Bezos To Amazon Customers After Flight: 'You Guys Paid For All This' 1

Bezos To Amazon Customers After Flight: ‘You Guys Paid For All This’


Billionaire Jeff Bezos thanked Amazon employees and customers during a press conference following his space flight, saying they "paid for this."

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Bezos To Amazon Customers After Flight: 'You Guys Paid For All This'


    1. @uhohhhsteven he can do whatever he wants.. It is his money after all, but he shouldn’t be up there pretending any of his employees are happy for him. Not when they don’t have health insurance and forced to urinate in water bottles… It’s a short sighted goal for a guy who really can make the lives of his employees better.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 “come to DC and get some” always love when you use that line. You couldn’t defend yourself if someone wanted to “come get some”

    1. @mtronix It’s a GoFundMe Generation. A bunch of babies that don’t know what hard work and sustained commitment is.

    1. For all of those and their tax references about Bezos, Trump is deaf to that -hasn’t paid taxes for 8 consecutive years and Trump Organization charged with fraud -a parasite on America. At least Bezos worked for his money and gives a return on what he’s developed! He was on the cutting edge of the Internet and sales and now on the cutting age of space unlike Trump who inherited his money and never worked a day in his life and is attempting to shred American democracy along with his craven GOP!

    2. Just as Capt. Kirk once asked, why does God need a starship I equally ask, why do billionaires need money from any of us? I wouldn’t give one single cent to pay his taxes. Never shopped at Amazon and never will.

    3. @Doug Ohaver That’s what Capitalism is all about -choice! Bezos earned his billions and gives back unlike Trump who never earned his money and gives nothing back, so there are fine lines! Choose your billionaires wisely in any case!

    4. @Elizabeth N in my opinion, even though this is unsolicited advice you chose to respond me so here comes my advice. I suggest that you step back and ask yourself why in the world you are defending a billionaire because I don’t know about you but it truly boggles my mind.

    5. @Doug Ohaver Why you’re boggled about who contributes to a society and who doesn’t contribute to society i.e., all billionaires are alike making no distinction is just a generalization. You’re ‘defending’ your generalization. I’m not defending billionaires, I’m just stating the facts of the matter between two well-known billionaires and taxes and whether they contribute to a society in a positive way or not. And, Trump is on the NOT side of it. Not complicated.

    1. ​@Jimmy Dean Yea, been there. They’re warehouses. The conditions were my motivation….to find a better career that was meant to be a family-supporting job. Jobs anybody can get are not that.

  1. Good thing I stopped shopping at Amazon and Whole Foods 🤣 too bad Jeff had to come back. Better if he’d stayed in space!

    1. I wonder how many slave colonies in space he plans to build after helping ruin life on this planet

    2. AMAZON CUSTOMERS PAID FOR ALL THIS through the sacrifice of the society you used to live in that is now a nihilistic wasteland of isolation and despair – THANK YOU

    3. @Scott W – being an Amazon gold level seller briefly made me a millionaire. I hated Amazon even when it was making me rich, I now despise it almost as much as Facebook.

  2. What a giant tool. The amount of money this half goblin/half dragon has hoarded in his efforts to “accomplish” something that has already been done is atrocious and insulting to the rest of society. He could build energy infrastructure based on renewables, instead he scorches the earth so he can go on the world’s most expensive carnival ride. What a giant tool indeed.

  3. Waiste of money and a sad message to the world’s poorest that making money means spending it in order to compete like a kid to space with Virgin’s Founder and Elon Musk …. that money and precious knowledge could be used saving what we have now … EARTH

  4. A life without Amazon is actually possible, have done it so far for almost 4y – you can use other service providers

    1. Are you sure about that? Amazon is more than just the online store and Whole Foods.
      They also run Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides servers for businesses and governments.
      I wouldn’t even know if it’s possible to enumerate AWS usage, Netflix runs over 100,000 servers on AWS. Facebook, BBC and more use them. The current estimates are around 34% of cloud hosting is Amazon’s.

  5. The Earth is their refueling station on their way to displaying thoughtless mediocrity across Space.

  6. Because Bezos a multi billionaire didn’t pay federal taxes for 3 out of last 5 years yet still got a refund from the child tax credit that was designed to help those with moderate income. So yes we paid again. I hope that he enjoyed his billionaire ride.

  7. How about paying your fairs hare of taxes. People are starving, have no homes and you are taking a joy ride into space. Pathetic

  8. *LEAKED INFO:* Jeff Bezos went to space not because he was interested in low orbit space flight, but because he was actually *scouting a new location for an Amazon Fulfillment Center ON THE MOON!*

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