Belarus Opposition Leader Calls For Additional U.S. Sanctions 1

Belarus Opposition Leader Calls For Additional U.S. Sanctions

Exiled Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya explains why she's calling for increased U.S. sanctions on Belarus. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Belarus Opposition Leader Calls For Additional U.S. Sanctions


    1. I don’t foresee this administration being held accountable for anything. TV sees them as Gods. Look at Fauchi.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more this Biden Administration is a complete mess open borders skyrocketing inflation helbein even took a sanction off Russia to allow them to send their pipeline to Germany and then shut the Keystone Pipeline here down

  1. The Biden administration needs to put as much pressure as possible on Lukashenko. The world needs democracies, not nationalistic autocracies.

    1. @Liberty Belarus apparently you don’t live in Belarus , or your account is completely fake . I’m Syrian , sanctions on Belarusians simply means that prices will be skyrocketing , you will have shortages of oil , food , medicine , your salaries will never match up with your basic needs , you will end up passing the time of your hunger on internet subscribtion .

    2. @Liberty Belarus You will experience the sanctions first hand like us and you will know yourself whether I’m a liar or you were a brainwashed on purpose .

    3. @Liberty Belarus Stay strong and safe. Everyone who values democracy and liberty is on your side.

    1. @E Hole We shot the one eyed American Marie Colvin in Syria LOL come take your share .

  2. The vaccine is soo good the presidents that denied it in their countries are getting pew-pew. Madagascar and Haiti.

  3. I think it’s nice that the parents are questioning the school board members but in reality aren’t City school board members going by State Legislature that forces stuff onto the schools. Am I wrong. They may not be getting school funding if they don’t push this crap to the schools. Am I wrong |

  4. The huge audience at the CNN townhall with joe Biden is solid PROOF Biden got 81 million votes!!

  5. I would love to home school my g-son whom does live in my home. It isn’t just an issue for dedication with time ect… and financial needs due to the adults jobs. Actually for me it isn’t and shouldn’t be about the adult, it is about your child. One has to consider what are the pros and cons of home schooling. We all pretty much know about the pros, which is great!! Yet on the side of cons, I fear my g-son would not be getting the social atmosphere, socializing with all his friends, they are also turned away from participating in sports or any extracurricular activities. Yes I understand we must look at their futures no just the “fun” in life. That is a number one response/answer I have been given every single time on this issue, “would you rather your g-son recieve an education or have fun growing up?” |

  6. Begin with total sanctions then only reduce them if and when something changes. It’s obvious nothing else works with dictatorships.

    1. @E Hole We shot the one eyed American Marie Colvin in Syria LOL come take your share .

  7. Everyone seems to be catching the Freedom fever, which is good for Democracy and Bad for Autocracy.

    1. Humans don’t eat democracy , Humans eat food
      Humans don’t drink Democracy , Humans drink water and juice
      Humans don’t fuel their cars with democracy , but with oil .
      We don’t want or need your democracy , leave us alone .

  8. Lukashenko has never won an election. He cheated and falsified the elections every time. Lukashenko is the mafia. The Belarusian people want to live together with Europe and the United States America. The mentality of Belarusians is closer to Europe and the United States America. Belarusian people don’t like Russia. Belarusians do not want to live as part of Russia. Russia is a mafia country. Thank you!

  9. Jesus loves you and cares about you so much He know all your problems and wants to help you all,So accept him as your lord and savior.

    Please like so more people can see this

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