Benedict Cumberbatch explores toxic masculinity in 'Power of the Dog' | USA TODAY 1

Benedict Cumberbatch explores toxic masculinity in ‘Power of the Dog’ | USA TODAY


Benedict Cumberbatch searches for the source of toxic masculinity in the new Netflix film "Power of the Dog."
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The British actor has been showered with praise for his performance as a brutish cowboy in "The Power of the Dog," with most Oscar pundits predicting he'll earn his second nomination for best actor (after 2014's "The Imitation Game").

"(Phil's) behavior is aggressive and abhorrent, but there's a taste of vulnerability," Cumberbatch says. "This woman comes into his brother's life and he sees his brother glowing with love, and he can't stand it. He's terrified, he's fearful and he acts out. That usually comes from a place of insecurity."

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