Bernie Sanders: Republicans Are Not Serious About Anything That’s Significant 1

Bernie Sanders: Republicans Are Not Serious About Anything That’s Significant


Chris Hayes and Sen. Bernie Sanders discuss how Democrats can hold onto their power, how the Biden infrastructure plan can get through the Senate, and the desperate need for voting rights legislation. 
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    1. @Michael Shanahan did you cash your pandemic check from the government. If you did, then you are a Democrat who loves his handouts. You are a socialist.

    2. @dragontat08 I am a police officer I am a detective in New York from Ireland I am not allowed a free Hound out like you Democrats are allowed to guess I have to actually keep you from being killed by people in this city that get welfare do you understand me they are the people in the projects the people in the ghetto and you know who they are you know who they are damm well at night child.


  2. The Democrats could introduce a Bill that made Hotdogs the official food of the 4th of July, and the republicans in Congress would still find a way to block it.

    1. @Benjamin de Montgomery I agree, the only way I can stand these pink slime hot dogs, is the corn dog dipped in hot mustard

    2. @DarthSailorMoon if you read the comments below yours, you will see there is a huge hotdog issue in America. Thank you Ro G for shedding light on the subject and getting it out there for the public to discuss.

    3. @Benjamin de Montgomery if Americans only knew what their food went through and what’s added. There is a reason why many countries ban food from America.

  3. I respect you on that talk you say about the children and the grandchildren, for a safer planet earth,, that speech is the best speech I ever hear,, because these humans don’t have any clue they are doing, SMH

    1. So many politicians are dangerously out of touch about the reality of life for 99% of the world. It saddens and enrages me that absolutely the *_least_* qualified people are the gatekeepers to accomplishing *_anything_* positive. In a perfect world, such people would never be let anywhere near having power over others.

    1. Why should they (Republicans) help the country.
      they own it and what they don’t own they can send a bill
      and whether it’s true of not YOU can’t afford a Litigation
      and you plea for a deal to take a guilty charge because WHY?
      …. because the Wealthy know they can screw anyone with time and money.

    2. They are called lobbyists.. they’ve gotten away with it for so long there’s nothing to change… Their base is stupid af printing them free money why change?

    1. So do most Americans. But our least educated continues to stand against the United States of Ameirca.

    2. I love Bernie, too. And (as usual) he’s right about what Democrats need to do…
      stop dicking around — begging cons for crumbs — and *_do what it takes_* to protect Americans’ Climate / Voting Rights / Jobs & Infrastructure.

  4. Joe Manchin is dancing with the devil and he thinks that is fun and they are only playing his tune.

  5. The time is now to be BOLD!! This plan sounds like a lot of money but it will pay for itself…. No Brainer!!

    1. Haha, you and I both know that’s not gonna happen. Nothing will get done, Republicans are probably take Senate back and possibly the House and maybe the presidency. Republicans are passing laws all over the country to restrict voting and get them in power again. You wanna do something for the planet? Don’t have kids.

    2. @Justin Beetle – Huh? Although I agree the world is overpopulated, we need to stop the fascist GOP from obstructing democracy and destroying the middle class.

    3. @Lotta Sunshine the middle class is screwed, the Dem’s are spending too much time trying to compromise. Like it or not this country needs a revolution

    4. @Justin Beetle BS. Should a revolution happen, it should be against oligarchs that control your life, and shouldn’t be a fight against each other. The Dems are not to blame, those who control politicians are, on either side of the aisle. And currently, the most nefarious ones are one the republican side.

  6. I really think Democrats should put the best bills forward. As Republicans are sure to be obstructionist, it will highlight the overwhelming need to get the GOP out of positions of influence.

    1. GOP are only obstructionists toward American family’s. . They are only interested vin power and money.

    2. And explain them and what will mean for them! The opportunity to teach govts, economics, benefits, who receives — some nuts and bolts — to increase understanding and foster support!!! Well crafted lessons!

  7. Politicians who don’t care how they leave this planet for their own children cannot be reached. They have no soul. I watched McCarthy lose his in a matter of days.

    1. I know even if they have no children how can they think that the disgusting treatment of ppl is ok as long as the rich get richer. It’s really sad what a record they have.

  8. The Repubs are not going to vote for the Bill anyway. They need to stop pretending they will. McConnell will not let that happen.

  9. Look at the record of Congress in the last 12 years it’s all one sided towards the 1percent wealthy.

  10. Somebody should tell Joe NOchin that his state would also benefit from infrastructure repairs, I’m sure they have lots of potholes, cracks and other maladies affecting lots of places

  11. Well, Bernie, they are serious about establishing a fascist dictatorship, and I’d say that is significant.

    1. To think that it was SCOTUS, the court of last appeal, who opened the floodgates for dark money and lobbying, with Citizens United.

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