Bells Toll At Shanksville 9/11 Ceremony To Mark Flight 93 Crash 1

Bells Toll At Shanksville 9/11 Ceremony To Mark Flight 93 Crash

A moment of silence is held to mark the moment United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

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  1. RIP to all those who lost their lives on that tragic day, but saved so many others by taking the plane down themselves. ‘Let’s roll’. We will never forget, ever.

    1. you’re a Biden voter. stop pretending you care. you guys LOVE dead troops and dead children and senseless violence.

  2. Brothers, sons, husbands, wives, sisters and daughters, all loved, forever missed….Hero’s all….America sheds tears for you all as we pray for you and you’re family… may we never forget you and always stay vigilant against those that would do us harm again. They will always be proof that good, and heroic deeds exist as evil people of this world mean to do harm and destruction. God bless them.

  3. Today is not about biden. Or trump. Today is a day to respect the americans that died. We should all have a moment of silence. My god bless them

  4. This day is a terrible day for all the families that has lost a loved 1 in the terrorist attack. I pray for all of them and hope that remembering this day helps console them.

  5. Flight 93 say their names, not even the most evil Terrorists could stop Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham, and Jeremy Glick, True American heroes and perfect examples of how ordinary people become extraordinary in times of crisis

  6. There is no plane or people in the ground. How could dirt cover the hole after it went in? I mean, there should be a dirt hump due to the added volume of the plane. And the hump should be the volume of the plane. The people were fictitious.

    Two cruise missile blew up there. There was a witness.

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