Ben Rhodes Reacts To AOC’s Video Describing What She Went Through On January 6th | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Mimzy Jinx; someone has been pushing all your wrong buttons about things, read and hear qualified information for yourself.

    2. @Bishop Blackwell; Yes, wake up! (I’m a Vietnam Vet) just want people to take care of this country and learn the truth so my friends didn’t die so young for nothing.

    3. Yes the ones who got bused in with an escort from state police, wearing trump hats and shirts should absoluty go on public trial. Their history show to to public. Cuz what isn’t being shown is that those people were not nor ever trump supporters. and proving that is so easy, even the fbi should be able show it all americans. Trump supporters were trying to stop antfa from breaking windows. The breach was happening from a side entrance where they were let it by security. Conservitives don’t use violence to make a point. Thats the the point. 1,200 burned business with mayors and governers approval. I think they may have burned down the wrong buildings if you ask me. Any leader ok with throwing their own under the bus just to try to make a political rival look bad is evil. There is no justification, no means to an end that leaves room for that kind of behavior. All the world’s children are watching and learning. 🙁

    1. @Missy Reed Tired of what? I’m tired of Trump’s 30,573 lies during his term in office and the insurrection and sedition engaged in by Trump and his followers when they attacked the Capitol on 01/06/21. We’re fortunate that they weren’t successful as we could be living in a fascist country led by Trump.

  1. That is why you always cut off the head of the snakes. If you don’t they will always bite you again…. and again!

  2. “We should move on” is equivalent to a gym coach saying “Walk it off” after you broke your leg. You must deal with the root problem before it gets worse.

    1. @elroy the great So basically you are bashing the Constitution of the US. It is based on the principles of classical liberalism. How can the Constitution be the scourge on America when it is the founding document of American government?

  3. This was all an inside job. A lot of rethuglicans are complicit. We need a commission to investigate all the people involved. This is so disgraceful.

    1. That is right. We need to investigate why there were not enough Capitol Police and why the FBI failed to disseminate the intel.

    2. @Bishop Blackwell I feel really sorry for you that you actually think that the Epoch Times is a reliable news source. It isn’t. The ET exist only because they have an agenda. They want to support Trump and attack the Chinese government. They don’t report a news. They take one part of a news story and twist it into something unrecognizable to fit their agenda.

    3. @Bishop Blackwell Open your eyes! Look at the evidence. Words are cheap. We shall not forget the riot towards our Capitol and the five people murdered. All because of Trump!

    1. @John James; I’m not Democrat, and you are missing the boat if you can’t speak first of all the good the honorable President Obama has done. Ridiculous to bring up Bushes’ baggage.

  4. A very powerful report, violence,rage, abuse, is always empowered by both men and women who enjoys the benefits of that hostility.

    1. i would rather hear about medicare for all than her traumatic past and how we need a police state now that trump is gone.

  5. Could you imagine if Obama did this AND wore a tan suit? These people have no place in politics or even decent society. Shameful.

    1. The devils would have been crying TREASON and suggesting he be hanged. But Obama was a president and a statesman respected worldwide. A man who was hated for his integrity, intelligence and decency.

    2. @Gem Dom They hate what they don’t understand. It’s the curse of the stunted human being, usually a Republican🤔

  6. I bet she gets 100 calls or messages a day from hate-filled maga cultists telling her all sorts of awful things.
    And she knows they’re both dumb enough and violent enough to follow through.
    That’s why her video is both necessary and relevant.

    1. @Karen Connors the fact your disgusted by me instead of the millions unemployed in and near her district should disgust you more but obviously you’re just as dumb as her

    2. @RantChant 316 look, dumdum, she works hard for ALL of us, and is constantly doing her best for her district. But they weren’t doing good BEFORE she got in office, and soon after, the pandemic hit. So, yeah, for you to bring up your ill conceived, ill advised, and disingenuous criticism of the job she’s doing, when there are members who deserve a failing grade, and have been at it for decades and have INFINITELY more political capital than AOC, at a time when the threats she receives daily from right wing pos were on the verge of being carried out….makes you a vile, disgusting person.

  7. Where are we? Evangelicals sooner or later we will all meet our maker, my maker is not a fat multi failure in Florida surrounded by cultists but he is yours.

  8. Done with this Republican party of 2021. When I think of them, I think of that chick Taylor-Greene…yuk.

  9. Instead of saying “they’re conspiracy theorists,” isn’t it more correct to say “They’re a conspiracy?”

    1. No. It is correct to say they are criminal terrorists aiming to ruin America and Democracy! Take off the kid gloves and quit minimizing.

  10. Please for the sake of all that is decent, DON’T let them, “move on” ….
    The nerve of these fkrs!

  11. Suggests to me that it is not just Trump who is an amoral, unfeeling, narcissist. Everyone complicit in the lie must be held accountable.

    1. Big time true, that is why they want to move this whole episode along, saying it will only divide the country, when they are afraid of what it might expose.

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