Beto O’Rourke: Filibuster Exception On Voting Rights Needed To Save Democracy

Fmr. Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) says President Biden’s remarks on protecting voting rights was “a speech the country needed to hear,” but says it lacked a solution. O’Rourke tells Lawrence O’Donnell exceptions to the Senate filibuster rule have been made in the past, and the Senate must now “make an exception for democracy.”
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  1. We aren’t getting our way going by the rules, whatever shall we do?
    Lets change the rules! – Every tyrant ever.

    1. @Justice Matters , As you “see the same” comments, it is those of leftist Dems persuasion that make cow pie remarks , being that they have NO valid argument, as U, jack !

    2. @Cognitive Supreme There are many good people on the left who have been fed lies and don’t know any better.
      Then there are leftists… Yes, they are the water at he bottom of the trash.

    1. @Brandon B You haven’t read the bill. This is not a fight for voter ID. The Texas law, as an example, is only about making it harder for all legally established voters to cast a ballot and even gives the state of Texas the power to overturn a free and fair election. You obviously haven’t read the bills nor reaearched the topic at all. You should before commenting. You’ll flaunt your ignorance less… bootlicker!

    2. @Michael W weeks of early voting or request a mail in ballot. Have a social security number or photocopied id. Simple

  2. How about some coverage about the events in Cuba. Now, those are some people who know how important freedom and democracy are. And they are willing to fight for it.

    1. @MJL You call me a liar but can’t refute anything I said. It seems you also need to work on your reading comprehension. Try to be better than this.

    2. @MJL Yes, which is why I did not say that he served four terms, because he did not get to fulfill his fourth. He would have had he lived, but he did not live, therefore he nearly served four terms. I dare say had he lived, he’d have been elected to a fifth.

    3. @crazy10bears Oh yes, I’m sure you must be correct, sir – your mimicking some of my previous poking at your colleagues I will take as a complement – (please attempt some final snappy comeback – I’ll be disappointed if you don’t serve me one of your lame backhand slams that drivel over the net)

    4. @MJL Still can’t refute anything I said which makes you the liar. Also you responded to me after you told others not to which makes you a hypocrite. Throw in some delusion by claiming I’m mimicking you and you’ve got all the makings of your typical leftist.

      Thanks for playing, bye bye now.

    5. @crazy10bears hilarious, dude! Glad to see humor is still alive and well over there.
      I’d assumed Putinsky and his cronies must have banned it. Adios, comrade.

    1. @Jessica No things are way worse. Trump made America to have some of the best times of my life. Gases price are just about to hit $4 where I live. With Trump it was under $3. Biden is weak and incompetent.

    2. @Joshua Williams You do realize that the gas prices have more to do with the pandemic than our president right?! Hahaha Biden incompetent…you must not have seen that over half the country disagrees with you. His team has gotten COVID under better control rather than just playing golf all day.

    3. @Hoops McCann oh I am sorry I didn’t realize you wanted a whole dissertation on a YouTube comment…hahaha…go ahead and laugh all you want because at the end of the day your Cheeto Jesus lost the election by a landslide and over half the country thinks Biden is doing a good job. Something not ever seen by your guy…but hey good for you for keeping your spirits up 😉

    4. @Hoops McCann Also, you might want to recheck your facts about the travel ban you claimed trump did. American citizens were free to come and go from that area as well as commercial imports…so not exactly a ban. Also the virus was in Europe and came over here that way as well.

      That whole vaccine rollout that you talk about…how was that going before Biden took office? Oh that is right, it was a complete mess and states didn’t know what was going on. Plus the first vaccine was from a company that refused to take the money offered and even trump again bungled that up by not ordering enough vaccines for everyone. His inability to lead in a crisis cost so many lives!

    5. @Jessica hahahahaha. please keep talking. i love hearing your spin. as bad as it is becoming in our country since biden was inaugurated, i need a good laugh. you are the one who needs to check your facts, sweetheart.

  3. Why don’t they ever show any of the people who’ve supposedly been deprived of their voting rights by “voter suppression” laws? Where are the interviews?

    1. Ask them how it restricts voting. Answer: RACIST

      OK….can you explain how it’s racist? Answer: RACIST

      Ok ok but how is it racist? Answer: RACIST

    2. @ronronniemeyers yes they did. Stop watching Faux News. It’s making you dumb. They literally s**t lies in your face and laugh about it, then you ask for seconds 💩🤡

  4. Voter ID does not make it harder to vote, it makes it harder for fraud. To say it harms people of black, brown color is patronizing, condescending and RACIST

    1. There was fraud in the 2020 general election and all of the people so far convicted were doing it in support of T ****.

    2. @Grumpy. Com true, but even with all the Trump voter fraud it is still statistically zero.

      Princeton did a study that show zero legislation is pass by either party that is tied to the desires of the average citizen… That means voter fraud does not matter. It is irrelevant even if it happened on mass.

    3. @Christian Powers That is like saying statistically 0% of people pee in the pool. Just because you can’t prove it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. There were several democratic cities standing in warm yellow areas of the pool claiming someone spilled lemonade and no one could prove they were lying, but it sure was suspicious.

    1. They love the exceptional gaslighters,even if they only got 2% of the vote in the presidential primaries.

    2. No, he’s a two time loser like Joe Biden! Don’t be surprised if Beto suddenly runs in Texasagain and gets more votes than the population of the state! LOL

  5. Dems when in power: “The filibuster is evil! We must get rid of it!”
    Dems when not in power: “We must use the filibuster to stop Republicans!”

    1. @Stratelier They’re not really comparable. One is a prolonged speech to halt the progress of legislature (without directly breaking any rules), the other is simply being missing (hence the definition of the word states “needs a minimum number to be a legitimate vote”).

    2. @Lord bread Democrats used the filibuster 327 times in 2020. Republicans used it once. You could have simply googled the numbers.

    3. @ClockworkGearhead well obviously Democrats used it more times than Republicans in 2020. The Republicans were the Senate Majority right? The majority doesn’t use the Filibuster. Secondly, the Republican obstructionism has gone too far, now they are blocking laws meant to protect the right to vote. They’ve gone off the deep end

    1. ​@Tom Durkin I am sure you will dodge this but lets play yer game in reverse and see how well you do, send me a link explaining every reason every law being passed is needed, point by point all you on the right say you are passing laws for “voting security” without a shred of proof of any illegal voting. so lets see you back up any of your nonsense as you expect others to do, I would like you to present links of evidence supported by court rulings and cited sources from law enforcement and legal institutions which covers where and how every illegal vote has been proven and prosecuted and why every law being passed is necessary. good luck sucker 😉 haha yer out of yer mind

    2. @TJ Sure. Here below are the actual laws. Not a suppressive thing in there. If you read them like I did you will agree. See, that’s the difference between us. Our side provides facts. Your side spreads lies about racism and baseless claims about everything else while saying the other side is guilty of exactly what your side does. Your side is as fake as you..Trying to say you want to chat with me and discuss the issues😂😂😂😂 You fell apart with your baseless claims faster than ABC news. That’s what happens when every argument you can’t win ends up with you calling your opponent a racist.

      I told you repeatedly. If theses laws were RRRRRRRRAAAACCCCCIIIIIST every news network would be playing them on a loop. It would be HUGE NEWS. But……silence. Not one network is talking directly about which law is RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAACCCCCIIIIST.

    3. @Tom Durkin you provided no links or proof of anything from your side, you provided nothing that shows the laws you want to pass are needed sooooo yer mouth is running but nothing of substance is coming out, good luck raging into the abyss hehe 😉

    4. @TJ You’re making a fool out of yourself now. Everyone that reads this will clearly see the links I provided 2 comments above this one.

      What happened to you. You were so polite when you thought that the media was telling you the truth about how RRRRRAAAAACCCIST Texas was. Now that you’ve discover the truth that Texas isn’t being racist you’re all upset. Funny. I thought you people genuinely wanted to see everyone getting along and not being racist. I guess without RACIST RACIST RACIST you Democrats have nothing.

    5. @Tom Durkin 🙏 first of all Im not lying to you there are literally no links in our last few comments 🙏 , if you posted some and they are not showing up, no worries but I dont have them in my thread here. second if we want to be cordial again the truth is I am not upset at all about anything you have presented, you havent proven anything from your side imo, I am however (speaking human to human to you now) bothered that you asked me to take time to find and share links to help explain something to you, I am genuinely happy to discuss and inform but you then completely pivoted and dismissed what I took the time to share with you and started rage spewing at me and those who disagree with you, it felt like you were trolling me, it feels like you are still being sarcastic and trolling rather than discussing differences of opinion, you dismiss everything I sincerely shared so I kind of lost trust in your good faith discussion, if I misread you then we can try again but you would feel the same if our rolls were reversed and if you go on to dismiss again without seeming to make an effort to understand then you should not be surprised when people get dismissive of you and careless about how they speak to you after that ♥️ 🙏

  6. Btw America is not a democracy. It’s a republic. Reverting back to the pledge of allegiance. “And to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible, with liberty and justice to all.” Democrats are an enemy of the United States.

  7. He wants to preach democracy when hes already said he has no problem suspending people’s constitutional rights?

    1. @0IIIIII Where’s the proof you’ve an independent thought in your brain. I swear all you repub and dem tards are hilarious to watch. All yelling in the same room, looking at their own wall.

    2. @0IIIIII Here? Nowhere.

      Elsewhere? You betcha. Get used to it bub. Finding a decent human being in Congress today is impossible on either side. They all have backend doings, especially those that attack others for theirs.

      O’Rourke has openly stated he would use the arm of law enforcement and the court system to criminalize something that is plain and simple, a right not to be infringed upon, unless of course doing so, fits a narrative, or completely ignores data sets in favor of public opinion.

      Go home kid. You’ve not got enough hours of research in, nor are able to have a multi sided debate, as like most in this comment section. Or, do your research, challenge your preconceptions, and come back with more resolve and data.

      I mean c’mon man… You asked to verify something that was clearly plastered all over conservative media mediums…

    3. @X X they all need to go. The swamp runs way too deep. It had to be this way. And soon everyone will see the truth behind america.

  8. Anyone who is receiving Government Assistance, Housing, Welfare Food Stamps, etc. Must show ID to Enroll. How is it that the poor have ID for Government Assistance Programs yet according to some politicians they don’t possess an ID to vote?

  9. Me and my friends were just laughing today at a biden bumper sticker with a visible Beto sticker underneath. It’s such a joke

  10. “They’re going to stay there for as long as it takes!”
    Texans: Well, Hell’s going to get real cold sooner or later…

  11. Didn’t the Supreme Court just rule, overwhelmingly, that these laws are obviously intended to limit fraud and impersonation? They have nothing to do with race, most people don’t even vote, but I guess it’s cool if some of us just pretend we’re other people and go vote 3 or 4 times? I should know, I’m from Chicago, the only city in the country to consistently get 101%+ voter turnout.

  12. Republicans hit the dislike only because they can’t understand those with a higher education. They need people like Trump who has the vocabulary of a 5 year old.

    1. Republicans hit dislike because they aren’t indoctrinated, look into things for themselves, and don’t agree with the Dems saying that black people are too stupid to figure out how to get an ID.

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