Behind the Desk: The Story of Late Night | Episode 5 - The Politics 1

Behind the Desk: The Story of Late Night | Episode 5 – The Politics


Episode 5: The Politics

Modern late night TV serves as a number one news source for audiences who devour humorous but critical insights of American society and politics. With commentary from Trevor Noah, Roy Wood Jr, Jen Flanz, comedian Sarah Cooper and others, Bill maps out the journey that transformed much of late night from escapist entertainment to political satire.

Produced by CNN Audio and Cream Productions
Hosted by Bill Carter

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    1. @Nera Kar
      Like I said, the fake insurrection was pulled by lucifers army.
      All democrats serve the Antichrist, all the lies and corruption comes from there

    2. How can an insurrection happen if no one is armed????? And only Trump supporters and a cop died which are your enemies. It’s ok communist critical race theory is failing in most schools and states and your voting bill just failed.

  1. I appreciate the comment “the news has changed so much and the news has become opinion” but the opinion of who? The idea that news can be an opinion piece really disgust me from all networks. Tell me what they said. I’ll make my opinion. Comedy is apart from news. It’s so tiresome to listen.

    1. @Joshua Forbes sorry Josh us Trumpers figured out fox was owned by china as well as all main stream

    2. @Joshua Forbes subscribers in where? YouTube? Don’t make me laugh. Look at their ratings it speaks for itself. Look at there spread sheet and Q2 earnings. Numbers don’t lie.

  2. The United States has never faced a more dangerous situation than it faces now. We have people in this country who want to take away our freedom and rights and right now they are winning that fight

  3. Is CNN trying to get a Late Night Comedy Show or a NetFlix movie contract from the Obamas.
    News just the News Mam!
    Leave the comedy to late night professionals.

  4. The great great granddaughters of the confederacy don’t rep the flag–Obvious(!) They used to roll around Preston Square in 1975 Ford Granada’s looking for some CYO-CYAINE 😆 Gigs up putzes!

  5. We know you’ll be Republicans one day and that it will be u that make it cool(!) We’re humble and loving people!! 💯💯

  6. No one’s going to like them when they’re angry, no one ever does(!) We’ve hardly seen them angry like in the old days, but when we do it’s hideously infamous. So we’ll have to put it to them gently and with great wit(!)

  7. *here is the problem with perverted philosophy…* america… has NEVER been about ONE(1) people… america.. is about One(1) idea… those that don’t share the idea of vision… can get… LOST… soze… quit putting perversion… in front of our faces….

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