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  1. I can’t even afford to use my health insurance. My deductible is almost $3000!!! We need change! Bernie!!!

    • Brian C Me too. I’m bare-boning this.

    • @JJD8280 Agree… Who will pay for all the free stuff?… working men/women, that’s who…you think you’re paying a lot now for taxes… just wait!!!

    • @y not sad you only keep your head in the sand and stay on board the GOP & TRUMP CULT.
      Apparently your not smart enough to think for yourself and actually use your brain.
      Idiots…all of you!

  2. Whether you like Bernie or not he is so refreshing to listen to compared to the orange orangutan

    • Roofiescolada wake the f up

    • @Ernesto Hernandez ok oxymoron moron

    • Amazing to listen to Trumpets trying to call Bernie supporters stupid. Its like watching an argument between children and adults. They use words they don’t understand to try to sound smart, and yell in all caps like it makes their run on verbiage meaningful. I definitely know which group I’d rather hang out with, notwithstanding the fact that I vehemently oppose their candidate, but merely because I prefer to be around sane intelligent people.

  3. We finally have chance for a real democracy for the people by the people in Bernie Sanders.

  4. I’m changing my vote for Bernie Sanders so is all my friends and family 🗳🗳

    • @ryan Washington Not necessarily. Many of them WANT Bernie to win because they think he has the smallest shot at beating Trump. It may be true. Look through the comments. People already say ‘socialist’ & ‘commie’ & ‘radical’ because they have no idea that this policies already work better elsewhere. Seriously.

    • Bernie is not going to bankrupted the country because lots of brilliant American economics minds will want to work to make him succeed , Bernie Sanders is not the kind who throws people under the bus if your views are constructive not neccessary agreeing with his , that flexibility makes him likeable !
      its the fact that America spent too little on healthcare welfare for vulnerable classes of Americans, the victims of unforeseen circumstances , many are children !

  5. Hey CNN, I think you mean “Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire!!!”

  6. “Bernie Sanders wins in New Hampshire”

    Fixed it for you

    • Tyler hannah that’s supposed to be a joke, right? Hey, maybe a moderate billionaire’s tool like Pete or Biden or Warren can win the primary then lose to to Trump…oh, you sheep already tried that with invincible Hillary after robbing Bernie. Any more ideas?

    • clonesyphergirls.link/L03rrC0oIms

    • @Ali Zaidi Don’t try comedy. Keep your day job, lol. I can’t wait until we destroy you guys in a landslide victory for President Trump mark my words you clearly have not done your homework.

    • @Suz Soap actually president Trump won New Hampshire by 30,000 more more people than uggggly old Jesus hating Bernie

  7. soirilien st hilaire | February 12, 2020 at 1:28 AM | Reply

    I feel the burn this time let’s go to our dignity back

  8. “We are taking on the WHOLE DAMN ONE PERCENT!” #Bernie2020

  9. He’s the only democrat that believes what he says.

    • Al Saadeh: He’s never going to go for Communist healthcare…. Don’t be an idiot. He’ll have all the great healthcare while the rest of the country suffers. Even in all these years, I bet he’s had PRIVATE INSURANCE, never medicare or medicaid or any other kind of govt. sponsored healthcare. You are looking at an entitled man who thinks he’s poor.

    • Sanders is the only candidate that Trump is truly afraid of. He even said he was more afraid of Bernie than Hillary in 2016 on that Parnas donor tape around minute 55. I think he’s the one most capable of beating Trump, but we still need the people to get together behind him. *Bernie 2020*

  10. DreamingTata VeganMama | February 12, 2020 at 2:08 AM | Reply


    • BOO! Hahahahaha MSM. 🙂 #PRESIDENTSANDERS46 ~ Get used to it.

    • No war but class war.

    • @self directed soul Ending the endless wars is a step in that direction…the US military is the single largest source of pollution in the world…the 26,000 bombs Obama dropped on the Middle East, in a single year, produced more air pollution that China has over the last decade.

  11. Much support for Bernie from Europe


  13. “Declares victory”
    No. He earned the victory

  14. Bernie is like the last “Air Bender” he’s the only Democratic that gives me hope.

  15. I was there in Portland when the bird landed on the podium

  16. A Clean planet!!! Bernie 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. You mean, “Bernie Sanders Wins in New Hampshire”

  18. Progressive news | February 12, 2020 at 10:42 AM | Reply

    CNN: let me put up a title that will discredit his victory

  19. I’m seeing more and more “Republicans for Bernie” T-shirts around. Gives me hope!

    • Why not…the Republican party has been screwing over their base even more than the Democrats screw their own base…people are slowly waking up and realizing that Democrats and Republicans are just two sides of the same coin and that neither party actually represents anyone but the wealthiest Americans.

    • Watch The Hill tv. Krystal and Saagar are the best. They will tell you like it really is.

  20. “Tomorrow there will be more of us…”
    Bernie 2020

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