Beschloss: If This Looked Like A Normal Inauguration, We'd Wonder 'What Was Going Wrong' | MSNBC 1

Beschloss: If This Looked Like A Normal Inauguration, We’d Wonder ‘What Was Going Wrong’ | MSNBC


NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss discusses how President Biden's inauguration will be seen in a historical context. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Beschloss: If This Looked Like A Normal Inauguration, We'd Wonder 'What Was Going Wrong' | MSNBC


  1. Ms. Maddow, he wasn’t missed in the slightest. I actually didn’t notice Donald’s absence until it was mentioned.

    1. Mandela was locked up…we know the end of the story. Lock up Trump and you will see the result…

  2. Faith and pride in America fully restored! Never again shall I take for granted our democratic constitutional republic, that which has been a beacon to so many, the world over. While there may have existed continuity before in other countries, I believe it is America’s that has been most resilient, and steady, and has guided more nations to strive for such a goal. While America has faults, and has made errors, I do believe that world would be in bigger disarray without it.

    And may God bless America!

    1. @Warren Parker Sounds like you’re describing Trump and Putin. Thank god he’s no longer in the White House.

    2. @Warren Parker I don’t think he’ll raise taxes for people making under $40K a year. Even if he does, that’s at the bottom of the list of things I’m concerned about right now.

    3. Biden did not win anything. Donald Trump won on election night. The election was stolen, and that is a fact. The American public had the election taken from them. Voting now in the United States of America is a farce. Will never be the same again.

  3. President Biden and Vice President Harris, Congratulations.
    May God hold both of you in the palm of his hands and keep you safe. Amen.

  4. This inauguration did not begin with a massive, easily disproven lie about crowd size because the new POTUS was not needy and insecure.

    1. @K. McKee right she should have said orangutan or stupid or clown or Buffalo we would have known who she was talking about,GET A BRAIN OR AT LEAST Borrow one !

  5. The inauguration that looked really bizarre to me was the one four years ago when they were installing an orange TV reality star who clearly had no business being there.

  6. Trump is out for dinner at a French restaurant with Putin.

    The waiter asks Putin what he would like to order.

    “I will have the chicken,” says Putin.

    The waiter replies, “And for your vegetable?”

    “He will also have the chicken.”

  7. And then someone explains it to the Martian and the Martian responds with, “Whew! I’m here because I need to speak to your leader. Looks like a dodge a bullet there!”

  8. From this day forward, let us never, ever put the words “President” and “Trump” together in the same sentence.

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