Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 New Hampshire primary | USA TODAY

Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 New Hampshire primary | USA TODAY 1


Sanders beats Buttigieg to win the New Hampshire primary. Yang and Bennet exit the 2020 presidential race.

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71 Comments on "Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 New Hampshire primary | USA TODAY"

  1. This is the most unprofessional news reporting ever. I thought this is Instagram newsfeed.

  2. Gino De La Fuente | February 12, 2020 at 3:17 AM | Reply

    1 question…why are you whispering??

  3. So how’s CNN, MSNBC, going to spin this as a win for Everyone except Sanders?

    • they already are its wild

    • They pointed out that due to the craziness of Iowa if we put both together Buttigeig the least electable of the current 3 forerunners has more delegates because of rounding. So losing popular votes gets you media preference. Their bosses are terrified.

    • Bernie Sanders also has to run against MSNBC CNN CBS ABC & NBC! Smh. Bernie2020!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. He won Iowa as well

    • @Ms. จารุณี no

    • @G A it’s not buttigieg paid 40000 to this app. It’s not the first time Bernie got screwed it’s public record buttigieg is trash

    • @pavel beltran the company is a service provider used my multiple campaigns, that does not automatically mean that there is any malfeasance. It’s just a coincidence that Bernie Bros have turned into a conspiracy theory because they can’t deal with the fact that Bernie lost.

    • @G A he lost iowa. I honestly think he has the best chance at the nomination though if Biden slumps in California

    • @Random Man Bernie will probably get the most votes and delegates, but it seems unlikely that he will get the numbers needed to get the nomination. Moderates still make up the majority of the party; they just are not as obnoxious as the extreme Bernie AOC wing of the party. If the convention is brokered, there is no way the DNC will give him the nomination. They will probably turn to some moderate Democratic senator or governor. And again, Bernie Bros will cry foul.

  5. He won Iowa. Lying media.

    • Duh? Buttgeig won Iowa because he got two more delegates than Bernie. Bernie did not win New Hampshire. He tied with Buttgeig with 9 delegates each. Between Iowa and New Hampshire, Buttgeig is ahead of Bernie by 2 delegates.

    • Preston Williams | February 12, 2020 at 4:52 AM | Reply

      @Polly Purree I can’t wait for the super delegate rich South… I’m sure Pete will do well there 👍 🤣

    • The winner of a caucus is not determined by popular vote. Bernie lost. Is it un-democratic, yes. But at the end of the day it is what it is, get over it.

    • Bernie has received the most actual votes in the combined total between Iowa/NH. It is true that the number of delegate allocated so far does not quite match that fact because we have an insane archaic system.

  6. Bernie won Iowa

  7. Bernie Sanders Actually Won in in Iowa..

    • @Janet Mainor At this point, there isn’t a candidate in the race that’s going to beat Trump. And thank God for that, as they are all out to lunch regarding their progressive policies. Sanders is just the craziest cat in a bag full of crazy cats.

    • When the Recanvasing is Done, (won’t matter Much) it will Show thar Bernie Sanders won, But Iowa won’t be an issue after Super Tuesday?
      Mayor Cheat will Fall off a Cliff!
      It will Only Be Bernie Sanders & !Michael (Stop & Frisk) Bloomberg
      If Bloomberg Buys Out the Delegates at the Conve, Con-nald Drumpf will Do 4 More Years , By That Time well be Living in a Handmaid’s Tale America…..

    • @Kirby Collins “it will Show thar Bernie Sanders won”

      It’s not a win when almost 3/4 of the democrats vote against you. That’s what the Bernie bro’s just don’t get….. With just a little more of a turnout than in 2016, 3/4 of the base voted moderate last night, and fewer voted for him than when he ran against Hillary. He lost support in the state. It literally proves that no one wants him as the candidate, and they would choose anyone else so long as they are more moderate. It’s simple math, same as Iowa……smh….. You don’t have to “cheat” Bernie out of anything…. If you simply narrow the field he will lose.

    • @Brian Jones I am very close to agreeing with you. The Democratic party really messed this up.

    • @Janet Mainor That’s the thing…. No matter which side of the political fence you happen to consider yourself to be on you could see this disaster coming a mile away. I happen to be conservative, but regardless of party, between the failed Mueller investigation (muh Russia!!!), the failed Kavanaugh derailment (muh sexism), and the politically biased shitshow that was the impeachment (failed coup attempt), the party is literally in ruins at this point with no moderate to steer it back to center. And now what? You’re going to attempt to sell the country socialism? Or some form of it?? To trust the government with healthcare and education when they can’t even run a post office correctly??? While it’s literally on an economic rocket ride we haven’t seen in a half century?? With record low unemployment across every demographic??? Good f’n luck with that one…..

      2020 is a forgone conclusion and has been for quite some time. But the Bernie thing really cracks me up…. The fact that anyone honestly thinks he’s “winning” at the moment is beyond me. As I said, 3/4 of the party is voting against him, and the only candidate who might bleed voters to him is Warren….. And that’s a BIG might…… At the rate it’s going this will all lead to a very bloody contested convention. The party is in shambles and likely will be until at least 2024. And to think, not but 20 years ago you could have convinced me to vote for a democrat. The policies were still sane, the positions were reasonable, and at the very least, you had a reasonable idea that we wouldn’t slip into a socialist hell. There isn’t even a true moderate left in the race at this point. Tulsi Gabbard was your last best hope and the party tossed her away in favor of candidates who kowtowed to the radical left wing of the party……smh

  8. Bettina bettina | February 12, 2020 at 3:45 AM | Reply

    Feel the Bern

    • Yeah Bernie lost my support when he said “White people don’t know what it is like to be poor.” I come from a super poor white family. We didn’t even have heat one winter and all slept in the same bed to stay warm in the living room with the fire place. Had blankets blocking all the door ways. So i can’t relate to a word that man says.

    • Trump will destroy Bernie . Nobody wants a socialist country.

    • Franklin Castillo | February 12, 2020 at 5:32 AM | Reply

      John E bro these people don’t know about economy, I studied Economy, I got my degree in a Latin Country and let me tell you this, Usa unfortunately will fall in socialism one day, and that day is less than 20 years, The new generation is only looking for ethics but they don’t care about how a real powerful economy works, americans before you vote, see how does a Market moves and how it’s better for us… god bless us, we’ll need it.

    • Franklin Castillo | February 12, 2020 at 5:35 AM | Reply

      I live in USA, I’m from Venezuela, it’s true, Trump isn’t the best president but it’s the best choice to make, I haven’t read about a lot of democrats but Bernie Sanders with his “15h/$” “raise taxes” and put in public everything, you’ll feel the bern in you ribs when you’re hungry without a job.

  9. ღSwnsasyღ _ | February 12, 2020 at 3:53 AM | Reply

    He didn’t come in Second in Iowa! He won! Wtf

    • Preston Williams | February 12, 2020 at 6:49 AM | Reply

      @Dr Zaius in capitalism, the wealthy naturally have better opportunity, and that wealth is often inherited or taken.

    • Preston Williams | February 12, 2020 at 6:56 AM | Reply

      @Dr Zaius in short the high horse you sit on more likely than not was inherited like my parents debt that I inherited. The three jobs I work you make light of, will likely take years to pay for my education, if I have the stamina to attend. Perhaps if employers paid livable wages I could attend college. If like to save lives one day.

    • @Preston Williams Sorry but I worked for everything I have, your entire OPINION seems to be based on me inheriting something. Nope, the simple answer is I took education much more seriously than you did, knowledge is the key to success. Stop looking for handouts and take some personal responsibility for once in your life.

    • DA REAL Johnny Appleseed | February 12, 2020 at 9:50 AM | Reply

      Dr Zaius Lenin was a Marxist Leninist and an out and out commie. Of course he would say that. There’s also socialist who don’t believe in the abolition of private property.

    • I hope Bernie wins… He will Jeremy Corbyn the Democratic party. 😁

  10. Delbert Winters | February 12, 2020 at 4:05 AM | Reply

    2nd in Iowa with 6 thousand more votes? Funny how that ‘democracy’ thing works.

    • David Rodriguez | February 12, 2020 at 6:46 AM | Reply

      @Polly Purree incentivizing not giving work to whoever you don’t want voting isn’t the brightest idea. Unless you’re advocating for a totalitarian government that controls hiring decisions of course. It is intuitive to think only tax payers should have the right to vote if you don’t think of possible side effects. It makes it so that employers can decide who is able to pay taxes and therefore who is able to vote.

    • destroyer102794 | February 12, 2020 at 9:08 AM | Reply

      “Works”. The reason we need so much change is because it isn’t working lol

    • @rants n’ rambles The system used by the DNC to come up with a candidate is under direct control of the DNC. So, why is it you feel you are trying to subvert yourself, and what are you planning to change so you can understand what you are making yourself do?

    • @matador c137 “but he is the country’s best bet he’s consistent and doesn’t and has never flipped on his views and beliefs.”

      Sure….. Because if a person believes that jumping from a tall building to his death is the smart thing to do, so long as he has never flipped on his belief, never wavered, then it MUST make his ideas the best and make him the most reliable person to follow……smh

  11. Bernie won in Iowa. Shame on you USA Today. #Bernie2020

    • The winner of a caucus is not determined by popular vote. Bernie lost. Is it un-democratic, yes. But at the end of the day it is what it is, get over it.

    • Bernie lost Iowa. Buttgeig got 2 more delegates than Bernie. Bernie did not win New Hampshire. He tied with Buttgeig. They got 9 delegates each. Bernie is in 2nd place between Iowa and New Hampshire. Of course, it is only 2 out of 50 states.

    • Give it up already! Bernie will NEVER be potus! His failed socialist ideologies would destroy this country! Youre just setting yourself up to be disappointed once again! AMERICA DOESNT WANT BERNIE SANDERS!!

    • Bernie didn’t “win” either state…. This delusion the Bernie bro’s are under, that Bernie is actually doing well, is hilarious. Crunch the numbers. In NH last night, 3/4 of democratic voters rejected Bernie for more conservative candidates. In only a slightly larger voting base he lost support in the state since 2016. The only other candidate that MIGHT, and it’s a HUGE might, bleed votes to Bernie if they drop out is Warren, which isn’t saying much. Bernie simply doesn’t have the support nationwide to win the national nom, and even if he by some crazy chance slipped through, he would be obliterated by Trump in November……smh

  12. Rocket Friends | February 12, 2020 at 4:07 AM | Reply

    Lmfao everyone so pressed in the comments 😂😂

  13. Bernie won Iowa too #bernie2020

    • The winner of a caucus is not determined by popular vote. Bernie lost. Is it un-democratic, yes. But at the end of the day it is what it is, get over it.

  14. Mayor 🐀 makes me want to 🤮

  15. But is Bloomberg still spending millions on his campaign lmao 🤔

    • Bloomberg did not put his name on the caucus ballots. Why should he? If Bernie wins, he is simply going to buy the nomination for himself with one billion dollars and take it away from Bernie. It’s legal too because political parties are private clubs and are not regulated by the government. They can change the caucus rules whenever they want. Bernie is absolutely NOT going to get the nomination. If Mayor Pete wins, he will get the nomination. If Bernie wins, Bloomberg will be the nominee.

    • @Polly Purree Bernie is already losing….. 3/4 of democrats in NH voted against him last night. He lost votes in the state since 2016. The party as a whole does not want a socialist on their ticket…. No one has to “cheat” Bernie out of it, he will simply be voted out fair and square.

  16. 3rd Street Pictures | February 12, 2020 at 4:30 AM | Reply

    Random politcal youtubers make more professional content than this.

  17. He didn’t come in 2nd in Iowa, wench.

  18. The booty judge is already spewing he won.

  19. “Pete Buttigieg […] was right on his tail.”

  20. Delusional people are so entertaining

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