Beto O'Rourke Drives 8.5 Hours To Fight Voter Suppression In Texas | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Beto O’Rourke Drives 8.5 Hours To Fight Voter Suppression In Texas | The Last Word | MSNBC


Fmr. Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke explains to Lawrence O'Donnell why he drove 8.5 hours from El Paso to Austin to fight two Republican bills that "are going to do a lot to keep many Texans from being able to vote." Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Beto O'Rourke Drives 8.5 Hours To Fight Voter Suppression In Texas | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. This is just pitiful a downright shame how Republic trying to stop people for voting, ain’t nobody going to vote for Donald Trump, if he run again believe that Donald Trump going to lose again. the only thing you going to see him up there doing is being lazy and going to play golf . And let not forget conning people out of money American people need to step up and support their rights to vote

    1. Normal Decent people typically don’t crave power, that leaves the door open for snakes in the grass.

    2. I mean, I still consider myself Republican, but you best believe I’d be voting Beto for governor. Just hope he runs. Our top leaders (Abbott, Paxton, Patrrick) all need to go.

    3. @Stephen Pettyjohn Yes! People like you need to shout loud and clear what you just said. I hope decent Americans see the threat and rise up everywhere!

  2. A felonious voting error ? Do Texans plan on charging republicans for voting mistakes ? Or just anyone trying to cast a vote for a democratic candidate ?

  3. but texans keep voting these criminals in so I am not empathic about texas. wish they just would secede. texas is causing the rest of the country too much. texas should also take kentucky and florida with it

    1. Texas is getting closer to turning blue every year so this is one of the reasons for attempting this

    1. It is more than that. They want to get rid of democracy and turn the United States into another Russia or China one leader that runs all.

    2. They have decided to embrace 40 or so million racists in the country, and simple math tells them 40 million is less than 80 million, so they need to whittle that 80 million down quite a bit. Never occurs to them that their platform of racism, hate, and intolerance might be the problem?

    3. It’s amazing that the other solution to this problem never occurs to them: hold popular positions, support popular measures, vote according to what the majority of the people you represent want, and don’t die on hills where most of the people in your state don’t care. Before the bill came up, were over 50% of voters in your state rioting because there were trans people serving in the military? No? Then maybe you should let that bill die. If it hurts some people, makes others think you’re a petty jerk, and nobody else gives a care…let it go.

  4. Calling Texas GQP is a waste of breath and time Biden just needs to force them out of office they are violating voter rights.

  5. So to all disabled veterans in wheel chairs, canes, etc, you can thank your governor for making it harder to vote. Isn’t this why we served? ? ? America don’t allow this BS to continue, republicans are making this country weaker.

    1. @Be a better ally to White people EndAntiWhiteH8 Are your feelings hurt that decent people are taking note and not allowing democracy to die on their watch? Very fascist sentiment.

  6. I love this guys. He will probly be a president one day soon. He really goes above and beyond for not just his own people but others.

  7. I think he just made it worse for them RED. Trust and believe. They going to lose big time when 2022 comes around. They can do whatever they like but I see them going downhill.

    1. Doesn’t matter since the news won’t ever report anything bad on a blue at this point. It’s irrelevant what happens next

  8. You realize that Putin is loving this , and China is lying in wait as Republicans in Texas become more punitive and oppressive and self serving just like them.

  9. So, if they passed a law that said “only Republicans can win in our state” everyone would be OK with that? Oh, wait, that is just what they did. Clearly they are abusing their power!

    1. @Vincent Owens Reconciliation which only required 51 votes to pass. They will not have that option on voting rights and will require 60 votes. Unless they somehow manage to eliminate the filibuster which is anything but certain or doable. That remains to be seen if the democrats are even willing to try and take that on. At this point they do not have the votes to eliminate the senate filibuster as several democrats have, so far, indicated they will not vote to do that. And you can be certain that zero republicans will vote for it either.

    2. @Corey Ham At least the possibility remains. We can only hope and pray for our leaders to do what is righteous.

    3. @Vincent Owens That would be like a 100 to 1 long shot coming in …. but that does happen rarely. My view is that the GOP are neither leaders nor capable of anything righteous> But if the GOP spends a few years or decades in the wilderness, then maybe some new candidates may emerge that have some of those qualities.

  10. Every moral person in this Nation is appalled at what’s going on in these state legislatures. How can we stop this?!

    1. Put immense pressure on all Democrat Senators, and Biden, to get rid of the filibuster, and pass S1 through the Senate. I am completely done with trying to get the Republicans to cooperate. Their answer to the Dems are all of these red states that are passing these voter suppression laws. Tell your Democratic Congressman and Senators to wield their power, throw out the filibuster, and pass S1. This is about saving democracy, not unit with the Republicans. They OBVIOUSLY don’t want unity, and never did.

    2. Not only every moral person in the USA (fortunately there are many moral persons in the USA) but every moral person worldwide.

      This is soo sick. Treating people not as a human being If they are poor, black, latino or asian. Rich people could not have a decent life If there were not poor people, who pickup their trash, package their meat, flip their burgers, clean their homes etc. Their working efforts have more beneficial effects on society than committing tax fraud, launder money, inheriting lots of money. And I know there are exceptions, some extremely rich people exist who know that money is not a measure of someone’s worth or success as a human being.

  11. The “Party of the Constitution” strikes again! Never mind about democracy, it’s just an inconvenience they can bypass as they see fit. I watched a small group of House Republicans the other day gripe about HR1/S1, claiming that the laws be passed now in Georgia, and soon in Texas, are all about making the elections secure from fraud. What a crock. How does closing the polls earlier eliminate voter fraud? They have data to show voter fraud is more likely to occur later in the day? And you can’t give water to voters standing in line? How does giving water to an elderly person waiting in line to vote contribute to voter fraud? Can these people be truthful about ANYTHING?

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