1. @Dave Gordon so no comment about Biden defending China then. Typical liberal, won’t judge yourself by the same set of standards.

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy Im not a big Biden guy myself just hate Trump. Besides if Trump doesn’t care about all the dead Americans from covid, what the hell makes you believe he cares about Chinese folks. He doesn’t care about anybody not named Trump. And that’s debatable. Think before you speak Danielson.

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    1. And Biden seems to be trying to join forces with China. He should be trying to cut ties from them like Trump.

  1. 2:37 – He specifically made a point of saying there’s no _systematic_ rape, that’s a technically-true statement that ignores the point of the question. It doesn’t matter if it’s not being done as a mandated rule, it shouldn’t be happening at all.

    1. Not it is not technically-true. If it was not systemic rape then it must have been a failure of individuals.

      But the witness describes exactly systemic rape. Many guards, ongoing, covered by guards and prison officials and by everybody all the way up to the top including a government spokesperson… that is a systemic failure of communism that is projected in this systemic crime that started by systemic prosecution of innocent people because communism systemically eliminates all perceived enemies. Systemic moral and intellectual plague. Communism.

    2. That part of the story happens in all societies where people have a lot of control without enough safeguards, think back 30 years in any Western countries and the catholic church and orfanages and disability care and of course prisons however prisons were probably fixed about 50 years ago. This unfortunately is human nature and while no systemic in the camps it would depend on luck just like all the places I mentioned above. I think China would be trying to stop this behaviour however they want to cover it up also.

    3. Question is whether she report to the police. CNN should ask her for police report if so. If not, ask her why not. China sentence for rape is severe including death sentence so It’s very safe for girls to walk alone in the dark. If she report to the police, the Chinese government will definitely bring the perpetrators to justice. They definitely want to protect their image even if you don’t believe they will do it for justice and keep their society safe. Unfortunately, CNN don’t seem to be interested in the truth and make a disclaimer at 4:26. This video looks more like a propaganda.

  2. Slavery is alive in the middle east but the oil gives them a pass. Indentured servants have passports taken and live in squalor.

    1. @Derek L no one hide it. Look at the how long did UK confirm the mutated COVID ? When you see a new virus no one knows what it is, it takes time to know. How about you go and google the US 2019 flu season and answer me why it killed 3 times more people than usual year ? And where is the flu now after you know COVID ?

  3. Your all acting like your just finding out about this. It’s been going on for a long time, covered up by the powers that be.

    1. Just bc it’s been going on some time, doesn’t mean it should last forever.. slavery was normal in America at one point, until decent ppl released the wrong and pain it caused

  4. CNN run out of actor? I can cry out foul in a second and stop in a second. If CIA pay me enough I will join. Hahaha

  5. I was laughing while watching this news. Western media has no idea what is xinjiang really like. Those are real good actress and actors who are faking things to get America passport.

  6. “As a young member of a Foreign Relations Committee, I wrote and I said and I believed then what I believe now: That a rising China is a positive, positive development, not only for China but for America and the world writ large.”
    Joe Biden, May 2011

  7. Cmon man is this really any suprise from the Chinese, a people that roast Puppy Dogs alive then eat them afterwards?

  8. Wow, CNN, no wonder your viewership’s been going down. This is not news. A lot of white colonist “news” networks had it at least a week ago.

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