1. “War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing eachother.” – Niko Belic

    1. @The Tweatles like trumps was any bett err, lol,listen everytime a democrat is elected its fearmongering and war scare,hoping that when election time comes the Republican presidential candidate will win,then boop they’re the one to say we’re going to war,go bck n do some research of last 25 yrs n then come bck after some research and education on the topic and tell us what u learned, lol.and before you throw the democrat thing out there and this n that I’m a Republican and have been for 20 yrs,

    2. @andrew crider
      None of this is true either! You believe everything the media feeds you! They lie to you & you eat it up like its your last meal! You are very ignorant of Russia & Putin. It was Biden that threatened nukes 1st, not the other way around. He’s not gonna let a senile old man, that shatts his pants in front of world leaders intimidate him I assure you. He is far more fit for command than this feeble Dementiated old burned out DC politician embarrass him either! Biden is playing a VERY Dangerous game with this supposed war distraction he’s using! Why would ANY IDIOT Support this War other than blood thirsty libtards & their media hacks?? Disgusting!!
      Oh, CHECKMATE!!!

    3. Yes! Old and Bitter. That demon of bitterness is PSYCHO. Learn to forgive or end up like ya CRAZY country leaders.

  2. “All we can know is that we know nothing. And that’s the height of human wisdom.”
    ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

    1. Sniffy Joe McFondles – Have you ever seen the video of him pinching that 8 year old girl’s nipple? Why would anyone claim to be a Democrat?

    2. “”What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.”” Dan Quayle

    3. Here’s the problem with your statement comrade. If U.S. was part of the USSR and it became like Ukraine “okay.” You have a lot of russians living in the U.S. So what you’re saying is putin thinks he cane invade it because the government think very different than his and that everyone in it or most of the people in U.S. are russian.. so putin wants to “MERGE” both country and he becomes dictator in both countries for life. Is this what you said here MF? because I think you need to fraking wake up. This is not 1945 and shi t, it’s actually 2022 in the 21st century.

      AGAIN, THE PURPOSE OF THIS SHI T IS TO PREPARE FOR WAR IN THE FUTURE/ troops readiness and equipment staging are key principle for future conflict and at the same time.. looking at opportunities and vulnerabilities and how others would respond. And at the same time… look and read below:

      After placing 168k troops on your border.. what do you expect huh? You have to learn to think magical my friend like fairies.

      So putin doesn’t want Ukraine to join NATO but it wants it to join the Russian block. What the F? Well, F putin. UKRAINE FOR NATO/EU.

      How can you give respect to the person who invaded his neighbor for his gain only? Don’t join NATO because I will put another Belarus dictator near you and you will join my alliance instead like that gas prices act in neighboring kazakhstan. MF is a made up hype to make things look real and for putin’s army to march with their chest up lol

      And the Belarus event was to test the outcome of the invasion “PEOPLE” how Poland would respond, how much military can be prepared on that area when it’s happening, what’s the focus point and how it would be overwhelmed. These are in-placed to see the reaction on multiple location points in real time after the decision has been made.


      Here’s the best part of this story!

      putin INVADED Ukraine’s Crimea region because under that “OCEAN” there’s a very old and the biggest pyramid in the entire world under that ocean floor. Plus putin’s 2nd palace is in Ukraine Crimea Peninsula. The so called “WARM WATER PORT” for it’s navies. Everything is starting to make sense now at least to me. This guy has specific objectives.. This is like playing chess but you have to not play it in order for you to win. So you let putin win by not letting him win. But what the “WEST” is doing.. preparing like chess, each time putin moves.. they counter that move! For me.. that’s not bad but if you look very closely.. you will understand all of these MFs objectives. Solution: Stop playing the guy’s game and actually get multiple things moving before he moves that PAWN AGAIN…


  3. “I know not with what weapons the third great war will be fought with, but I do know the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones” – Albert Einstein

    1. @mjim21 You know, we really appreciated and even laughed at your ignorance of the specifics of Russia during the events in Crimea)
      “I’m an officer’s daughter. No one in Crimea wants to be reunited with Russia” Account: John Smith

    2. Truth is Putin wants to Negotiate for power in the region and is currently doing so with Countries in the region ..and it really is none of America’s business 😃
      Let’s rather focus on closing our own Borders where Drug Traffickers and ISIS are Free to enter.

    3. By the way, in Chechnya it never occurred to anyone to ban the Chechen language in the service sector or to ban the study of the Chechen language. Another question is that in Russia in higher educational institutions, education is conducted only in Russian.
      Because it is impossible to hire so many teachers, to translate textbooks into the languages ​​of national minorities, for example, in nuclear physics. In Ukraine, the Russian language is prohibited, that is, in Russian-speaking regions, it is forbidden to serve customers in Russian. Think of this absurdity! A person goes to buy bread in a store and must use the Ukrainian language so that the bread seller will not be fined.
      It’s like in the US, in Chinatown, noodle vendors are being fined for serving customers in Chinese.
      And the American embassy approves of all these steps.
      The American embassy in Ukraine even approves of Ukraine’s refusal of the Russian vaccine at a time when Ukraine was experiencing a shortage of vaccines not only for coronavirus, but for measles, tetanus, and so on.
      The American embassy does not object to Nazi marches, while Israel expresses concern about Nazi glorification.
      The American embassy does not object to the closure of TV channels in Ukraine.
      America is an empire of lies.

    1. Dear david wichers, cnn makes you believe that nobody in Russia doesn’t want see Putin as a president. Even crimeans wanted to see Putin as their president. So that is why they left Ukraine and came back to Russia

    2. @david vickers America wants war because they have no Afghanistan. Stay away from Russia. Russia is not doing anything. For years they do practice like this. Dont fall for the Lies this men is telling you all. Dont forget usa let Pearle Harbor happen Just to go to war because they dont want to help in the first place. Putin doesent want war. NATO Lies twist there own criminal agenda.like biden is doing now wake up. All lies

  4. 2:20 “Nations have right to sovereignty & territory integrity, freedom to set their own course and choose with whom they want to associate with”… Too bad Salvador Allende wasn’t watching its TV.

    1. @mellotone713 If we take what you are saying and what Prez Biden is saying at face value then all nations including Iran or even ISIS has a right to have nuclear weapons. The purposes of treaties that control who may or may not have certain weapons anchors on the principle that others must feel safe in the whole world too.

    2. @Edmore Hamandawana you’re arguing that the actions/consequences of the past in Cuba have any bearing on what is happening in Ukraine. History lesson: a shooting war was a very real threat in the 1960s between the US and USSR. Mostly due to to the US’s hostile stance toward communism. I am not here to defend those actions…NATO is not seeking hostility with Russia, not moving missiles into Ukraine and there is nothing stopping Russia from becoming a true democracy and NATO ally except their own actions. Period.

    3. @Edmore Hamandawana I can own a gun, but Im not allowed to point it at you unless its in self defence. Same concept. Cuba could of had weapons support from Russia if it wanted, but if the point of it was to point them at us, then thats a different story. We have the right to defend ourselves, the same as the Ukraine. Whos the attacker is the question, Russia is trying its best to use propaganda in its country to convince its people US and Ukraine are plotting to attack them. Their people are not buying it. This is an act of Evil, something that should be obsolete by now, but we still have to deal with it

  5. Disclosure:
    “Due to the coronavirus, the scheduled war game between Russia and Ukraine will be performed online. We apologize for any inconveniences it may cause and appreciate your understanding.”

  6. 7:34 “I will not send American servicemen to fight in Ukraine.” – Biden (2022). “I will not send American boys to Europe.” – Woodrow Wilson (1916). “I will not send American boys to Europe.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt (1940).

    1. Well, circumstances change. There might be a need to do so, as Europe might find itself in flames again, after more than 80 years since ww2

    2. Truth is Putin wants to Negotiate for power in the region and is currently doing so with Countries in the region ..and it really is none of America’s business 😃
      Let’s rather focus on closing our own Borders where Drug Traffickers and ISIS are Free to enter.

  7. I don’t know if we should or shouldn’t go to war in the event that things escalate… all I know is that corporate media, weapons manufacturers, and other powerful institutions stand to gain A LOT if we do.

  8. Abraham Lincoln

    “I see a very dark cloud on America’s horizon, and that dark cloud is coming from Rome”.

  9. Back in history to our days, wars have never been the choice of ordinary people. Ordinary people only died fighting for the pride and interests of those who rule them.

    1. ​@JALAN JALAN Yukk money laundering –
      the concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by means of transfers involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.

  10. USA+ EU must stop double standard policy against of some illegal occupation but not all, against of some human right violation but not all…
    I am against of all illegal occupation, human rights violation… if USA could have rational everyone in the world must have respect it…

  11. It’s not for a POTUS to get “creative” in dangerous situations like this one…
    It was boring, but war is not entertainment exactly!

    I love this textbook POTUS!

    1. You Americans don’t have democracy, you have democrat dictators so stop with trying to police the world.the US is a shithole,is it a surprise putin and the east don’t want to live like the woke west.

  12. Putin-we will not invade..
    USA-russia will invade in any time..🤣🤣
    deep down we all know west want russia to invade🚀🚀

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