Bernie: $3.5 Trillion Budget Deal Will Be ‘Most Consequential’ Bill ‘Since The 1930s’

Sen. Bernie Sanders on the $3.5 trillion budget deal: “In my view, this is probably the most consequential piece of legislation since the 1930s. 
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  1. Carbon needs to taxed. We can’t allow corporations to pollute without facing any repercussions.

    1. @Svante Forsman it takes carbon to make electricity. It tales carbon to make solar panels. It takes carbon to build wind turbines

    2. @Alejo Hernandez What is your point? We know how to minimize CO2 emissions. A tax will increase the rate of reduction. Basic economics.

    3. @Svante Forsman your carbon taxes will hurt the poor and working class the most. The same as all other taxes.

    4. @Alejo Hernandez 100% of the taxed revenue would be returned to the American people, offsetting any costs.

    5. @Timothy Pulliam BS. Cost to business will be shifted to the consumer. Tax revenue to government will be waisted in the bureaucracy. Some will make it to the citizenry but no where near 100%. Just like all taxes

    1. @adam r latham the poorest country in the EU and the fastest country that is losing population and is a 3rd world country. All these 3 facts are…facts.

    2. @Majed Alawami so ? it doesn’t matter, it is still provides better quality of life whether it is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th world country. Yet in US we can’t even have that quality being ‘the best country in the world.’ That’s what sad about it.

    3. @Joe Mosley Bulgaria has a poor quality of life. It’s not hard to do a little research before writing stupid stuff. If it had a good quality of life Bulgarian citizens wouldn’t leave the country in droves. Just think about your statement.

    4. @Piccalilli Pit Very well put:). Society Is its children. Thank you:). I don’t have kids either, but children/families are really is a very important aspect.

    1. Trump gave the stinking rich and himself a 1.4 TRILLION tax break that the rest of America has to make up for in lost taxes. I’d like to see it repealed as well.

    2. @Is Covidoveryet Don’t forget that they took the money they saved and funneled it into offshore bank accounts, where it can’t benefit our economy whatsoever.

    3. @Isaac B it didn’t improve jobs at all, no new workers, no wage improvements, just that feeling that we are being ignored again…..

    4. @Rip T hope it works, there’s alot of people leaning against an edge right now and bezos is not one of them

  2. Sanders informs you of the lobbyists etc grip on members in Government which he steadfastly constant reinforce YES Thank You Bernie!

  3. It’s about time to go with Bernie. Chinese are taking the lead. Forget about greed. Otherwise we are done.

    1. I tried! I left the Republican Party four years ago, and voted for Bernie then and in this primary! I tried!

    2. @Enchanted Homeschool you did the right thing. Bernie is doing everything he can with the corrupt mess that is Washington.

    1. Yeah same. It’s a shame corporations own our government because nothing will change for regular people on the watch of either the GOP or the democrats. We are going to have to stand together and make them, and since 2/3 of the working class are too stupid to do anything but lick boots and vote against themselves, I don’t see it happening.

  4. The more they manage to get done to improve things for the average citizen, the less chance there will be of the GOP returning to power anytime soon. That’s the real reason they fight, resist,block, and undermine at every opportunity

    1. I feel as more average Americans’ lives are improved and people are more comfortable and happier in their lives, it will also have an effect on anger and hate and perhaps lessen – *fingers crossed* – the tendency toward violence and conspiracy. I can hope! 🌼

    2. When DEMS hold power in Whitehouse, the people & country runs better, people r content, when REPUBS take power, nothing gets done, only pass in bills to make the rich richer & themselves.

  5. Love to Sen. Bernie Sanders for his hard work for all Americans in improving lives as well as infrastructures; thereby, our country

    1. oh god it is SO true. think of the train of unending worries for young families that this can relieve with one stroke of the pen!

  6. It never occurred to me until I moved to Bulgaria that a society IS ITS CHILDREN.

    If you abuse and neglect children, you get a nasty selfish twisted society.

  7. Bernie Sanders: National Hero
    Paid Family Leave
    Tuition-free Public College and Universities
    Green New Deal
    Medicare for All Expansion

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