Bernie Sanders touts Obama’s praise in TV ad but has been sharply critical of Obama in the past

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is tying himself to former President Barack Obama in a new TV ad despite years of criticizing him and his administration. CNN's Andrew Kaczynski reports. #CNN #News


  1. Another video of this . Wow . Wheres the videos of biden lies. Lol. Getting locked up in Africa.

    1. Donald Baker – If Biden is as senile as progressives claim him to be, he probably misremembered rather than lied. Like when he confused jis wife for his daughter. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. Obama in ’16 said Bernie Sanders is a real populist lol. They hate that Obama said good things about Bernie!

  3. Nice try CNN. At least you’re being transparent about the Bernie vs. Biden reporting.
    #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs 🤓🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  4. boo! You say Bernie was critical of flawless obama!? Oh goodness! Lets talk endlessly about this nonissue because it’s news booo, hiss, booo CNN

    1. @Ranger Up just like you did 2016. Rigged the primary again, then you’re going to lose in the general again. You fking idiots…

    1. @Vital Signs remember when you rigged the primary in 2016, like you did now, then lost in the general jerk?

  5. This is ridiculous! CNN & MSNBC with negative media coverage for Sanders. Meanwhile Biden seems to not be able to stay on topic with his obvious mental issues.

    1. chessking29 what do you expect from fake biased CNN. President Trump has been telling you for 3 1/2 years about dishonest CNN. Now all of a sudden you get woke?! Trump 2020.

  6. All of the other candidates did the same thing, Bernie does it and here come the establishment Media BS. Obama’s praise of the bills Bernie put in for all of Not me US still stands. #BERNIEBEATSTRUMP

  7. Spend some time on Biden’s obvious mental decline, instead of nitpicking on Sanders, Biden’s mental state is just as much a danger to the country as Trump’s is.

  8. as usual cnn is more interested in the outcome for their corporate masters rather than the people they claim to inform

    1. robert stevens So you finally awoke and agree with President Trump. CNN is a dishonest fake news propaganda organization. Maybe your TDS is cued too.

  9. When will you talk about joe biden saying he got arrested with Nelson Mandela. Hes said it several times. Why havent you covered this?

    1. flea s. 😂😂😂 word I think that is absurd .. I think Bernie is just pointing out of you hear anything from Obama it better be good .never mind mr I passed all the bills , I guess we like liars now

  10. CNN your blatant anti-Bernie stance is transparent and weak!!!!!! We see through you!!!! Bernie 2020!!!!!

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