Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s long-standing rift

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s long-standing rift 1


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made waves when she said that “no one likes” Sen. Bernie Sanders in an upcoming documentary. Chris Cillizza explains why this statement isn't that surprising based off the two former competitors’ history.

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75 Comments on "Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s long-standing rift"

  1. Hey, Chris here — do you think Clinton and Sanders should bury the 2016 hatchet?

    • Inspirational Spirituality | January 23, 2020 at 9:15 PM | Reply

      SCREW the 1%! I mean the Clintons. 😀🇺🇸

    • Just come to dislike

    • You’re a fucking joke Chris

    • I’m sure Bernie would- if Clinton (and her allies) apologized and stayed out of the public eye until Thanksgiving.

    • I once had a friend in middle school. Secretly, I hated her because she beat me in everything: subjects, popularity and teacher approval. I resolved to beat her at every test. At the end of the year, I said to her: it’s so hard trying to compete with you.
      She looked at me with a blank expression. And after a while, she said, “huh?”
      To me, she was my opponent.
      To her, I was her friend.

      Long story short: it was pretty one-sided.

      Do you get what I’m trying to say?

  2. Gradus d'Argus | January 23, 2020 at 11:00 AM | Reply

    Noone likes Chris Cillizza. Not even Chris Cillizza.

    • It’s pretty obvious. This still wasn’t quite as biased and hackneyed as it coulda been. They will learn yet.

  3. Kenneth Williams | January 23, 2020 at 11:02 AM | Reply

    *Sees thumbnail, clicks on thumbnail*

    *Sees Chris Cillizza, drives to the nearest open body of water, throws phone into it*

  4. Hillary was “not ready” to endorse Bernie if he wins the nomination so between him and trump she wasn’t sure…. are you fing kidding me?

  5. I’m pretty sure this so-called rift is completely one sided, aka only Hilary shares this resentment. Bernie is like Hilary who?

  6. STOP with the bernie smears already. The guy campaigned like crazy for her when she stole the nomination; people don’t like *_her_*

  7. This guy is so lame it’s like gossip version of the news that nobody cares about

  8. Hillary is the only one with the problem here, she should go hide back into the woods she is no longer relevant.

  9. CNN is the enemy of normal Americans.

  10. A rift that CNN themselves helped to create. The snake is eating its own tail now.

  11. Funny how Burnie actually went to more rallies for Hillary then Hillary did for her own campaign. 40 in fact

  12. He forgot to say Bernie went to 40 rallies to campaign for her but she only did 8 for Obama after losing to him. 🤔

  13. Victorious Secret | January 23, 2020 at 11:19 AM | Reply

    Not surprised the entire video was just CNN parroting Hillary’s complaints against Bernie in describing this one sided feud.
    Bologna indeed, CNN.

  14. Feud? More like Clinton acting like a child and making personal insults whereas Bernie simply questioned wether she would stand up for the things he believes are important. Can’t have a feud when only one side is bitter and angry…

  15. The dude gave her 37 speeches for her just saying

  16. Bernie attacks her policies. Hillary attacks him personally.

  17. Infobahn Pirate | January 23, 2020 at 11:35 AM | Reply

    The contempt that CNN has for Sanders is staggering.

    • @Mister Hat Insult Bernie’s base. I’m sure that will get them to vote for your guy…..
      Oh wait

    • @52 80 I don’t think you know how indoctrination actually works. You all use the term to try and sound smart.
      Your indoctrinated to wear clothes in public.
      That’s a good thing. Just saying.

    • @elijah mikle Who cares? They’re wackos.

    • @Mister Hat
      You’re the turd that constantly gets trumped. Calling people Trumptards or Trumpturds is a compliment to Trump supporters. Thanks turd!

  18. She is a elitist crybaby who should go away

  19. She’s always living in the past and blaming others for her mistakes. She didn’t go to Wisconsin, half assed PA, only did photo ops in Flint and Detroit, and had a message that was inconsistent. Had soundbytes about shutting the coal miners down (even though that wasn’t her intent) She’s still living in a primary where it’s supposed to be about a difference of ideas and then when she lost the general election to a clown, she blamed Bernie, Russia, Comey, sexism, etc. Bernie was an unknown candidate and he shouldn’t have even been able to win 23 states if she was so good.

    Bernie was right. She helped turn historically blue states red. She lost to the most unpopular candidate in American history is the states that actually matter. Popular vote doesn’t mean a damn thing.

    Truth: People are tired of bought and sold, typical politicians.

    • yep… even when her husband ” the pediphile who road with Epstein”  was cheating on her, she blamed other people like the 18 year old intern…..whoops forgot about that

    • Thomas Armsworthy Jr | January 23, 2020 at 5:37 PM | Reply

      Next week Hillary probably blame Harry and Megan getting on the front page of news and not her

  20. davids11131113 | January 23, 2020 at 12:07 PM | Reply

    DNC rigged the election so Bernie couldn’t win, CNN never called out their masters at the DNC over that 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • @thesldsnk Those like you are the reason why he won’t win. Nobody wants to stoop to your level by joining you in voting with the Bernie Babies.

    • @Mister Hat lol look it up on Wikileaks. Or is that a Russian conspiracy?

    • @Mister Hat Hey look a hillbot moron.

      1. DNC head officials resigned for rigging the primary, including the chair Debbie Wasserman.
      2. The interim DNC chair Donna Brazile got on TV and admitted that Hillary’s campaign funded the DNC and because of that Hillary ran the DNC.
      3. Multiple WikiLeaks emails showed that the DNC and the Hillary was working together to rig the 2016 primary against Sander to help Hillary.

      Seems to me if anyone is like a Trumptard it is you because you couldn’t even do a simple Google search which would provide you with multiple articles and video to verify any of these facts

    • @Western Unity No. It’s a Sander’s conspiracy…

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