Beyond Gaslighting: Trump Trial Shows Depth Of GOP’s Nihilism | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Trump raised money from his cult for his legal defence fund. He used $50 million USD of that fund to advertise 6th January protest in Washington.🤔

    1. @Allen Goodman So, predictably, you can’t do simple math either ??????????
      In the USA, survival rate is 97.81. Not “99%”, which you obviously made up be cause you cannot do simple math.

  2. The Legislature must be a coequal, and separate from the Executive. Senators that are refusing impartiality in the impeachment trial are not only acting in bad faith, but are also negating their basic role in government— which is designed in order to protect the Citizenry against any singular person, particularly the Chief Executive, from attempting to give the power of office to themselves (*1/6 much?). It isn’t that they don’t understand this basic truth as Senators, but rather that they are LYING TO AMERICA AND SOILING THEIR OATH. *We see you! History sees you!*

    1. @unknown President you sadden me so deeply go watch some Milton Friedman find some sort of higher power you power tripping loser

    2. Garrett 87, hate to tell you this BIDDEN WON, uh oh did that hurt your fragile feelings?!?! Trump incited his base to try and stop a free and fair election, trump does not care about democracy but rather his own fragile “feelings”!!!

    3. @Diamond Dave You have never read the Constitution, spend every minute of your day spitting on it, and will do everything in your power to destroy it, Trumpie, so don’t give us that stupid lying crap.

    1. @Dennis Vance here we have a TROLL just joined a month ago so don’t respond to this person don’t give them the satisfaction of responding to his hatred because that’s all he wants

    2. They can’t, if they do Trump will form his own party ‘Patriot Morons’ – The end of conservative politics in the US

  3. I don’t understand how these GOP senators can look the Capitol Police in the eyes.
    The police put their lives on the line to save these senators and the VP from the angry lynching mob that Trump sent at them.
    It is a mockery of every law enforcement officer and military personnel who put their lives on the line.

    1. And they would put their lives on the line again to protect them cause thats the oath and job they perform. These losers dont give two sh*ts about them. Its disgusting and deeply offensive.

  4. Hawley also hides from accountability by blaming his constituents. “Some wondered why I stuck with my objection following the violence at the Capitol,” he tweeted on Jan. 13. “The reason is simple: I will not bow to a lawless mob, or allow criminals to drown out the legitimate concerns of my constituents.” Technically, Hawley is correct. He didn’t bow to the lawless mob; he fist-pumped his solidarity with them.

  5. The actions demonstrated here by Replublicans, shows the utter “Contempt” they have for any law abiding American.

    How can you ever trust these people, who are there to serve the public?

  6. They should videotape each of the GOP senators ignoring the evidence. Then before the vote, show the videos of them doodling looking at other papers, ignoring the facts, then excuse them from the trial. How can they be fair and impartial jurors, an oath they took before the trial began, when they didn’t see all the evidence? Do you think any judge in a regular court of law would allow someone in the jury to be doing something OTHER than concentrating on the evidence and testimony?

    1. They should kick them out & not give them a vote. If they can’t or won’t take their job seriously, they shouldn’t get to vote. I hope when they come up for reelection, everyone remembers this & sends them all home

    2. @Fred A just pull a Graham/McConnell & declare loudly that you “have no intention of being a fair & impartial juror” & see how fast the prosecution & defense boot you out the door!

  7. The democrats need to quickly understand that Republicans will never change ever. Not since the Reagan era, so it’s time for the Democrats to just get their stuff done and passed. Dems need to pack all the courts, make laws that are hard to reverse and get rid of the electoral college for good

    1. The electoral college cannot be abandoned. It is the only thing that allows lesser populated states to still have a voice for the representatives of our union. I do agree that the Republican Party needs to be dismantled. But only by means of legal voting an pushing them out the correct way. I fear that’s hard to do when they are allowed to peddle complete lies without consequences. So the brainwashed older generation who recently discovered video on the internet lack the mental endurance to understand what is truth and what is fiction.

    2. So very tyrannical and totalitarian of you and your all inclusive group! Moronic and asinine statement from the typical uneducated dem. Please only speak when you are addressed, it makes you a much better person. K Thx

  8. The Republican party is now the Totalitarianism party. The Republican vote AGAINST holding Trump accountable is the vote for DESPOTISM.

    1. @Hendo56 from the group literally displaying more and more fascist examples on the daily. If it wasn’t for your double standards you folks wouldn’t have standards at all!

    2. @kraken Stomp why would we be suicidal bud? you lost everything… the house, the senate and the presidency. ya lost bud. you hold no power.

    3. @Diamond Dave LOL. You so blind to the truth. My party didn’t try to overturn an election and disenfranchise millions like your fascist party tried to do…

    4. @Diamond Dave LOL. Coming from a Fascist Republican Party member that tried to overturn an election and disenfranchise millions of votes and install a Fuehrer, that is laughable.

  9. These republicans are just letting their entitlement shine through, think southern plantation owners before the civil war …

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