Biden Adds Personnel In Key Positions, Including At Struggling DOJ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Biden Adds Personnel In Key Positions, Including At Struggling DOJ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on a set of new high-profile hires by President Biden to key law enforcement and national security positions, including Kenneth Polite to lead the DOJ's criminal division, which is presently swamped with cases of Trump-supporting Capitol rioters. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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Biden Adds Personnel In Key Positions, Including At Struggling DOJ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. brilliantly said and explained, ty dr maddow! the gqp has been blocking nominations in general but especially at justice. we all know why!

    1. @Paula Sparrow what about the blm riots? Oh wait, Rachel doesn’t talk about it because it’ll make them look bad

    2. @Jaden Stark why would that even be relevant in the discussion about a mob trying to overturn the government. It was covered plenty last June by the way

    3. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH no-one including @Paula Sparrow are saying that everyone at the Capitol on Jan 6 were violent, but it was definitely not just a handful of people that defined that day. It’s your objectivity that is biased. And have you not heard of the saying ‘You are judged by the Company you keep.’ The majority of people that were there day were there to protest the election results being certified whether they were violent or not. That’s called guilt by association.

    1. @Jackyc1234 Clark : Well, he won’t get far with that. If he provides Joe with a reasonable excuse to fire him, he’s outa’ there

    2. @Ash Roskell I agree that DeJoy needs to be removed, Biden can not fire him. The Postmaster General is appointed by and overseen by an independent committee of both Democrats and Republicans. Republicans hold the majority on that committee. Joe has proposed adding 3 more committee members(Democrats), then they would have the majority and could remove him. But right now, Biden can’t just fire him

    3. @Ash Roskell Actually the board can fire him but all current members are Trump appointees. Biden needs to fire and replace all the members of the board and then designate a new postmaster general.

    4. @my2centsworth There are no Democratic members of the committee atm. All are people appointed by Trump.

  2. It’s not right gop have vowed to drag their feet on confirming Bidens choice of Merrick Garland. I hope Americans are listening! Same old gop not even majority are obstructing government processes

    1. @Jaden Stark no they do not. They literally do nothing but lie and spread disinformation. Why do you think they are currently getting the crapped sued out of them? Also they spew a ton of racist nonsense, if you think that’s cool or worse pretend that’s not what they are spreading then you are part of the problem. Also Tucket Carlson’s own lawyer said in a court of law that no reasonable person would take what Carlson says seriously and a judge agreed with him. Look it up. That means that he is lying and hiding behind free speech.

  3. I don’t envy these people. What will they find? What GOP filth will need to be cleaned away? Who will get indicted for what they’ve been up to?

    1. @Chris Sheehan Says another bot. Actually we voted OUT a clearly demented racist AND A TRAITOR. He attempted to overthrow the government, remember, moron? Or are you a traitor, like trump?

  4. There are a few points that I at least am really quite satisfied with. Many of the alleged perpetrators are in jail awaiting trial. The longer that takes to come round the longer they’re in jail with their life on hold, not knowing what their fate will be or even when they’ll find out. Good. Trump of course in safe in Mar-ar-largo thinking always of his loyal base NOT.

  5. I can’t think of any other country where the minority party can block appointments by the winner of the election, USA government is batshti crazy

    1. @Ala Ska I do not need to sue my school – it gave me a decent education unlike that which Americans get!

    2. @Keith Parkerwhat decides the will of the people? Is it whatever message is shouted the loudest?
      We are the united states. Not a united state.

  6. If McConnell demands bipartisanship on infrastructure. He can start with nominees and voting rights.

  7. 2 Questions: Who is investigating Sherwin for undermining the insurrection investigation? Why isn’t Trump directly investigated?

    1. Yes because government is so good at running things, just put in a new leader and everything will get better.

  8. I laughed so hard at how, after all the villainry installed previously, that afterwards, the new guy’s name is actually KENNETH POLITE.

    “How do you DO!”

  9. I feel confident Joe and the team will straighten it out.
    Despite the traitor Republicans.
    Despite Trump screwing everything up before he left office.

  10. All the GOP is doing is trying to slow play every Biden Appointee, especially the ones going into the Justice Department! I wonder why?

  11. America absolutely must get some serious Treason laws on the books. We cannot continue to be hobbled by by people who want to take down our government for their own selfish goals. The Trumps and McConnells need jail cells, not media coverage.

  12. It will take a while for Joe to sweep out all the BS left by T*****. We have your back, Joe. Get’er done!!!

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