Bernstein: Top US general compared Trump to 'Hitlerian fascism' 1

Bernstein: Top US general compared Trump to ‘Hitlerian fascism’


During a discussion about excerpts from "I Alone Can Fix It" by Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, CNN's Carl Bernstein points out that the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley compared former President Donald Trump's behavior to Adolph Hitler and Nazi-style fascism.

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    1. You mean except for all the pistols and rifles confiscated, along with a truck full of rifles police managed to catch that also had pipe bombs and molotovs in it?

      There were lots of guns there.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em They don’t actually fight for us and as this has shown they have been actively conspiring against our president

    1. Except Biden has never had an open door policy. He’s actually not really changed much from the last administration. Which is why so many people are angry at him. America relies on immigrants to improve as a country. And he’s not letting nearly enough in.

    1. @fah q CNN was reporting on information that has been made public by Trump’s own people.
      If it isn’t true, where are the denials?

  1. ” I like people who WEREN’T captured…OK? ”………….so why did you give so many PARDONS to those who WERE ?????

  2. Congress can stop these lies but they wont. Because the Republicans don’t want too admit to the truth.

    1. @John Doe No. In the South,Trump politicized masks and it has carried over to the vaccine (which Trump took in secret). Now, Ron DeSatan has out something saying “Don’t Fauci me” which sounds like a grifter way to make money. Don’t forget this craven act. This dude comes in 2nd to Trump, which means we would have a smarter fascist as president unless he turns off the cult.

    2. @Nancy Ross
      I meant in CONGRESS – The House AND Senate . . .
      Trump, his WHOLE FAMILY and ANYONE who want an “AUDIENCE ” with him !!!

    3. @Nancy Ross
      P.S. – ALL the members of Mar A Lago, you know . . . Ones who can AFFORD a $250,000 yearly membership . . .

    4. @John Doe Yes. All those rich people wanting to spend their inherited money at the fools gold paradise! Amazing! My guess is there isn’t a lot of old money breeding class in the membership roles. l come from that social circle, and taste, class, and no ostentation was a prerequisite.

    5. @James Eagle The truth is that Trump incited insurrection and sedition against the United States of America through the attack on the Capitol. Trump decided in November 2020 to have his supporters come to Washington for 01/06/21 and they did. Through the attack on the Capitol, Trump demonstrated that he is anti-American and anti-democracy.

    1. @Jamtommy so? he never tried to overthrow the government, now did he?
      you’re the typical retrumplican, when one of trumpy despicable actions are put
      forth, you bring out a lie or another something to say about Biden. Wonder why trumpy didn’t mention that during the campaign? he did everything else to
      try to win. so just sit down and get a grip

  3. General Milley is a true patriot. He doesn’t go along with traitors to the Constitution. Much respect to him. Good to know there are still some left, true Patriots that is.

    1. @mike briganti Well, he didn’t go along with a fascist’s attempt to seize power because he didn’t win an election, for starters. Also, your caps lock is on.

    1. well I mean u watch cnn so I think your in the same boat pal quote form cnn technical director Charlie Chester look at what we did we got trump out I’m going to 100 percent say it I 100 percent believe it. we were creating a story (Re:Trump Health) there that we didn’t know anything about, you know? that’s what I think, that’s propaganda. end quote
      and in the project veritas lawsuit against cnn in their motion to dismiss quote to the average viewer there is no material difference form a reputable stand point being banned for misinformation and being banned for posting prohibited information. end quote so when cnn says its misinformation they mean its prohibited information they are saying in we don’t want you to know the truth why do you have so much faith in corporate media?

    2. @Engage360 The House Oversight Committee is launching an investigation into the ballot review being run by the Republican-controlled state Senate in Arizona, the committee announced on Wednesday. The committee is seeking a wide range of information from Cyber Ninjas, the firm overseeing the Arizona effort, including communications it had with Maricopa County officials, former President Donald Trump or his representatives, and those who have advanced election-related falsehoods such as Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell and Lin Woods.

    3. Sane America, President Obama, called their Orange Demon, Hitler-like, first. General Milley just had it Confirmed. He should be In Prison, already.

  4. Carl Bernstein describing Trump specifically here and the GOP also, 100% correct, no honest person could disagree.

    1. @Jamtommy
      Joined Jan 29, 2021
      Think I found the tRumpTURD wannabe. Troll give it a rest comrade.

    1. @Crown Uk “I would think the most patriotic thing you can do in the United States of America is to thank a veteran who has served in the Armed Forces???” Actually, the most patriotic thing one can do here in the USA is tell the British crown to go copulate with your cousins, some more.

    2. @Crown Uk Do you want to thank one of us for our service? Great!
      Your words, however, are meaningless. Nice, but meaningless.
      If you want to thank us, be a responsible citizen, that’s all we want. Pick up random trash. Get vaccinated. Help someone with their groceries. Vote. Respect your neighbors. Be a citizen of the country we fought on behalf of.

    3. @Tal Moore It’s the only website that has the video of the hearing held today. The mainstream media is censoring it

    4. @Crown Uk no but it’s unpatriotic to not do the simple duty of getting vaccinated and making your country hesitant on fully returning to normal because your guy didn’t win now the country Has to be shitty

  5. Republicans should have impeached him when they had the chance. Sure, there would have been a few political casualties, but now they will have to deal with him until 2024, or longer

  6. when trump was on the view he did say he was going to show how corrupt politcians are. he was 100% successful with that

  7. “Deep State” is Trump-Speak for “Respected and loyal professional with years of experience. A life-long Patriot.”

    1. Trump’s behavior is very similar to that of Adolf Hitler in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. Hitler was a Nazi and a fascist and lied all the time. Goebbels supported Hitler. There were plenty of countries that Hitler invaded that were not communists, with an exception being Russia. The sad thing is that WWII lead to the deaths of 6 million Jews and between 70 and 85 million people world wide.

      Trump mislead, or lied to, the American people over 30,000 times during his term in office. Trump is a fascist and a neonazi. Trump is the last person on the planet who should be President of the United States of America. Trump incited the insurrection and sedition against the United States of America on 01/06/21. I’m glad that I’m not him as his soul will pay for his behavior.

  8. Mitch McConnell and company should be held responsible along with Trump. They need to be rooted out or else we’re doomed.

  9. Well, that general knows exactly what he is talking about. All people with brains and morals saw trump for what he was a long time ago.

  10. So many Historians/psychologists did warn the American people about Trump’s Hitlerian mentality. The problem is Americans don’t like to read ……

    1. Not wrong, when 1:9 teenagers in metropolitan areas can’t even graduate high-school! America is invested with mindless halfwits spewing nonsense

    2. I heard Hitler may have had Paranoid Schizaphrenia determined in studies of his life after what he did. Trumph has something wrong mentally many psychiatrists have analyzed over his term. He is dangerous and the GOP are too!….so greedy to get voted in no matter who suffers to keep power.

    3. @Mario Actually more like 9.6% when the US has a population of little over 332 million, and reported by the National Institute for Literacy that approximately 32 million can’t read!

    4. Most of white America doesn’t want to look in the mirror and see themselves for who and what they really are!

  11. We’re not talking about truth and lies, we are talking about belief. Trump is excellent at capitalising on what his followers would like to believe. That is the problem.

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