1. *High Crime*
      *High Inflation*
      *High Gas Prices*
      *High Taxes*
      *Bad Economy*
      *Afghanistan Debacle*
      *Critical Race Theory*

      *Millions of illiterate Freeloaders Entering the Country Illegally*

    2. Would have been better if they left back in April when Biden first told them all to get out. But they were idiots and refused to leave.

    1. @Ben Smith cry more, your tears taste like a cold and fresh Orange Fanta, I love it. LOOK at you embarrassing yourself because Biden is your President 😭😭😭😭 SOMEBODY GET THIS 🌽🏀 TFOH 🤣

    1. The lefts plan all along has been to flood the country with non white democrat voters and this is one more way to do it. Gross

    2. @YouTube LOVES Soft Leftists Yes the non whites are going to flood the country, then your kids will have to sit next to them in school, and your daughter will end up dating one. Run and get your guns!!!

    3. @YouTube LOVES Soft LeftistsYes, all the non whites are going to come and ruin your pristine white man’s utopia. Run and get your guns!!!

  1. we now have to immediately go back and rescue 10k hostages, with idk how many more 1000s of more troops, this is a disaster

    1. @Juan Santos we never left? No, we left alright, in the dead of night, leaving tens of thousands behind and had to go back because Biden’s plan backfired… Are you blind?

    2. @Free – Dom lol what are you talking about 🤣🤣🤣 our troops were moved to secure the air port and thousand more were stationed near by. our personnel were mostly being evacuated the day of the fake outrage

    3. @Free – Dom like i said our troops were not all being evacuated so we never “had to go back”, but biden did send in the stand by troops in order to make sure the run way was not over run again. also the 11,000 people that were evacuated over the weekend were not all translators they were mostly regular immigrants

    1. @H Pn bro….I’ve live in Korea, Iraq, Italy, GERMANY AS WELL. Stationed in Ft.Eustis Va, Walter Reed D.C. , and Ft Hood ,TX. Your little baby tours and one state living means NOTHING to me, lmao.

    2. @Stylz G Dynamite you missed it…Biden ordered all military to evacuate in the middle of night last week.
      The town and embassy have been taken by Taliban. Only the airport is flying an American flag.
      He took military out, then put them back…for what?
      They can’t reach the thousands of Americans around and in Kabul.
      That’s the problem.
      If you believe Taliban is nice, think again.
      They aren’t going to give back our military equipment nor our citizens.

    3. @H Pn and I agree that the Taliban is NOT nice and are psychopaths. So explain to me why Trump allowed 1500 of them to go free during his term as POTUS?🤔 I’ll wait…..

    4. @Stylz G Dynamite Trump didn’t even sign the peace deal with the Afghan government, he signed it with the *Taliban* because he needed a peace deal to look good in the upcoming election. Ignore @H Pn, he’s too far gone to hear truth.

    1. Yep.. Mostly the Jihad culture including Taliban. Straight to America. < At least they will have plenty of unsuspecting young of families to target because of indoctrination of Americans.

  2. Wow could he make it any more obvious in the tone of his voice that he’s reading from a script his aids wrote him

    1. @The Last Rebel Show pictures on your profile page are so f****** phony Randy because if you were a military you’d have more respect for your commandery chief Joe Bonnie is my president but he’s also for president and Donald Trump’s president so I hope you f****** joke on the truth

    2. @Sparkling Cyanide
      So because I was in the military I am not allowed to be critical of the president? Is this what you are saying?

      I’ve read a few of your posts about Trump. I’m sure you were slandering him while he was in the White House.


    3. @JohnnyD 67 having a whole set of Call of Duty discs for your Xbox does not mean you were in the military

  3. Evacuation or running away ? Interesting how these top leaders can’t accept that they lost and yet wanna play with words in politics for media and people around the world 🌍

    1. We now have more soldiers in Afghanistan than before the big Retreat. Slow Joe is azz backwards…as usual.

    1. You are aware there are countries other than the US aren’t you.
      And some of them were stupid enough to support your stupid war.
      Do you really want to ignore these people who were your allies when you asked for their help. FFS. Have a good look at yourself.

    2. because not all US citizens are at the airport, if you let non US citizens pile up while waiting to retrieve the others, then everything is more crowded and complicated

  4. When he’s asked about the procedural flaws in his evacuation his response is about the decision to end the war. He’s caused everything we’ve seen. It’s a real horror show. You listen to him it’s as if the disaster was just planted in his lap. Came out of nowhere. Unexpected thing happened…..it’s ASTONISHING!!

    1. @Larry Jensen It’s astonishing what we’re seeing.

      “All Joe Biden had to do was follow my conditions based plan. Instead…we don’t have a withdrawal we have a surrender”——Donald Trump

    2. @TheMobileHomestead Yes, indeed. Biden wasn’t president until January 20, 2021. By jan 15 all the equipment had been abandoned and all but 2,500 troops were gone. This is all trump

  5. Biden’s greatest foreign policy achievement will be that military colleges and foreign policy students all over the world will study his humanitarian crisis fiasco as the “what not to do program to implement!”

  6. No amount of Biden winking and smiles can make us deny the tragedy we see with our own eyes. People have already been beaten and killed by the Taliban. Women have lost their rights. Americans are still stuck there. It was never going to be a clean departure, but this is a disaster!

  7. “There’s nothing special about being American – none of you can define for me what an American is.”
    —Joey Biden, speech at the JFK Jr. Forum, Harvard University 2 Oct 2014

    1. @Steven Shepherd you can’t say that all of 330 million people are all racist and xenophobic. Sure some of them might be but most of us here are decent people.

    2. @Steven Shepherd Sweden is Bernie Sanders’ most admired country.
      In early 2016 Sweden expelled approx 60,000 “migrants” possibly more.
      What do you have to say about America now?

  8. “If you ain’t clinging to the wings of a C-17 and getting stomped to death by 10,000 people at the age of 2 years old then you ain’t Afghan” – Joe Biden

    “We did it, Joe!” – Kamala Harris as there were 10 deaths this weekend in Kabul

  9. The nightmare of this guy becoming president was only the beginning. I’m grateful for the nightmares that go away the second you open your eyes. This nightmare however, is here to stay. No one with power is really questioning him the way they did Trump and others before Joe. No need to wonder why because everything has been done right before our eyes. There are so many people hating themselves for participating in the voting shenanigans and celebrating Joes (preplanned) win. Brace yourselves for the darker days ahead.

  10. And for comparison, Saigon, 7k evacuated in 15 hours. So, we haven’t gotten any better in 50 years? Not a whole lot to brag about there.

  11. If Taliban fail to extend the deadline then Fight with them and finish them all forever
    I think US can do that

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