Ben Rhodes: Giuliani Associate Shows ‘Abnormal Corruption’ Of Trump Admin. | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Because the President didn’t do anything wrong. Were you alive during President Clinton? He was impeached on REAL crimes yet was aquitted. How is that? President Trump is impeached by ONLY by the Democrats on bogus charges and he is supposed to be removed from office just because they don’t like him and is a threat to they’re power? Because he vowed to clean the swamp? That’s the reason to impeach and remove him? And if you say yes then that makes you NO better than the swamp.

    2. @Hewlett William So what? And he will also go down in the history books as being one of the greatest President’s that America has ever had. Promises made and promises kept. So who is really stupid here?

    3. @Logan McLean You are very correct. Hearsay evidence is not by a long shot direct evidence. The house had how many witnesses? And it was all hearsay evidence. Presumptions, what they thought and felt. Well that is inadmissible because it isn’t direct evidence. And i can assure you that the Senate will NOT be ran like the house was. They will follow the constitution whereas the house did not. And the Democrats have NO CASE! NO CASE! The President released the transcript for every American Citizen to read for themselves. That’s a first time in history. And the reason why he did it because he knew that he didn’t do anything wrong. This needs to come to an end and let the President be the President and let America be America.

    1. Ordinarily, If Lev Parnas were seeking some kind of plea deal, he’d be keeping this kind of in formation in his back pocket as leverage…. But he knows his life wouldn’t be worth much. Better to get it out now. His story has the ring of truth about it.

    1. @MrDiscostu4u Your anger and incoherence have completely taken over any rationality you might have once had. I wish you a complete and gentle return to reality.

    2. @ruth depew omg.. you never say anything. Just clumsy wor, LOL. It is like you are larping that you are Maddow haha.
      Keep huckstering..Bernie is getting it from cnn now as well..keep huckstering:). Good girl.

    3. @MrDiscostu4u I love that you’re so concerned for Bernie! He’s got a 20 point lead over Trump head to head – if he wins the primary, he’ll be your new President! Enjoy all the Socialism you want? LOL

  1. We should all feel in utter shock like this NSA officer here at 0:15. Times are crazy what the GOP’ and trumpty dumpy are getting away with! It’s unreal.

  2. 1st hand witness and the one following the order Nunes in the thick of it to Witnesses in full demand I want the truth to come out

    1. Spoken by a true socialist and communist. You have made clear where your loyalty lies. It’s definitely not with the red, white and blue.

  3. Everything about this Crime Shitshow has been abnormal to everyone except the MagaMorons and Moscow Mitch since 2015.

    1. Don From Mpls and by dead you mean re-elected. Unless of course you’re referring to RBG literally from natural causes.

  4. part of the Global Mafia Rhodes, that’s what’s happening. Moscow Mitch denying all evidence, it’s a horrendous situation

  5. The “character of Lev Parnas” …. his character is arguably on a higher vibrational frequency than that of the people he was working for. Of course, he may be in fear for his life, but nevertheless, he is coming forward. Said it before … they will need a support group for people who worked for or with tRumph.

    1. Trump has repeatedly subverted the Take Care clause of Article II, by actions and inactions. By limiting the impeachment to the Ukraine affair, Pelosi has abetted Trump’s subversion and helped normalize presidential lawlessness. They’ve both broken their oath to defend the Constitution.

    2. @Brother Mine Pelosi has done no such thing. Trump’s obstruction to cover his butt limited what could be done. Parnas has blown this wide open; I expect more impeachment articles to come.

  6. A healthy reminder that what’s going on in America right now is not and should not, be considered “normal” in any way, shape or form.
    The Trump Presidency is a nightmare not even Freddy Kreuger would come up with.

    1. A nightmare huh? How so? How has President Trump been a nightmare to you and your family? And to America in general? This outta be a good one.

  7. Mike Pence is just as guilty as Spanky McBoneSpurs.
    Paul Manafort picked Mike Pence to be Vice President.
    Paul Manafort worked with Mike’s brother, Ed Pence.
    Ed Pence was an executive at a company that built engine parts for the Russian military.
    All roads lead back to Putin.

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