1. That’s right black people’s need tangibles not symbolisms and this is what the Democrats is going to keep giving black folks symbolism. On the other hand we expect nothing nothing from Republicans just give us our 40 acres and a mule

    1. @Jamtommy tell the government black foundational the first people in the first peoples in this country need their land back we didn’t come for no boats that’s alive we were already here

  1. The only way to make lasting change on any horribly unjust situation is one person at a time, one generation at a time. Every once in a while there is an occurrence that can wake a large mass of people up at once and the murder of George Floyd was one of them, unfortunately I no we aren’t there yet but I have hope that real and lasting change is coming. Enough hate, it’s time for love

  2. Imagine if was a paler person saying that hated others solo due to their skin tone…CNN would call out them as “Racist” and White supremacist”.

    1. @V Tigga Most if not all of the problems in the black community today is not a issue of racism.

    2. @somerandomnification Banjo? I’m a rock and roll guy, basically but bluegrass is a lifelong love. I was had the privilege of seeing Earl Scruggs perform. It was mesmerizing. I think it was 1972, in Pittsburgh at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.

    3. @MrLobo1776 I’m sorry. Which statement was racist? I’m not challenging you, I’m interested in becoming a better person.

    4. @somerandomnification Imagine being so racist that you past the rubicon of not even being aware of your racism. You passed that rubicon.

  3. Critical race theory is inconsistent with love of fellow man! The progressives are pushing CRT in our schools and indoctrinating our children to hate people based on the color of their skin – trashing *Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” message! He said he hoped for a day when his children would be judged on the ‘Content of character and not color of skin.’* Dr. King would be appalled at what’s going on today! We’ve spent the last 60 years trying to integrate American society but some shockingly seem to want segregation back!

    1. I work with kids and drive a very multiracial school bus with one route being kindergartners.
      I’ve never met a racist child. On the contrary… Kids seem to like people because of how they treat them… full stop.
      As they get older, they learn racism. We need to hug their parents instead. Stop racism at it’s source and prevent it from infecting our children in the first place. 🙂

  4. If she listened to her fathers own speech. She wouldn’t need a White hug. But sometimes actions speak louder than words.

  5. We really need to stop this skin colour stuff all together. You can’t tell what a person think’s or even where they are from or race from their skin colour. It’s not reliable information to act on.

  6. This past week, I finally encounter good protecting and serving police force in Holdrege, Nebraska, where the police taxi you to and from your lodging at early mornings, like at 4am because no taxi available.

  7. When we make a mistake we take the wind out of the opposition’s sails by admitting it quickly and empathetically . An outstanding example is given by Lord Macaulay in his History of England: When Queen Elizabeth was challenged in granting of monopolies , ” she with admirable judgement and temper declined party , redressed the grievance , thanked the Commons in touching and dignified language for their tender care of the people , and left to her successors a memorable example of the way in which it behooves a ruler to deal with public movements which he has not the means of resisting”.

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