1. @dempsey emerald
      When HRC visited Wales in the UK, a female student shouted out “Only you could have lost to Trump. Bernie would have won. The demopublican corporate shills in the DNC are setting us up with an even worse candidate than HRC.

    2. @Ms Tiph-eye “When asked by his campaign team to pay them $15/hr., he did it…. then cut their hours. You just can’t be this stupid.”
      Stupid is as stupid does. LMFAO So let me see if I understand what you said. YOU’D rather work 9 hrs a day at $5 an hour than 3 hrs a day at $15 an hour. YOU just can’t be THAT stupid. ROTFLMFAO Oh, wait, you voted for Dolt 45? I take it back, YOU EFIN ARE THAT STUPID.

  1. Warren is the watered down version of Bernie. The more palatable Bernie. Why vote for her when the OG is on the ballot?

    1. What I will say for Warren is unlike Obama, she has a brain. She isn’t a pseudointellectual narcissist who lives to be adored by NYT op-ed writers. She doesn’t get hard at the sight of an Ivy League degree. She won’t fold like a cheap suit to bankers and pretend it’s 3-dimensional chess. That said, I trust Bernie more. He’s constitutionally incorruptible.

    2. @credman she’s been talking to Clinton a lot recently, taken money from insurance/private healthcare institutions, and has said that she’s basically willing to take dark money in the general. These are very concerning signs/omens. Best case scenario, she won’t fight as hard as Bernie…more likely scenario, she will bend to the will of corps.

    1. But means everyones watching Fox… Be honest, thats much much worse.
      ofc, I know many watch neither, but you get the point.

  2. Love you Bern but they didn’t give you or Warren any time to speak. As always though you shined at your final statement. Bernie 2020!!! Worst debate so far!!!

    1. Alexis Mercado Because his big plan is to give everyone $1k and move cities inland to avoid global warming water level rise. Bandaid…

    2. I don’t mind Yang on giving some perspectives but I don’t think he’s strong enough yet and still changes as he goes. I’d rather have somebody be bold enough to set up a new framework for this country that isn’t going to bend the knee and fight against the corruption and taking money from corporate donors. Somebody that has actual honesty and honor. Bernie is the only one to do so over all of them. Let him start the framework and the rest can build on it after. He’s my Optimus Prime!!

  3. Bernie 2020 Medical debt should not be a thing. People who get shot in mass shooting literally get into medical debt THAT IS CRAZY. NO MEDICAL DEBT. Bernie 2020 donate people

    1. Berns a commie full blown…and a dual citizen. This “election” is controlled and manipulated from behind the scenes. All U.S. presidents are related to the King of Englands -past. King John Lackland.
      Work on your self amd your health and forget trusting talking heads from the family tree.. trying to steal our Future

  4. Will they keep asking the same questions about Medicare for all until the convention? By now, people should know what it is; either you’re for it or against it. It’s the definition of insanity to keep asking the same questions and expecting a different answer.


    2. “Should” know. Unfortunately, I can go into any non-Bernie/Tulsi/Yang/Warren(maybe) leaning comment section, talk about medicare for all, and get misinformed responses. Any repub leaning comment section will just deny the truth of it and spread misinformation on it.

    3. There other corporate Democrats and Republicans who are sewing confusion and it takes US citizens meeting Canadians and finding out that they have healthy skin, bones and they aren’t bankrupt due to medical bills. This isn’t rocket science but the media sure tries hard to make it sound sinister when it’s not.

    1. @Horny Fruit Flies I’m aware that there are things more extreme than socialism, but none of them are supported by any reasonable person
      The problem here is actually the opposite, your view of what is the center makes what is actually a moderate republican the far right
      Unless you’re not talking about America lmao Bernie Sanders is certainly not even anywhere close to the center

    2. @Derrick Dobbins their demons get so irritated when we tell them how wrong abortion is, and they always manage to bring up the less than 1% to justify the 93% that are done for purely selfish reasons.

    3. Bruce Cumming communism?? Lmao get out of propaganda bubble you clown how is proposing ideas that most countries in Europe have had and are better then US system a bad idea. Educate yourself

    4. sh1nobu I live in the UK, Sanders would be a middle of the road Labour politician here, a centrist or centre left politician in UK terms. No where near full blown left wing. The current Labour party manifesto is far more left than anything Sanders is proposing, all he is advocating for are basic things almost all European countries already have.

      here take a look: https://labour.org.uk/manifesto/accessible-manifesto/

      Bear in mind also, that this is not even fully reinstating things that the UK had from the end of WW2 right up until Thatcher was elected in the early 80s. The tax rates are far lower for instance.

  5. “I’m not going to go after him personally. That’s not right.” One of the best things to hear from a politician in this day and age.

    1. @Conner O’Neill Thats factual, from my European standpoint. You guys parties get sponsored, right? Otherwise how are they able to support their Campaign?
      I read a aritcle about the Sponsorchip on the 2016 elections. Bernie had 200 000$ of donations whilst Hillary and Trump had almost 20 million. Thats insane…

  6. Bernie Sanders will be the next President because he has the best policy and can crush Trump in the general. Bided is a racist, corporatist stooge who is still in 1980 and should drop out.

    1. @Vern You prove that you do not listen to him. His plan to pay off College debt is through putting a small (less than 1%) tax on Wall Street speculation. We, the tax payers bailed their sorry assses out in 2008 when they caused an econimic crisis, now they can bail out American students who are insanely in debt.

      And a Medicare 4 All system would be cheaper on us than the current for profit system. No deductables, no co-payments, no premiums, and everything covered would make it cheaper than the taxes to pay for it. Even a study made by a right-wing libertarian think tank funded by the Koch bros found that American people would save money in the long run.

    2. @Vern AOC didn’t even endorse him (if that’s who you have in mind). And why change the subject from Sanders to someone else?

    3. @Vern Wow, what a reasonable response to being proven wrong every step of the way on every issue. Deep down you know that you’re making a mistake.

    1. @El Crow Personally, I think liberals started believing that their violent echo chambers reflected reality, and suddenly had no way to cope with the real world.

      Same thing is going to happen in 2020.

    2. The polls, averaged out, said Clinton would win the popular vote by 3 points; she won it by 2 points, a 98% accuracy record. Check it out at realclearpolitics. 3 polls however had Trump winning, and I wrote an article for opednews called Are you ready for President Trump, based on those 3 (highly rated) polls. If you want to check the historical accuracy of a polling firm, you can do so at 538.
      Meanwhile, stop repeating the lie that the polls were off on the 2016 election: they were off by 1 point, as they measured the popular vote…and got it right.

  7. CNN loves Biden even when he does terrible in a debate they spin it against Bernie and trying to make Castro look bad.

    1. The media is pushing Biden because he will be as friendly to the 1% as Trump. They’re terrified of Bernie because their big boomer donors want to snatch up as much wealth as they can before we need to start paying the piper for climate change, the immigration it’ll cause (it’s happening now, the Bahamas are likely going to be evacuated,) the health problems and food production issues it’ll cause.

      The DNC is afraid of profit loss and failing to help their wealthy donors one last time before they all jump into their bunkers or go to Mars or wherever the hell they think they’re going to escape the destruction they will have caused.

    2. @Lydia Drummond Republican Media is not bashing Trump, and Republican Media is like half of the Media in this country. In fact, MEdia love Trump, because he’s good for ratings.

    1. Sorry you aren’t going to convince Republicans to elect a moderate or rhino by claiming moderate Democrats are Republicans

    2. No, he is still a Democrat, the fact that Biden may disagree with 3 out of 10 of the far-lefts’ policies does not make him a Republican.

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