Bernie Sanders Hopes To Focus On 'Issue Oriented Campaign' | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

Bernie Sanders Hopes To Focus On ‘Issue Oriented Campaign’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC


2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders spoke after Super Tuesday about his hopes to focus on an "issue oriented campaign" dealing with "concerns of the American people." Sanders also said he is looking forward to a serious debate with Joe Biden. Aired on 03/04/20.
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Bernie Sanders Hopes To Focus On 'Issue Oriented Campaign' | Katy Tur | MSNBC


    1. @William H That is all true, but Bernie is not hooked on methamphetamine like Trump. Another junkie like Hitler.

    2. @William H Hey Russian, when Biden becomes president in 2021. I hope to god he sends your kind back to the mile long bread lines again. Until the Russian people gets rid of your master Putin, you starve!

    3. @Grim Reefer Russian Bernie is the one all about bread lines and Russia…Leg Hair Joe can’t even complete a sentence without slurring or babbling gibberish.
      Trump will destroy Pedophile Joe

    4. Why are Bernie supporters so immature, and turning off voters, when you need them so badly? Hmmmm…

  1. Bernie makes a good point, Im very much looking forward to, as the number of candidates goes down, a more lengthy serious back and forth so candidates can explain and defend their positions on issues instead of spending the majority of the time trying to get either good soundbite moments while dunking on each other or the frontrunner. The American people are largely tired of reality tv politics and this would help Biden at least calm some Bernie supporters who follow Bernie just as much for his clear concise defense of his positions and less of simply “Im electable” arguments hes been making.Because if you look at some of their positions side by side Biden and Bernie actually have alot of common ground except on the two big obvious differences. A policy debate would show that and hopefully help heal the rift this season has caused on what should be a united Anti-Trump movement.

    1. @casey massey Plus honestly as much as I would love for some of Bernies ideas to come into affect, I think you guys would be surprised if he won to find his healthcare, education(his biggest selling points) defeated in Congress or tore to shreds in the courts. Id rather have a president that can get reforms passed rather than dying like Icarus into the sun.

    2. @casey massey And actually I would vote for Bernie if he did get the nomination and be proud to do so as even if his more unorthodox policies fail I would happily see him in the White House rather than Trump.What concerns me for Nov is that many of you Bernie diehards are not willing to say the same about anyone else.Down that way leads to exactly what Trump wants.

    1. Bernie is a little petty tyrant. He threatened to do economic harm to our best ally, the UK, simply because they left the European Union. Bernie’s a weenie !

  2. Tuesday was only a drop in the bucket. I still believe in you Bernie! California was a big win, and there’s more to go.

    1. @He’s single and has a smol peepee All of the things listed in my comment are government run and funded by the taxpayers. There can be privatized options, but the majority of the citizens rely on the government option. If you’re really against socialism, then don’t bother utilizing any government services that you are required to pay into with your taxes. Anti-socialists use these services every day and don’t see the irony in it.

  3. Love Bernie! Love his efforts to get the election back on track…in debating the issues that set he and Joe apart as candidates. He has class, integrity drive and resolve among other positive attributes.

    1. @The Alpengeist I’m sure if I were an actual Trump supporter, I would likely feel annoyed by you reinforcing the stereotype that Trump supporters are cold-hearted and careless human beings who have little to contribute to the betterment of society. You’re not doing Trump supporters any favors portraying them in that light.


    2. I liked this video, until Kay Tur turned down the volume on the interesting part and talked over it.

    3. just as he starts to mention the trade agreements she butts in with “great journalism” yea like you know anything about what that is.

  4. Biden wants to work „over the aisle“? Well, good luck with that. I’m sure Moscow Mitch will just cheer him on.

    1. bingo_fuel stop channeling fox entertainment and parroting trump… you just make yourself look more ridiculous

  5. The primary remains head to head despite anti-Bernie bias in media; strength of Bernie’s campaign has allowed him to withstand the onslaught of bad faith reporting on him (like this clip) funded by nearly ~100 billionaires. Think about it; Bernie has endured the combined forces of the establishment and billionaires; #Aintovertillitsover

    1. cryptocerebral Bernie you done Sleepy Joe has the luck of the Irish he will almost assuredly clinch the nomination on March 17 – St. Paticks Day. It is over you should prepare to drop out in two weeks and perhaps also resign from the US Senate as well. Time to RETIRE bro !!!

  6. Internist doctor here. My opinion: Choosing Biden nothing different will happen. If Biden wins, in 2024 most likely someone like Trump would win.
    I’ve personality witnessed pt with severe illnesses (mostly cancer) income dive down and each visit and follow up the changes of income affecting these families were very noticeable. This is how people become homeless. Medical care cost has to be attacked at the core something Biden is not working on.
    My physician colleagues and I are voting for Sanders.

    1. Medicare for all would never make it through congress, I’m afraid that’s reality. They should have fixed O’care.

  7. WOW cut out just as he mentions Dirty Joe’s NAFTA trade agreement where he SOLDOUT his fellow citizens. Scum tv.

    1. @mgt2010fla i am and theyre no different from all other supporters. But they are NO CRYBABIES once they hear some inconvenient truth unlike biden or warren supporters

  8. I’m supporting Senator Bernie Sanders, but I’m starting to come to realize how much capitalism, backed by corporate America and its billionaires for the democratic party have over the democratic nominee’s, we, I, and you do believe in Bernie, however the Democrats within the party ! seems as if they do not want! Sen. Sanders as the nominee….. so now I’m feeling a little uncomfortable and worrisome for Sen. Sanders as the nominee going forward! no matter what he’ll always have my vote of support.

    1. Bernie is a real statesman…no doubt about it. No matter how this nomination process works out, we can be assured Bernie has his place in history as one of the good guys in politics.

    2. Richard Burton can you please tell me how you can support anyone who thinks criminals in prison like the Boston bombers should have the right to vote ??? Bernie said that on a CNN town hall . How can you support that ? I really want to know . Because I do not understand it at all . I mean did you even know he supports that ??? And if so … ???!!!!!

    3. @Trish Lyons Only a Jewish millionaire with the initials BS could want convicted felons, Islamist terrorists and illegal immigrants to be part of his voting bloc. It’s hard to feel the bern anymore.

    1. Real change to Socialist Communism, leading the country to be flushed down the toilet …

    2. Tus Nalgas Son Mias ur so stupid. You probably don’t understand socialism when it’s done right and the many benefits it can have for regular citizens

    1. ronan frenchy lol Bernie’s record is a joke he has only past 7 bills as a house member and Senator all as a co-sponsor. Lmfao two of them were to rename post offices. He is leading a revolution to prevent his retirement not lead America.

    1. If she would’ve been up against a hard break, cutting in may be acceptable, but that wasn’t the case here. You’re right, Bernie’s answer would’ve been far more informative. Big mistake on her part…

    1. Because he was starting to talk to the people of Michigan. Because this is MSNBC and they are for keeping the corporate military complex establishment intact

    2. Because he was about to talk about NAFTA and TPP and how Joe Biden supported those pathetic trade agreements.

  9. Bernie is right, we need Universal Healthcare just like every other Industrialized Nation in the world has figured out how to give its people!!! Make America 1st in Healthcare, not 37th at double the cost!!!

  10. So she started TALKING right when Bernie began to talk about Joe Bidens voting record in terrible trade agreements!! What a Joke!!!

    1. Dallas S. Nobody cares what Sanders says. He’s a liar. He’s never been a democrat. He says he and Obama are bff’s. Such a fake.

    2. @William McKenna I think you mean Biden, hun.

      Oh wait, I recognize that username, you’re a troll ;D Hey, how ya been?

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