Beto O’Rourke confronts Texas Gov. Abbott after Uvalde shooting | USA TODAY

Beto O'Rourke was removed from a Uvalde, Texas, shooting press conference after yelling, "someone has to stand up for the children of this state or they will continue to be killed," at Gov. Greg Abbott.

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    1. ya and the time and place is now or haven’t you learned from the last thousand episodes of such nature? Politicians will go back to their normal lives in 2 days.. till the next event!

  1. He’s right !! First Santa Fe, second El Paso( Beto home town) and now Uvalde! Beto is Right !! This needed to be stopped and fixed from the beginning!

    1. ​​@N8 Gaming There is no correlation between giving up your drugs and losing civil liberties. You can’t defend your family with drugs (in most cases).


  3. Man of integrity drunk driving runs people over never goes to jail tries to flee the scene. One of the big Democrat heroes again

  4. Grandstand and make it about yourself. Then wait for your likes on social media. It’s the liberal way.

  5. If it were my kid and my family falling victim to this crisis, I’d much rather hear someone who is pissed about the situation than more people in positions of power spewing the tired words “thoughts and prayers” . Don’t minimize God, he sees the pain and suffering. You were blessed with an important job. DO SOMETHING! Get up and f’%$* do something!

    1. @Jared Weiman didn’t texas literally make it legal to carry in public without a license or training ??? how bout put an end to stupid gun laws like that ?

    2. @Naomi Sanchez do you want a free country or a Gov controlled country? Dictatorship is so easy. Freedom is hard. I choose freedom.

  6. This is where America begins to fall apart and become very very divided. Its beginning to look dark. Scary time we live in.

    1. Beto is more than wrong – and the Country has fallen apart at an alarming rate since February of 2021 – I wonder what the reason is??

  7. Many opponents of “common sense gun safety legislation” like to talk about protecting the Second Amendment rights of “law-abiding citizens.” Evidently the mass murderer in Uvalde, before discharging his illegally obtained weapons in the Texas classroom, was without a criminal record – one of those “law-abiding citizens.” The problem with the “law-abiding citizen argument” is that the law-abiding status is not static or unchanging. Too often today’s “law-abider” tragically becomes a mass murderer. True law-abiding citizens as well as potential and actual criminals have the same opportunity to obtain assault weapons. The basic problem is that there is access to these weapons that quickly and powerfully kill and maim.

    1. And what about cocaine, meth, heroin, and all other illegal drugs, did banning or trying to control them reduce drug use? No. People die of overdoses every single day regardless of how many feel good rules we put in place.

      The problem here isn’t guns, its kids who are so disenfranchised that they feel the need to resort to violence against kids. The gun use is just a symptom, now ask yourself, what’s the disease?

    2. Misguided – once you use a firearm or car or truck or baseball bat or knife to harm innocent people you are no longer “Law Abiding”. Common sense!

  8. Who stood by, who watched and said nothing, look the other way or change the subject. Who gave lip service and repeated the same dry phrases. Who covered themselves in the mask of politics who lacked the courage to stand up. History will ask why did you do nothing ? Why did you worry more about the rights to own a weapon,. Rather than the right to live the right to live without fear. Who did nothing ? As the mothers and the fathers and the brothers and the sisters as the grandparents and the ants and the uncles. And the friends and the neighbors cry and weep as their hearts are shattered. Why did you stand by and do nothing. ??? That is what you will be remembered for… Doing nothing

    1. Same can be said about those who are in favor of gun control – what have they done so far – same talk – all talk and no actions

  9. Fix all the broken homes. Mentally ill kids and adult. Drug dependant children and adults. Bring back morality and ethics. Then tell me about how gun laws work so well… Chicago, LA, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York ect ect ect

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