Bernie Sanders: People Are ‘Sick And Tired’ Of Working For Inadequate Wages 1

Bernie Sanders: People Are ‘Sick And Tired’ Of Working For Inadequate Wages


“From Day One Republicans opposed adding a supplement to normal unemployment—their theory is that if you have low unemployment benefits, you can starve people back to work. And obviously I think that is unacceptable,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders. 
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  1. In my town McDonald’s is hiring at $14/hr. They always have people working. I work at a hotel in the same town that pays minimum wage with no benefits, and no one wants to even apply for the job. They need to raise minimum wage.

    1. @ChaoticKreg A job is a job. Just because you didn’t automatically get the job you want, it doesn’t mean it isn’t progress.

    2. I had a hard labor job building famous concerts, and I got paid $15. It wasn’t enough, I was scraping to get by. We don’t even pay important or skilled jobs what they deserve.

  2. Mr. Sanders is the “regular working person’s “ Senator. Every time he speaks we stop and listen.

    1. @grannypantsification They will make Laws that STEAL WEALTH FROM AND VICTIMIZE the following Generations and say “THATS AMERICA”……….much like the BABY BOOMERS of today.🙃🙃🙃🙃

    2. 🎓🎓 “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

      ― Upton Sinclair. 🎓🎓

  3. “Starve the people back to work” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 That is right, Senator…that is the truth!!!

  4. 50 years ago, if you were a shoe sales man you could buy a house. Now, if you sell shoes you cant even afford a car.

    1. @Coldwynn Frost We did that. Walmart did it. Western Auto sold bikes. Walmart would sell kids bikes cheaper than what they themselves could afford. Until they undercut the small stores to oblivion.

      We have enough stuff. We can afford to be discerning. Unfair labor practices? I go elsewhere.

    2. @MR GOODNESS Do a YT search for Abigail Disney. She believes the tax structure is screwed up.

      Warren Buffet is salt of the earth, yes. He said 15 years ago, his office secretary was paying more in taxes than he was.
      Well they must answer his phone calls those Congress members. Did he call? Not known if he paid his Secretary more after he realized the discrepancy.

      We can do this. I contribute to Katie Porter and the few others who take no corporate money.

      Crowd source…..Republicacreeps do.

  5. It isn’t just wages. It’s working conditions,benefits, schedule,commutes,work-life balance and the work itself.

    1. @Kommisar I’ve run a good business, made a comfortable living and paid my people well. I never put profits over people, was willing to take a cut in pay for myself when it was lean, and now have a nice savings. it can be done.

    2. @SJ Did you run a business similar to Amazon, McDonald’s or Walmart? Answer: NO. Running a small office business is not the same thing. Your employees would have made more than $15/hour an hour at any other competing business.

      Also, yes, you HAD to take a pay cut since it was a small business and if you didn’t take a pay cut you would go under, and you did in fact put profits over people since no profits = no business = no jobs for anyone.

      None of this gives you credibility with your position on minimum wage. In fact, it just confirms you’re a hypocrite.

    3. @SJ You are mistaken. Alot of restraunts were fine until they unnecessarily put us on lockdown. Se the restraunts were open for 30 or more years. If you are good and don’t tick off Democrats you can do good. It’s just the nature of the business. A lot of people make good money with tips.

    4. @chuckbarrybarry22 My sense of humanity is just fine. I don’t need your approval for anything. Get off your lazy butt and dont expect others to pay for your life. I had to work since I was 14 and I worked hard for my money and didn’t expect handouts. Work hard and make something out of yourself. It seems to be lost on you however.

  6. Its a combination of low wages and zero respect. People treat other people at work like they are faceless robots who can be talked down to and exist only to serve

  7. 30k a year is not a living wage. to stay off government help if your not making 60k a year you cant have a home and healthcare .

    1. Social security is broken , both disability and regular . I know a lot of recipients that work their whole life to collect it and receive 1/3 of the minimum wage monthly income in my state is $600 a month .

    2. 30k a year is a lot. But you have people having kids just for the tax credit, and not even married. The money 💸 💰 will run dry soon and “wow” will these lib minions turn on you Bernard. 😉

    3. @watership down $30k is no where near “a lot”. I make $45k in a professional field ( my wife even less )and I can barely afford my home and a used car.

    4. ☝🏾At least 60K
      Even 100K and Single and IMHO, you are BEGINNING to realize the American Dream.🤓
      130-150K AND SINGLE if you wanna live “gooooowwdd”.😎

    5. Depends where you live. I bought a house when I made under 40k a year. I couldn’t afford a car though, so I biked everywhere.

    1. Absolutely- You told the truth— the GOP will NOT work with us to HELP the American people!!!!!!

  8. If you have a small business why not hire your own family members? Workers are not coming back to be treated like crap, know these business owners stopped the $15 minimum wage and lobbied governor’s to cut off unemployment after these same owners took billions and still laid people off.

    1. @Kommisar Because Amazon could have only happened in America. We all pay into the system that makes Amazon possible. Not paying into the current system that made it possible, Amazon is behaving as a monopoly which is anti-capitalism. Amazon is reaping all of the benefits while salting the fields and poisoning the well of capitalism.

    2. @Coldwynn Frost For you to claim Amazon pays no taxes shows a total ignorance of not just the truth of what Amazon pays in terms of taxes, but of the corporate tax system as well.

      How are they “behaving as a monopoly” too? That doesn’t even make sense. You don’t “behave as a monopoly”; you either ARE a monopoly or AREN’T. Furthermore, there is nothing anti-capitalist about monopolies.

      Your reply is just rife with ignorance and misinformation. No wonder you’re a Bernie cultist.

  9. Bernie honors his fellow Americans, something ALL Senators should do. If the other Senators are not aware, the very rich Americans do not pay taxes, their benefits are coming to them on the backs of the common workers. A fair wage is the least any Senator should be in favor of. Of course, common sense is NOT very common.

    1. @Bret T nice try the top 20% of earners in this country pay about 20-22% of the nation’s taxes. That’s straight from the irs.

    2. @adam therolf According to the IRS Statistics of Income, Individual Income Rates and Tax Shares (2019), the top 25% of income earners pay 86.1% of income taxes, which has been consistent since 2001. The top 1% pays 38.5% and the bottom 50% pay 3.1%. You do realize that % of returns differs from share of income tax, right?

    3. @adam therolf Bret is right and you are wrong. Actually look up the facts instead of just making them up.

    4. @adam therolf Then look again or cite your apparently contradictory source from the same agency. The source I gave you is quite clear.

    1. The POINT is there should be no “Dead-End” Jobs. Funny how people want Others to work for Slave-Wage, ☝🏾However, they THEMSELVES claim they should be paid and DESERVE “X” amount of Pay.👎🏾🙄
      The PANDEMIC Clearly showed us WHICH Jobs were TRULY “ESSENTIAL”.
      Those “Essential” Jobs Workers need to be COMPENSATED for working during the Pandemic.💯 Many still have not received what is OWED to them.🎓

  10. 2009 during the recession they cut our pay $5 an hour, made us start paying our own health insurance, took away holiday an vacation pay. 12 years later NOTHING has changed, no raises no nothing and if you don’t like it they’ll tell you to hit the door.

  11. WSJ: you know dang well there’s a difference btw being hired for a new job and being ‘taken off the unemployment roles.’ Like w/Covid, you prefer not to acknowledge the true numbers of record unemployment. Disgraceful!
    Thanks NYTs!❤️

  12. People want to work, they just don’t want to work ungodly hours for utterly crap wages. It’s too bad that 8 Democrats voted with Republicans to shut down the $15 an hour minimum wage raise. It should be $22 an hour by cost of living and productivity.

    1. @Coldwynn Frost we dp. Just not for scrooge or mister burns or mutch. Because they ll settle every hour of 8ur life to their profit and you won’t have a doctor when you re sick , you ll be treated badly and won’t be able to have food and shelter working full time for some of these places. It must stop. NOW

    2. @C kommisar is talking out of his as@, plenty of studies show wages are a percentage of total operating costs. If Amazon paid every employee a living wage, it would barely dent their profit margin.
      Many companies are in fact doing exactly what you say about increasing to cover wages and people are supporting it.. clearly kommisar thinks like a tired old republican..

    3. @Ken Rimmer
      Kommissar——-Republican ….
      Befuddled Old Republican…ahhh, but I repeat myself.
      He is aptly named. Republican mouthing old party line ideas.
      They’re losing their grip and had no plan.

      Pay Equity will soon be trending, Ken.

      Lots of interviews on YT by Abigail Disney. She’s rich and she gets it. She confirms—-rich people hate the rest of us.

      Henry Ford was the meanest man alive, he paid workers by ethnicity and got away with it. ( Well, I guess that’s today…but Ford posted it on the wall). He was a visionary when he paid workers $5.00 a day in 1915– doubled standard pay. He wanted his workers to be able to afford his cars. It worked. Across the industry…other companies had to fall in line immediately——pay Equity.
      Yeah…’s like Wizard of Oz……pay no attention to the big mouth behind the curtain, and….here’s Fox, melting like the Bad Witch.


    4. @C Cadbury chocolate in England also got it 60+ years ago. He built houses/communities around his factory for his employees, he understood travel time takes away from family time. In the day he also paid good wages so you could afford the houses.. he actually valued his employees.. indeed he could have been a Bezos if he wanted to, but made a choice not to be.

  13. This is truely sad to know the RICHES COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IS WORKING AGANIST

    1. Republicans are against thier own people they truly are for the rich and themselves and seriously want to keep families with thier heads just above water that way they control you. Bernie you hit the nail on the head. America loves you Bernie and those republican have to pay taxes it’s not even like a big increase they are that greedy.

  14. $2000 a month, doesn’t even cover a 2 bedroom apartment in California. Yet minimum wage is $13. Companies give you between 10 to 20 hours a week. Do you NOW understand how you can show up to work and STILL be homeless?

  15. If people are truly sick of this they better start voting so we can get a living wage, better healthcare for all, Then vote all Republicans out that are blocking every single step forward.

  16. Majority of these companies are hiring for part time. They don’t wanna give us full-time because they don’t want to give us benefits or other incentives.

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