Bernstein: ‘There Is So Much Common Ground’ Economically Between Parties | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Bernstein: ‘There Is So Much Common Ground’ Economically Between Parties | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


President-elect Biden is prioritizing COVID relief, but he’s also taking on child poverty. Watch Stephanie Ruhle dig into that with a member of Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers, Jared Bernstein. Aired on 1/15/2021.
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Bernstein: ‘There Is So Much Common Ground’ Economically Between Parties | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @susan sellars Point made… not everyone in the trailer park is trailer trash. And actually, I think I would rather live in a nice trailer than an apartment. At least you don’t have to share walls and floors with other people. Seems like it would be more private to me.

    2. The Trumps were stealing a bronze Abraham Lincoln bust and loading it into their moving truck! Jim Acosta from CNN Tweeted a picture. Punks you’re on candid camera

    3. @susan sellars I agree, nothing wrong with trailer parks. It’s just that many people in trailer parks support Trump so we are mad at them

  1. Yeah, they both cater and work for the top 20%. Just as Bernie was systematically pushed out by Dems and the media.

    1. Why would Democrats support a candidate that not a member of Democratic Party. If Sen. Sanders wanted to be the Democratic nominee, He should’ve joined the Democratic Party.

    2. @Jock Young yup, trump was a democrate most of his adult life til he wanted to run for prez. He could sway the naive evangelicals to follow him as a demi god with their Gods’ ideals. Scare an Fear…so sad. Others have empathy for them. They knew could see the real trumps’ sn families abuse an consistent lies.

    3. Bernie tried to run as/and “get demo nomination” & $. as a liberal/independent. Not even try to run a new party~ ie…green deal, or socialism. He wasn’t running on truth to power an party.

  2. The republican party really lucked out when they discovered how stupid their base are that they’d consistently vote against their own self-interest because they believed the lies that if they didn’t all their precious guns would be taken away.

  3. We must keep Trump the serial liar, off social media. Trump fueled his zombie army with lies about the election. Trump lost the election fair and square, grow up.

  4. The big difference between MSNBC / CBS / CNN reporters and Fox reporters: Brightness vs. darkness!!

  5. Little Marco, not his little body, rather his little mind. The only big thing about Marco is his sense of entitlement!

  6. Finally a president that helps all, we the people, w/human rights. AND team-works that know about deligation, an logistics.

  7. Psalms 34:21.
    Evil shall slay the wicked: and
    they that hate the righteous
    shall be desolate.

  8. I love these flashes of hope + common sense + enthusiasm. I hope there are more and more of them as we move forward.

  9. Let’s hope the common ground wins over the Republicans lack of of common sense and lack of critical thinking skills!!

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