Biden Addresses Loved Ones Of 300,000 Americans Who Have Died Of Covid-19 | All In | MSNBC 1

Biden Addresses Loved Ones Of 300,000 Americans Who Have Died Of Covid-19 | All In | MSNBC


“Today our nation passed a grim milestone: 300,000 deaths,” says President-elect Joe Biden. “My heart goes out to each of you in this dark winter of pandemic, about to spend the holidays and the new year with a black hole in your hearts without the ones you loved at your side.” Aired on 12/14/2020.
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Biden Addresses Loved Ones Of 300,000 Americans Who Have Died Of Covid-19 | All In | MSNBC


    1. If I had birth a son like Trump I would send the sperm nut back to his daddy’s Small wonders! LMAO!

      No nutty buddy here!

    2. @Mark Szyszkiewicz Why is Harris not giving up her seat? Why don’t you tell us, with one of your awesome conspiracy theories? Do Trump followers ever see real news anymore, or is it forbidden?

  1. Thank you for adding the phrase “through no fault of your own” to your empathetic remarks when addressing those who “have fallen on hard times.” This appears in sharp contrast to a demagogue who discounts those individuals who suffer hardship as “losers.” The greatest generation stood firm in the face of hardship, History characterized future prosperity as the winners of their perseverance. May we live up to this example. May we keep our republic. May we stand on the solid rock of decency.

    1. For the first time in her life, my mother, a landlord without tenants now, went to a food depository. It’s an adjustment and its hard to not feel guilty. But Biden is right.

  2. America needs to get through this together…
    …except without all those traitors who betrayed their country and deserve jail time.

  3. It’s so unfortunate that a portion in this country claims an election is stolen, liberty and freedom are being denied, while people die and we strive to carry on through this. Get a grip on reality and let the process go forward, you’ll see better days soon.

    1. @Jon Roueche I’ll never claim that covid isn’t real. And I feel compassion for you and the ones you’ve lost.But honestly they haven’t had a vaccine available till yesterday or so. I won’t be one if the ones taking it though. I really hope it does well. I personally though in the meantime have worn my mask, avoided large gathers, and used precautions to avoid it.But I based that decision on what I felt best to do, not what our president said. I do wish you good health and I feel for the ones you’ve lost

    2. Well I guess it’s the hundreds and hundreds of witnesses and the one in a million never seen before statistical anomalies and the fact that when I went to bed at 1:30 AM Trump was winning but when I woke up at 6AM he was losing because somehow Biden received hundreds of thousands of votes in the early morning hours that have convinced us that they cheated. If this had happened to Biden you all would be burning cities down and Hollywood would be screaming. But now we’re supposed to just take it. I watched 10 hours of hearings. It is absolutely criminal what they did election night. Those were good Americas who were treated horribly by Democrat run ballot offices. Of course if one only watches CNN or MSNBC then one wouldn’t know what I am talking about. This won’t stand and this isn’t over. I have total faith that the truth will come out before January 20th and this crime will be exposed.

    3. @Tracy J. Oh? Is that why EVERY court in the USA including SCOTUS have REJECTED every lawsuit brought in by u red hats?
      U repubs said Hillary would be locked up… Hillary is enjoying her retirement.
      U repubs said Joe & Hunter Biden would be prosecuted… Joe Biden will be President in 2021; Hunter is still free and likely uncharged.
      U repubs said Horovitz & Durham will reveal crimes… Nothing happened.
      U repubs said Mexico would pay for the border wall… They haven’t. The wall has barely been built.
      U repubs said Trump would win 2020 by a landslide… Trump lost by 7 MILLION votes.

      Fool me once in 2016… not this time.

    4. @Tracy J. Yes, Trump had an early lead in the vote tally. The in-person ballots were counted first, which Trump dominated. Then the mail-in ballots were counted, and Biden supporters mostly voted by mail. As a result Biden staged a come-back. You’ve heard of a come-from-behind victory, haven’t you? The Republicans wouldn’t allow the mail-in ballots to be counted early, so they created the situation where this would happen.

    1. @Diana Concepcion na we gave up on the reasearch & development, your type were resistant to it. Besides you might form an angry ignorant mob.
      Anyways Obama’s team produced a whole lot of RX drugs for you to willingly sedate yourselfs

    2. @Tracy J. The Lord? I still can’t understand how Christians support Trump. Jesus would not like Trump. Jesus didn’t have highrises or golf resorts. Jesus helped the poor. Did Trump ever help the poor, or did I miss that photo-op?

    3. @Jay Lockwood The people were protesting as is their Constitutional right, against racism in the police. The riots started in response to cold blooded murder on camera.

    4. have you known any other president to continue having rallies after the election or have 18 states sue on their behalf?..

  4. From the comments, i see confirmation that what trumpists lack in intelligence and empathy, they more than make up for in cruelty and dishonesty.

    1. @debaucheryBotched Stating empathy shows you’re a compassionate person, and helps those in mourning or pain. Trump is definitely not empathetic.

  5. Ditch TRUMP!!
    This is what a real President is about.
    Compassion, Respect. He will get us through this grave time.


    2. @David Jackson Is that some of that Q crap? Do you really believe those conspiracy theories, that are crazy enough to get you put away? Wow, what went wrong in your life?

    1. @jaime amonzo LOL. He , he is a joker. My brain is so numbed by reading your statement. How can you get a head of everyone if he think Trump pointed to the direction. Have you listened to him? Many times, he uses too many adjectives, he cannot form sentences, he does not make sense when he talks. You think people with PH degrees or MD degrees take his advice.

    2. @jaime amonzo There are 118 elements, Oxygen, Iron, Carbon, Hydrogen, etc, etc. Scientists the combination of the elements to medicines. If it were cured by sunlight why virus was spreading in summer. Some countries are closer to equator with hot weather yet covid-19 exists in those countries. This is very basic. How can survive my friend if you can be conned with basic daily life.

    3. @jaime amonzo Oh ok. I thought you meant it. There are people out there believe him. I listen to his speeches, he does not make sense. He said he like cucumbers, people cheered. He said he could drink a glass of water with one hand, his supporters cheered. This is beyond me.

    1. @Ian Walton Biden: “I have compassion for those who have lost family members to covid.”
      Trump: “When’s my tee time?”

    1. He backed crime legislation that many blamed for helping fuel an explosion in prison populations. He eulogized Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), who rose to prominence as a segregationist. He backed the Iraq war.

  6. Conald J Swamp is the super spreader with his anti-science and anti-mask tactics. Conald caused 300,000+ deaths of Americans.

  7. We can finally go back to feeling proud of our country and our president. We have adults running it! No more narcissists family T’rump!

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