Being Distanced Has Eroded Trust, Says Scientist On Remote Working 1

Being Distanced Has Eroded Trust, Says Scientist On Remote Working


In a new Boston Globe piece, behavioral scientist Jon Levy writes the hybrid workplace is unlikely to last, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss. Walter Isaacson also joins the discussion.

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Being Distanced Has Eroded Trust, Says Scientist On Remote Working


  1. No mention here of how commuting for hours each day promotes trust, close ties and social integration. Such a glaring omission casts doubt on the expertise of this “expert”.

  2. eroded trust? what world are you living in where there was any trust to begin with? that’s just one of the rules if capitalism, we’re all eachother’s competitors; trust no one, get one over on everyone.

    1. But the company needs teams of people that are dedicated in order for it to function. If you just want to stay home you’re not much value to the company culture. You just want to collect a paycheck while in your pajamas. Also if you’re working form home it means your job can easily be outsourced to India. for 5% the cost.

  3. I’d say the truth is, being distanced has kept us away from people we already knew we couldn’t trust and we don’t want to have to go back around those people.

    1. so you r job then should be outsourced to India for 5% of the cost since it can be done remotely.. You would agree with that then right? Since you have nothing more to offer the company.

  4. This man lost his credibility when he tried to make it sound as if MOST people working from home want to go back to the office without any sort of stat or source. I suspect an alterior motive that he’s not announcing.

  5. I’m fine with remote working idc if I see people when I’m working I see them when I go outside

  6. The pandemic exposed that the old normal and opened the possibility of keeping work from home when the pandemic is gone. Building trust is not impossible as long as you have constant communication. True it’s more effective in person but it boils down in the values of the company. If you don’t trust your employees, don’t hire or keep them.

  7. There are people in this world who do jobs that rely on trusting people that they’ve never met, if people need to have people hovering over them all day to feel a part of something they’ve got a problem…

  8. Office culture is a battlefield, you have to deal with drama, micromanaging, rude coworkers who wants to go back to that.

    1. Office culture is what builds communities trust and a well functioning workplace. It builds strong teams that the company can trust. If you are anti social you are not of much value to a company. You just want to collect a paycheck. Also if you’re working form home it means your job can easily be outsourced to India. for 5% the cost.

    2. @Feeder Monkey Ok so your job can be outsourced to India. because previously your employer was paying expensive fees per sq foot for you office. So now he can actually downsize the building and outsource your remote job to India. I would. Whats the point of paying for an office space for you and paying you 20X more than someone who can easily do your job abroad?

  9. Friendly reminder that during an actual zoom meeting with a judge, a lawyer had to proclaim, “I am not a cat.”

  10. As an introvert, not having to make small talk with co-workers in the office while getting coffee is perfectly fine by me.

  11. While working at CDC, we were allowed to work from home up to 3 days per week in my department. Everyone was required to be physically in the office on Mondays for our weekly update the boss sort of meeting and we worked on various projects together that day and so forth.

    It worked great for us. Of course, we were not 100% at home type telework though—only up to 3 days per week. Many of us opted for only 2 days, which I found to be the perfect balance.

  12. Being away has increased trust and cooperation in our company of 10k employees. It depends of what industry you are working for. So I say speak for yourself please. Hybrid work option is the best for employees and employers in most places.

  13. So basically-

    Worker: I want flexibility and spend more time with my family. I spend too much time commuting.

    This guy: No you don’t, you would rather spend more time with your coworkers and slave for us so we can micromanage you. Look how hard you have it at home. Be our slave, we are your only family.

    Company: We need more profits, I need another jet for my dog. I need millions in bonuses.

    *Layoffs start*

  14. Businesses have eroded trust by showing they do not care about employees. Offices are not the place of choice to build community and social interactions. Most businesses would like employees to keep their heads down, talk little, stay of the internet and work. In this world of the internet, there are plenty of online focus groups to get inspiration.

  15. I don’t want to go back into the office. The go-getters will always find a way to make themselves known to the correct people and kiss the correct behinds to get ahead even when working remotely. I don ‘t need to play those corporate games.

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    3. @sanjuansteve Seeing Alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him

  17. I had the uncomfortable situation of being management that was stepping back to work for a new contract company. Unfortunately, there was inadequate supervision, the work area became messed up, and one of the employees was mentally ill. My time on location was spent keeping things in order and staying out of the way. It didn’t work. I can see how this type of person could easily disrupt your entire operation just for the sake of attention seeking or political gain.

  18. I have been in school through COVID. It has been really effective to hold online live discussions, not just written discussion boards. This is best in a smaller group.

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