Ben Collins On Arizona Election Audit | MSNBC 1

Ben Collins On Arizona Election Audit | MSNBC


Ben Collins comments on conspiracy theories related to the Arizona election audit.
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Ben Collins On Arizona Election Audit | MSNBC


    1. Collin’s has Q running around in his head. With track shoes. And Maggie is still on the train.

    1. @Janie Buck Yep! And Cyber Ninja kicked out the reporter who took his picture that let us know he was there! Why would you not want it known if something shady isn’t going on?

    2. @Jeremy Backup That’s right. His name is Anthony Kern. He vandalized the Capitol building and is now vandalizing ballots.

    3. @Paul Wilson Arizona House of Representatives election
      District 20
      Arizona House of Representatives election Party Candidate Votes %
      Democratic Judy Schwiebert 50,633 34.45%
      Republican Shawnna Bolick (Incumbent) 49,268 33.52%
      —> Republican Anthony Kern (Incumbent) 47,094 32.04%

      Republican electors in 2020 presidental elections
      Tyler Bowyer
      Nancy Cottle
      Jake Hoffman
      —> Anthony T. Kern
      James Lamon
      Robert Montgomery
      Samuel I. Moorhead
      Loraine B. Pellegrino
      Greg Safsten
      Kelli Ward
      Michael Ward

      Why he is counting ballots?

      And Yes, He is one of the idiots, who tweeted about storming Capitol.

    1. I do watch fox on occasion. But I was watching our then president when Fox was the 1st he freaked out told them to recall it they wouldn’t me wo a VCR

    1. Not true on the Republican side because a man in Georgia was covicted and was given only five years of probation for casting votes for Trump using dead people . Everything they accuse others of that what they are doing , or have done .

    2. @Craig Miller It doesn’t matter as long as their base believes it . Why don’t they give up their seats they won since it was so much fraud. People who believe it was fraud does not have common sense to see that everyone was on the same ballots that a lot of Republicans won.

    3. @Candy Wilson No such thing as voter fraud. MSNBC and YouTube said so and will block you if say otherwise. Get your facts correct please.

    4. @Viv C So you’re okay with it being done by conspiracy theorists and insurrectionists then? First there was no reason for this audit in the first place other than to perpetuate the lie that the election was stolen and to keep the ignorant people wired up. An audit should of course be not political, so why do you polarize it as having to be ONE or the OTHER? But things are corrupt and tribal so here we are. Looking at the choices presented, I would choose the ones that seemed honest, decent, moral and who believe in truth. I have never heard a conspiracy theory of any kind come from those people you mentioned or anyone else in those ranks. The other choice is a bunch of people who believe in and spew every conspiracy and alternate reality theory going and who believe the lie that the election was stolen. Those currently holding the audit would overthrow the rightfully elected government right now if they could! It’s hard to get more corrupt than that. So I would chose the honorable and decent people, whose thinking is based on the truth rather than lies and who don’t have an un-democratic bent to overthrow the government. Wouldn’t you?

    1. @grant smythe Trump cared about America Biden cares less when are people going to wake up

    2. @grant smythe Biden doesn’t even know where he is or what he saying or who he’s talking to or what he’s talking about why are people so dumb not to see this it is beyond me

    3. You smell fear and panic? If you had read Craig Unger’s book, “American Kompromat: How the KGB Cultivated Donald Trump ” you’d know why Trump and Rudy are in panic.

    4. @grant smythe The only thing that makes me panic is to watch and listen to sleepy creepy ruin our country

  1. We have people who should be in a mental institution out running around doing crazy things.

  2. Thank You Lord over even this You Are Lord Over All. Truth & love prevails eventually. Better to be on the side of justice & love than lies & hate.

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    1. Seen a lot of story about him, he must be honest and for people to talk this good about him


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