Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder On Ending Qualified Immunity 1

Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder On Ending Qualified Immunity


Ben Cohen, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder and co-chair of the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity, joins MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to discuss police reform and his fight to end qualified immunity.

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    1. @Josef Jerbils Back the blue — by killing the Capitol police..? You wanna try again, cupcake..?

    2. I’ve seen you, you couldn’t possibly defend yourself. Johnathan the Troll busting bot spotter.

    1. I’ve been boycotting them for 2 years. I make my own ice cream and control the ingredients.

  1. Another Week goes by and still NO PERP walk.
    Not Matt, Rudy, any of the underlings.
    Can the State of New York or the IRS or DOJ move any slower, procrastinate a little bit longer. Maybe somebody will eventually AGE out.

    1. They have one called Justice Remixed. It’s reeeally good. My daughter & I kept buying it, last summer. It used to be in the stores, but I guess it’s only online, now.

  2. *Fudge the Police*
    New Ben and Jerry’s flavor.
    I like that these dudes been hippies for years and they continue.
    Fight on, till the day humans are equal and free.

  3. I am going to buy his icecream as not enough people who will be heard care

  4. Qualified immunity needs to go; but that’s no solution. That’s fear motivation. Accountability comes from leadership – whether it’s a city manager or a mayor, they set the expectation for local law enforcement.

  5. I listened to a podcast with Ben and Jerry about their life and start of their ice cream company. Their story is actually very interesting. They are both good people, also they are not involved with the ice cream company anymore but made sure that they keep their legacy.

  6. This HAS been Going ON IN BLACK Neighborhoods For I know 30 years it’s just THAT Everybody Has a Ben And- Jerry Thank YOU For Speaking Out THIS- Is Everyday Life In BLACK AMERICA ( IN The Words of Joseph’ Stalin) Order- 227- NOT One Step- Back

  7. Synonyms for “murder” from the dictionary of whitewashing: “qualified immunity” is used domestically; “plausible deniability” is used across borders.

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