Belgian authorities melt 22,000 guns into 60 tons of steel 1

Belgian authorities melt 22,000 guns into 60 tons of steel


More than 22,000 guns collected by Belgian authorities were melted down into about 60 tons of steel.

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    1. @Leutrell Bodden EVERYWHERE that armed retaliation, is a guaranteed response to violence. Like Alberta to begin with.

    2. @Barry Wakeford Albertans can be very violent and rude, so don’t know where exactly you’re looking at.

    3. @Sinister Minister You said yourself you’re from Edmonton. I don’t expect YOU to understand.

    1. No, if anything, the destruction of these guns were in benefit to human freedoms since these were freely given away by private citizens.

    2. @UCOvjCvAHsSiAzdZ_Zi_89ig I’m not American but that was quite racist and xenophobic of you to say

    1. All the weapons presented here were freely given away by citizens or from police armories.

  1. In Germany, firearm registration helped lead to the holocaust.
    Each year we solemnly remember in sorrow the survivors and those
    lost in the holocaust, but the part gun registration and gun
    confiscation played in that horror is seldom mentioned.

  2. We did the same in Brazil many years ago and since then the violence has increased a lot.

    1. Because the criminals still have guns.
      And the regular person have nothing to defend themselves with

    2. @mrr Glass Oops. Bring in the New World Order. Any resistance? I think not. Seriously, Switzerland has mandatory military service, and the 4th highest possession of guns per capita, and as a result have a safe and democratic country. I seem to recall a village in Mexico overrun by drug cartels that took up arms, chased out the cartel, only to have government confiscate their guns and the cartel return. I don’t own a gun, but now I see the need for allowing responsible ownership.

  3. Belgian, manufacture guns and the Canadian Armed Forces use to buy from Belgian the FN C1 and FN C2 . Probably, use the steel to manufacture more guns for sale.

  4. I lived in a country with strict gun control for 20 years and the amount of petty crime, drug and human trafficking was through the roof.

  5. This makes me sad hopefully they took the best condition weapons and put them in a museum

  6. and in my country of Trinidad and Tobago,steel giant AcelorMittal was closed down

  7. Criminals trade in old outdated broken weapons that are have been used in crimes and use the money they get to buy better, clean, newer ones.

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