Behind the Desk: The Story of Late Night | Episode 3 - The Writers 1

Behind the Desk: The Story of Late Night | Episode 3 – The Writers

Episode 3: The Writers

Host Bill Carter pulls back the curtain for a peek inside the all-important writers’ room. In these four walls, the comedy elite put in long hours each week as they sift through hundreds of jokes, in search of the ones that will land the biggest laughs. Guests include Amber Ruffin, Jimmy Kimmel, writer and host Dick Cavett, Conan producer Robert Smigel, The Colbert Report writer and Executive Producer Alison Silverman and more.

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Hosted by Bill Carter

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    1. Thx.. Hope they find out which bozos broke the window, unclasped the purple velvet ropes, or put their feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk

  1. Remember when late night was funny and people actually watched? (Im having trouble remembering too, it’s been so long)

    1. @John Wilharm anti Marxist arguments I’ve been making for the last 30 years has been “pro trump”..
      Ironic your post, if you think it’s “pro trump” pointing out democrat corruption, anti-American, anti law enforcement or military, anti US energy, (juxtaposed lifting sanctions on Putin pipelines) is “pro trump”.. or handing 100billion and Helvetia gold to the coup-occupation of the Iranian Ayatollahs (predating Trump and not recognized for past 5 administrations prior to Obama-Biden) .
      It would appear you’re the partisan and trump is your excuse to be so.

  2. Johnny Carson used note cards because he and Ed McMahon were half lit. Biden uses them to remind him his own name.

  3. Carson is king. Letterman was the prince. Leno was the last good late night host. Since then it has been awful. Whiny politics and unfunny content.

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