Beto O’Rourke: Biden Admin. Has ‘Stepped Up And Is Sending Much Needed Assistance’ To TX ​| Deadline 1

Beto O’Rourke: Biden Admin. Has ‘Stepped Up And Is Sending Much Needed Assistance’ To TX ​| Deadline


Former Congressman from Texas Beto O’Rourke discusses the crisis facing Texas and how the Biden administration has helped by sending generators to the state to keep people warm. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Beto O’Rourke: Biden Admin. Has ‘Stepped Up And Is Sending Much Needed Assistance’ To TX ​| Deadline


  1. best thing people could do is get rid of the republican government. rick perry saying don’t accecpt help because then the fed would take over

    1. @William H Music 2021 I don’t think it was the left that tried to overthrow the government and install someone who lost a democratic election. Who was that again!?

  2. Good. We must not become monsters ourselves if we are to defeat monsters. We must stand firm against hate, violence and unreason, but helping millions of people, many of which never did support the radical repub agenda of the deregulation of everything in Texas, is precisely morally, and, more cynically, politically, what should be done here.

  3. If he runs against Cruz next time I really think he will win.. Cruz barely won last time so I think Beto can do it.. I don’t want ANYONE in government that cannot hold their own accountable period!

  4. Yay Governor Betto! Local leaders are stepping up…State level leaders are too busy blaming everyone but themselves!

  5. I hope the people of Texas, conservative or liberal or other, receive the help they need soon.
    Suffering is never good, never something to take pleasure in or arrogantly deride. And shame on some commenters here and elsewhere who are doing so.

  6. What did Trump do when the California forest fires were raging out of control for months?
    He told them to “rake their floors.” And, “It will go away when the weather gets colder.”
    Then he let them run for their lives and lose their homes.
    Trump. Did. Nothing.

  7. Thank you Mr. President Biden….( This what real President’s do ….Take care of the people in his Country)!!! Your doing your best for everyone……again everyone!!!! Doing a great job

  8. While its still going on we can’t possibility believe that ANY administration can fix this in 4 weeks.
    This administration. Has done more in last 4 weeks than the previous administration in 4 YEARS .
    Give them time.

  9. Key difference between Beto and the current Texas governor: Beto talks about immediate solutions while the current governor deflects blame onto a windmill boogeyman.

    1. The point with the current Texas Governor is that he simply doesn’t care about people, he only cares about his political power and himself. Get rid of him at the next election!

    1. The R’s have ZERO interest in governing – the existence of government is seen by them as merely a pathway to $$$$ and power…

  10. Applying republican’s corona logic here, I’d suggest that Texans just get on with their lives since 99% of you will be just fine.

  11. Keeping warm is important and getting people around a fire together makes sense except for one thing … Covid. Masks and social distancing and ventilation inside are essential.

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