Bergen claims federal budget will ‘risky and expensive’

Bergen denounces new Liberal housing plan
Interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen denounces the new Liberal housing plan, calling it ‘risky and expensive’.

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  1. Reasonable and responsible are definitely not words to describe this government, that’s for sure. Can’t wait for election time.

  2. So you don’t clip them for the public form on what they’ve said in the house you say this then say they don’t listen… I’m a go sing tell me something I don’t know , because he’s been a deaf runt and y’all have failed to make this public because you’re paid to fail

  3. Its risky because all her foreign friends trying to buy real estate might have a tougher taking raking Canadians over the coals.

  4. I’m surprised that the CONS aren’t just flashing memes on flash cards at this point. You know soon they will take their Twitter strategy to kinkos.

  5. And they will even vote against it while at the same time knowing that they need votes from Canadians who cannot afford housing if they are to win the next election. They tacitly support much of what Comrade Turdeau is doing, because like Comrade Turdeau, the Conservatives need votes in Ontario and Quebec.

  6. Trudeau NEEDS to be stopped!

  7. Well, at least you guys got your raise , that’s all that really matters isn’t it

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