists to Belarus, lock up donthecon

  3. One man stands between civilization and the destruction of earth and is threatening to use his nukes. So do you think it’s not important to save our planet?

    1. Well perhaps Ukraine should have joined NATO…..? Ukraine isn’t even a democracy & if Russia was to attack the US instead of invading Ukraine I can gurentee you they would not send billions in aid + soldiers + equipment etc so if anything we already are going out of the way to help a non nato country

  4. A near sighted primeval/primordial conception of political philosophy and its implications to world order. Oh wait, the Putin supporters on the right have no idea of that concept.

    1. Putin supporters on the right? LMAO!!!!! russia is a communist country; what is communism now on the right? how far off the scale are you when you are further left than communism? what is beyond that? quite clearly moronism LMAO! wow

    2. @Thorax999 they don’t read dude, they don’t look at facts or statistics it’s all emotional based that’s why cnn calls entire country racist on hourly basis lol

    3. @Thorax999 Russia is not Communist, and hasn’t been for 30 years. Putin is not trying to re-establish the Soviet Union, he’s trying to re-establish the Russian Empire. He has defended his invasion on ethno-nationalist terms (“uniting the Russias”), and the imagery he uses (e.g. the Imperial Double-Eagle, the toy soldiers who open doors for him) all hearkens back to the Tsars, not the Soviets.

  5. Wow. I didn’t realize some people could oppose helping Ukrainians. I’m Canadian and wake up every morning and spend my day thinking about this horrifying war.

    1. Zona Hatt do you feel compassion for the people of donbass being shelled for 8 years by usa armed neo nazis? How about all the communists and socialists persecuted in Ukraine since the usa back fascist coup of 2014?

    2. @Zona Hatt the level of the virtue signalling and the level self-righteous,moral high ground narcissism make me wanna vomit🤮🤮🤮

  6. Why don’t you two send your kids to fight in Ukraine. I was in Desert Storm and it was all about oil. Deep down no one gives a crap about Kuwait independence. I despise civilians who have never served in the military and their kids are sent to ivy league colleges to avoid military service telling ordinary Americans to send their disposable children to fight wars that make rich , powerful people richer and more powerful.

  7. I do believe the only way to defeat conspiracy theories is the education improvement for all American people.

  8. Man…. Could we as a human race for once learn not to repeat history! This was the same talking points giving in the beginnings of WWII saying “America First” while Hitler was slowly taken over Europe. Then we were attacked in Pearl Harbor and Hitler wanted the US next. Yes Ukraine is important because its the first step to Putin possibly attacking NATO countries and remember NATO allies went together with the US to go after Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan after the 9-11 attacks “because” a NATO country was attacked. What happened to the saying “you go we go”? This goes to show how important is educating the citizens of a country especially on history.

  9. Interestingly enough, the name “Adolf” actually meant “Noble Wolf.”
    Dr. Seuss probably knew that.

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