Belarusian President claims "ill-wishers" are attacking Belarus 1

Belarusian President claims “ill-wishers” are attacking Belarus


Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko claimed Wednesday that "ill-wishers" inside and outside the country were attacking it after the incident in which Belarus authorities ordered a Ryanair flight to land in Minsk on Sunday. CNN's Fred Pleitgen and Matthew Chance report. #CNN #News


  1. Hard to imagine why anyone would wish ill of a murderous dictator. Sure seems to be a head-scratcher, that.

  2. “Ill wishers” sounds so much like “the deep state” that’s not even funny. Trump was just this: if we were an ex soviet union country, we’d be committing this crimes under Trump. It’s the Putin way.

    1. @willis johns Spoken like a real Trump.
      So, if you know nothing about Belarus and don’t even care, why then are you commenting videos about Belarus?

  3. They should just send Paul Manafort to fix the public opinion situation and get everyone to support this guy. Manafort’s a Pro.

  4. Lukashenko channelling his Louis XIV with “wishing ill” on Belarus, when it’s just him everyone is really wishing ill.

  5. “Ill wishes” doesn’t begin to cover what the world thinks of his country at the moment. Way bigger than what a twisted Hallmark Card might deliver.

  6. aMurika should send our best twerkers and lgbtq community, to the Belarus border. That would strike a little fear, into them…

  7. The best scenario for the Belarus Hitler is having his nation merged with his daddy Putin’s Russia

  8. “Moscow has got his back”
    Not sure for how long when it comes to foot the bill for another country…

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