Behind the scenes at chaotic evacuation of Kabul airport

Despite the Taliban's promises, Afghans are still desperately trying to flee the country. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh and Anna Coren take a look at the ongoing evacuation effort at Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport after a chaotic scene unfolded as Afghans attempted to flee the country once the Taliban assumed control.

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    1. @Ash Roskell True, i would have took off a long time ago, when Trump was negotiating with them and Biden sent our military back home.

    2. Allied nations were left in the lurch.. .they probably won’t be able to get all their people out. It wasn’t their decision…..but will lose people.

    1. COVID only kills people that watch and have TV’s. The Afghans and Taliban don’t wears masks and they don’t all have COVID because they don’t own Televisions and aren’t exposed to media COVID viruses

    2. Biden owns it. We promised a gradual drawdown, not a disappearance like a black guy leaving his pregnant girlfriend. From now on we will call him…TaliBiden

    3. @Apache Worrier
      Not even the Afghan president (who screwed off with $$) knew the army wouldn’t fight. Everyone thought they had months to prepare instead of days.
      This isn’t anyone’s fault, except maybe Afghani intelligence officer’s that should have known and reported the attitude of the army.

    4. The Taliban are holding Press Conferences and Taking All Questions.
      That being said.
      Why ISN’T Our President Joe Biden?

  1. This is their way of living, why are we trying to change that? Its unfortunate but we have no business trying to alter their beliefs and ideology.

    1. @Phillippa C. Then they even. I see no Taliban airforce and they have no big defense contractors, whom benefitted.

    2. @Amaking10000
      You don’t to need to be against America to speak about their flaws. I’ve live in America since I was 10 and I’m 45 now and I love the US, however, I’m not naive about it’s flaws. I love my parents but sometimes they do dysfunctional things. What the US did in Afghanistan was absolutely brainless.

    3. @TrueKen so USSR occupied Afghanistan, Cia asks Pakistan to send religious students to fight Russia. they go to Afghanistan and get train by Cia officers, Russia leaves there and communist government in kabol goes down by taliban. cia pays more to Saudi Arabia to send fighters to Afghanistan and make a fake Islamic state. Taliban bites cia finger in yemen, later Saudi Arabia alqaida fighters train in us and 9/11 happen. us asks Iran to help America in Afghanistan war, iran talks with some groups who were fighting with al qaida and taliban. Iran is ready for germany conference, president w bush calls Iran excess of evil. iran goes aside. now US troops are in Afghanistan and Iran’s friend commander shah masoud was killed by some arab fighters in Afghanistan. taliban is defeated but any of governments in the Afghanistan are in fact chosen by America. they are corrupt, international budgets doesn’t go for rebuild country. people are tired after getting killed by American or taliban. also Central governments and agents make people unsatisfied. Taliban again comes, but this time like diplomats, laughs at you and you don’t know what’s in his head. 20 years without any progress for Afghanistan, a country without rail way. China goes straight and shake taliban hands. Afghanistan has what they want, mine, uranium,, ….
      loser? those American soldiers who lost their lives out of their homeland, for the sake of their best partner in Persian golf ( Saudi Arabia) = responsible for 9/11.

  2. From a government perspective we simply do not understand the nuance of the Middle East in general and Afghanistan in particular (apparently). We cannot repackage our secularism and democracy and franchise other countries with it like a McDonalds if they do not want it. These people are far too concerned with scratching out a hand to mouth existence to even ponder Patrick Henry-ism much less get organized enough to fight for it.
    That said we botched this exit. We are great at invading….terrible at leaving. We have a long history of it.

    1. @Herb Superb don’t be naive. Whether it’s a republican or democrat sitting in the white house, it would’ve ended the same way. Bush should’ve never sent troops there in the first place. So many politicians like Cheney profited from this war. It’s fanatics like you who are too blind to see the truth. Blame the US gov’t as a whole. Both democrats and republicans created this mess.

    2. @VisualAddict I agree that we never should have been there, but the withdrawl was completely botch by Biden. Why didn’t evacuate the Americans and Afghans first, remove the billions of dollars worth of equipment and the the troops? Why pull the troops first?…He had no withdrawal strategy other than to hope the Taliban let us compete the withdrawal?…Once again he proved that he is incompetent.

    1. What else can you do? It’s up to the people living there to solve that problem. The biggest problem is religion. Their religion tells them to do those things.
      What else can convince these people that they can treat women that way?

    2. @tony sisson ……the biggest problem is religion???? What’s nuts is to think a foreign country can go in a country and think it can somehow change a culture that’s existed for hundreds of years in a matter of just a few. The culture in this country is no where near anything representative of a western country!!! To think differently is exactly what got us in this mess!

    3. @tony sisson ….one other thing…. We’ve (U.S./Europe) done such a good job at getting involved with other countries that they have become fare worse than had we never interfered in their culture. And then……………..we gave them weapons! Africa is a good place to start on how well western influence made a difference….

    4. Give the arms left behind to the woman.
      Let them battle the Taliban. I bet they would put up a better defense than the army.

  3. There is plenty of time for investigations into the Biden administration in the future. Let’s concentrate on getting people out of there for now.

    1. The entire world is nervous. This is catastrophic. He has just signed the death certificate for hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan.

    1. @Debbie Hunt So Republicans cut off heads and arms live to broadcast it, shoot people in the street, rape women (claim women need 5 male witnesses to say the rape happened and if they can’t prove it then they are stoned to death) and put them in the sex trade (starting age 13) and not allow them to work or go to school, crash airplanes into buildings to kill people (4,000), shout Death To America, and kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them? I didnt know we did those things…🤔

    2. @Ren77 yes you did all those thing just check your brutal history from Alabama to Oakland — and you made up all that again in the other part of the world

    3. @Ren77 life is getting normal amazingly so quick in Afghanistan — girls schools are open already — girls are going to schools that independent and citizens media is covering free of cost — the only media that is lying is mouthpiece of the US and Indian establishment the real enemies of Afghan ppl and the real losers in this situation keep lying !! the only chaotic place is Kabul Airport where US and foreign troops are stationed and are creating chaos on purpose to show something that look negative to the world otherwise non others, life is getting quickly normalize in city like Kabul as well

    4. Nah they just stole from Bush and Cheney. This has been going on longer than you’ve been paying attention to politics. This is pre trump now go to fox and pander to your cult

  4. Why haven’t I seen ONE video or interview with a real husband or father stating they want more rights for their wives/daughter?

    1. Because that is over. Joe handed the country, with complements of billions in American weaponry, to the Taliban. It is their way now.

  5. Wouldn’t believe a word any of those taliban say the people know exactly what they’re in for no matter what cnn say

  6. If we spent TRILLIONS of dollars helping the HOMELESS instead of Afghanistan, it would have been a WISER decision, and this country would be a NICER place to live in.

    1. USA has spent trillions making the military-industrial complex unbelievably rich. Look at their profit margins.

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