Ben: ‘We’re Paying A Price For The Gutting Of The Voting Rights Act’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Ben Jealous, President-elect of People for the American Way and a former President and CEO of the NAACP, tells Andrea Mitchell that the Georgia voting meltdown in yesterday's primary "reminds us we're paying a price for the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, and it needs to be fully restored" and says that Governor Brian Kemp has a track record of "intentionally suppressing the vote" in the state. Aired on 06/10/2020.
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Ben: 'We're Paying A Price For The Gutting Of The Voting Rights Act' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. If waiting in line to vote takes longer than waiting in line at the DMV, then there is a serious problem, and that problem is criminal in nature.

    1. @Todd Jenkins Stacey Abrams got a Mail in ballot, which included an already sealed return envelope that’s required to be untampered to count. She had to go to a polling place or her vote wouldn’t have counted…

    2. @The Blue Arrow most states accept a pandemic as a reason for absentee voting. If that’s not an option take some friends to go vote, then while you’re standing in line you can hang out with your friends since we’ve all been socially distant for months…

    3. @Basement Cat I think I’m going to go to some of the polling stations in minority parts of my city with fliers with that legal notice on it, then they can tell anyone to tells them to leave to eff off and show the proof they can vote…

      Thanks for the motivation. Cheers

  2. The sizes of the crowds on the streets of America over the past couple of weeks have been MASSIVE,
    as they will be on November 3rd.
    Republicans will need to step aside and LET THEM VOTE!!

    1. @Drake Fire Trump said that if the crazy ideas pushed by Demos were implemented, that no Republicans could possibly get elected. He was only clarifying that Demos were trying to unfairly tilt the playing field and bias the election requirements. The many negative comments about Trump were obviously just unproven opinions of the liberal writers. Read it with new eyes.

    2. @thom wessels Yes, allowing people to vote is “unfairly tilting the playing field”.

      Your hate for America is noted.

    1. Seems to be a centuries long ‘old white male holding onto power’ theme:
      • Women didn’t even get to vote til 1920 (after protests & suffrage).
      • Non-white male voting rights in 1870 came with a litany of conditions that lasted a century.
      • Young people 18-20 could serve military, but not vote til 1971.
      • Non-english speaking Americans got addressed in 1975.

  3. Donald Trump is polling in the same territory as Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush did at this point on the election cycle.
    Soon he will join their sad, little club of failed, one term presidents.

    1. Please vote Blue like your life depends on it, cause it does. Trump is evil with no moral compass.

    1. Walt Schmidt because with the current system illegal aliens can’t vote for Democrats multiple times. It’s not fair that Republicans want a fair and honest election

    2. Walt Schmidt well how else are Democrats supposed to win with ease every time? A legitimate election won’t cut it! Too risky

    3. Walt Schmidt I always find it so ironic and amusing when these people call Trump supporters a cult when they, themselves, need to take a hard look in the mirror

    4. Some milestone examples throughout history:
      • Women didn’t even get to vote til 1920 (after protests & suffrage).
      • Non-white male voting rights in 1870 came with a litany of conditions that lasted a century.
      • Young people 18-20 could serve military, but not vote til 1971.
      • Non-english speaking Americans got addressed in 1975.

  4. That’s framed incorrectly: The GOP is reaping great benefits from its gutting of the Voting Rights Act.

  5. Help RESCUE America. Get active with your local candidate. Volunteer to help get EVERY vote out. Be a patriot in the truest way. Democracy need YOU !

    1. Yeah protect our democracy quit voting for open border gun grabbing more taxing over regulating job-killing Democrats
      that is unless you like living in cities full of rats and roaches and out of control cops

  6. Do not expect ANYTHING good from the Fecal Government in D.C. We live in the Fragmented States of Delusion. Vladimir is smiling.

    1. you, my friend, are a very talented wordsmith. from a proud old boomer who made words her life

    2. This is ridiculous. All I want is for illegal aliens to vote for Democrats multiple times in the same election. Is that so much to ask? Why are the Republicans so racist???

  7. The vote by mail primary in Iowa was called a big success by all involved. Now their Republican legislators want to stop it for the general election but don’t have a reason why.

    1. Because it is rife with corruption. Ballots have been thrown in the garbage. How is that fair?

    2. This happened in 2014-16.The politician did Criminal acts definitely, but seriously 😒 in March 2020 they filed a case…

  8. United Nations needs to oversee Americans voting system to ensure a democratic process for everyone in America

    1. I guess Sniper that you’re happy having a corrupt voting system with zero oversight? Seriously, the problem appears to be that the usa does not have an independent electoral commission that sets electorate boundaries considering demographics and approximately equal numbers of people. Take it further and make voting compulsory so that the winner has to be elected by more than 25% of the population. At the moment an American president represents only 25% of Americans. Sad, no?

    2. Ken Phillips make voting compulsory? Yeah, sorry, we don’t live in a dictatorship, ironically. You can’t force people to vote. That’s their choice if they do or don’t want to

    3. @Sniper Dolphin Best you lay off the Trump Disinfectant Strategy. The Republican strategy to disenfranchise Americans right to participate in Democracy by voter suppression is out in the open now.

    4. @Sniper Dolphin 😂 that’s all on you Disinfectant Donnie Disciples. Don’t forget to follow all of Atgolf Twitlers advice, including medical advice what have you got to lose.

    1. @Pj Millah 100% with you, but if we break from blacks right now they will feel abandoned again. One lady on Last Week Tonight on Sunday said it brilliantly “white people should be happy we’re looking for equality not revenge”. We need to keep marching to show our numbers, most of the voter supression can be dealt with by good lawyers and a functioning House of Representatives holding hearings. Honestly I don’t think it matters who wins, we’re about to see as close to a civil war as there’s been in 150 years. Trump already said his suppporters should show Hillary what the 2nd amendment is if she won, he’s already laying the tracks to set off his radical supporters, he filled a powder keg and is now trying not to set it off early…

    2. @Some Person I saw her and loved what she said. My whole point of voter suppression is that its 100% directed towards black voters. Look at Goergia yesterday. Do you really thinks it’s a coincidence that every white affluent area had no massive long lines, voting machines that worked, poll workers that were 100% trained, enough provisional ballots (that went unused since their machines worked) and had all of their equipment delivered on time. Now look at the predominantly black areas of Goergia…lines extremely long, six hour wait to vote, broken voting machines, poll workers that were not thoroughly trained on how to use them, voting machines delivered late and not enough provisional ballots just in case the machines “didn’t work”. That is very much systemic racism.

    3. @Some Person I do see your point though. The election is coming up quick and if racist vote suppression reigns they will create even more laws making it even harder to reverse and create true change.

    4. @Pj Millah I’m 99.999% with you, I’m native and they’re trying to make it impossible for my tribes to vote since most reservations don’t have actual home addresses.

      Cheers, and hopefully we can get through this dark period with a unified rainbow of skin colors.

  9. Just give this one a thought:

    As a democracy, you have a whole political party doing all they can to freaking oppress your democratic voice, by not letting you vote in a democratic election.
    All this because they know for a fact, that they will never ever win an election if it is in fact done the right and democratic way.

    You are heading straight towards dictatorship, as your elected officials are doing all this in plain sight, and no one stops them.

    Do whatever you can to vote them out… Karma 2020.

    1. @Bono Budju Senile old hag was talking about Trump but meant Biden. She is just as clueless as he is…scumocrats….

    2. @Walt Schmidt What virus there is no virus. Best you lay off the Trump Disinfectant Strategy sluggo.

    3. @Walt Schmidt oh pick up your dummy, have a cup of concrete and toughen up princess. Otherwise go hideout with Bunker Boy and attend to his Bonespurs.

  10. The US is no longer the shining example of democracy. Here in Canada, every voter has the right to cast his or her ballot, and it takes about 15 minutes. True North, True Democracy.

    1. In Australia voting is mandatory & they do everything possible to help people do it. We get fined if we don’t unless we have a genuine reason

    2. Would you consider annexing South Florida? The weather is the only thing keeping us here at this point.

    3. Same here in the UK. Usually no queueing, polling stations in every village, done in 5 minutes. Or a postal ballot is available to everyone if that’s their preference. The US looks like a banana republic

  11. If every American citizen voted, republicans would never win another national election.
    That’s why they need to suppress voting every which way they can.

    1. And if a Republican never won America would be a third world shithole in 10 years, just like all the Democrat controlled cities are shitholes. Broke, drug infested, tent city shitholes.

  12. We’re paying the price for not wiping away confederate sympathizers when we had the chance after the Civil War.

    1. @Drake Fire That was 45 years ago. Those folks are retirement age. Sorry, the democrats have destroyed the black community in exchange for votes.

    2. @Walt Schmidt So, you don’t realize the “War on Drugs” is still an ongoing affair?

      Not surprised.

    3. @Walt Schmidt You do realize Nixion is a Republican, and Republicans have been the majority power for half a century, right?

  13. It was the 5 right-wing Supreme Court justices who gutted it. And that’s just one of many approaches to undermining democracy Republicans have taken (in addition to gerrymandering, purging voter rolls, closing polling locations esp. in Black areas, opposing mail-in ballots, etc.)

    1. @Walt Schmidt yes when an 11 member supreme court with judges appointed by Biden reinstates the voting rights act.

    2. @helvis You will be disappointed….they aren’t changing the court to suit left wing commies. And hidin Biden isn’t winning sh*t.

  14. When the “good cops” turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the acts of the bad cops, the few bad apples have spoiled the whole barrel. When police departments are caught out, time after time after time, lying to cover the illegal acts of bad cops, the public has no reason to continue trusting and respecting them. Trust and respect are EARNED, and cannot be squandered forever without being lost.

    1. I can agree with some of what you say, BUT, if you total up the number of police departments across America, and found every type of this incident, I think you could agree: The majority of police departments do NOT have Derek Chauvins on their force.

    1. Which was Moscow Mitch’s agenda, all along. Who needs to win the election, when SCOTUS has a majority of right wing judges, for the GOP?

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