Biden Accepts Posthumous Kosovo Honor For Late Son's Work 1

Biden Accepts Posthumous Kosovo Honor For Late Son’s Work


President Biden is accepting the Presidential Medal on the Rule of Law, one of Kosovo’s highest honors, on behalf of his late son Beau Biden. Mike Memoli discusses.

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Biden Accepts Posthumous Kosovo Honor For Late Son's Work


  1. Thank you, Beau Biden, for your service in the Army National Guard! You were a true, American hero!

  2. Such a beautiful son with a beautiful spirit and with a beautiful family. We love you president Biden. You are a true leader. Only those who hate themselves will have any hate in their heart for someone so compassionate and kind. Keep on shining Mr. President. Now haters can knock themselves out with their own hate

    1. @MrLobo1776 you must be on crack to think that. How sad for you yo be so hateful. I’m sorry.

  3. I love Biden and he should be very proud of his son. Feel very happy for him . God bless you and your family with more…

  4. Well deserved. The Biden family knows what it’s like to serve the country and believe in something bigger than themselves.

    The Drumpfs, on the other hand, know only how to serve their own egos and believe only in enriching themselves.

    1. What’s Trump have anything to do with this why do you need to bring him up is there something wrong with you

    2. @dark14life Truth. I had childhood asthma, still did track and field, ran the mile. I ran every night until I couldn’t go any further, then forced myself to run the whole way back. Used Luffaphelin before every meet. I never mentioned it when I joined the Marines, or they wouldn’t have taken me.

    3. @hebronharvest Drumpf was the former president’s family last name before his grandfather changed it.

    1. @Benjamin Berlinsky I like how you don’t smoke crack, and somehow still matter way, way less than Hunter Biden.
      To anybody.

    2. @BlisteredThumb Trump’s son does live interviews on national television high as a kite. Your point?

    3. Nope we’re laughing at him. This isn’t news, and it’s not going to boost his approval rating. His approval rating is plummeting everyday. Even some news stations on the left wing are saying it.

    4. @Hans Hans yeah but isn’t it nice to be able to plummet from a place that is still way higher than Trump ever achieved..?

  5. Joe inaugurated noon Jan 20, 2021, at exact same time a man was seen kneeling at his late son’s grave.

  6. sir i see the tears on your eyes, his son means a lot to him omg stay strong Mr President ,i wonder if Trump has this feelings for his 2 sons haahha

  7. Added together all of trum ps entire family would never even think of helping another human being let alone actualy help

  8. we had cadet bonespurs who is still conning his voters and we had biden son who actually served in the military and not one person from cadet bonespurs family has ever served.

    1. Joe Biden is a bone head and the reason his son dead is because of him read the Bible it will tell you why

  9. Awesome! When are the Trump kids going to be honored for their heroism and altruism? Maybe on the 12th of never.

    1. Ehhh… Beau was the good one–shame he passed away. Hunter’s kind of a gun wielding crackhead.

    1. I heard Don Jr is going to accept an award from Africa for his work on curbing the Lion population there…

  10. Imagine losing your wife, your infant, and then later losing your son. Like him or not, you can’t deny the man has experienced a LOT of grief in his life.

  11. Kosova remians FOREVER grateful to USA for stopping gncd. and ethnic cleansing of Kosova’s civilians by serbs. I was someone that was saved because the USA intervened and stopped Serbia from killing civilians, (Serbia was backed by Russia). Long live the USA and its military! You are the true HEROES!

  12. My favorite part is the President saying … “Accepting this award on behalf of OUR son…”. He includes the First Lady in this speech also without mentioning her directly. Highly commendable. You know that the Guy Who Lost would’ve said…”it was me, all me…”

  13. I bet he won’t talk about himself when he accepts the award for his son. Humility is something that was seriously lacking with #45 and his administration

  14. Meanwhile the former guys namesake was honored by his dealer for making it to the 1 kilo club. To be fair, his bimbo du jour Kimberly snorted half of it.

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