Biden Admin. Facing Calls To Get Covid Vaccines To Teachers | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Tracey Wood WTF are you talking about?! When I was teaching from home I was working 10 times harder than in the classroom to make sure my kids weren’t falling behind. And for your information, I have been in my classroom doing everything I can for my students since SEPTEMBER IN PERSON! I work outside of work hours and the lists never end. Why don’t you do my job for a week and then tell me again what you think.

    2. @I King The vaccine will make you infertile, from what I’m hearing. Which totally makes sense to depopulate the world.

    1. @buff samurai fred
      Insurance fraud-12
      Bank fraud- 17
      Loan fraud-15
      Real Estate fraud-15
      Multi Level Marketing fraud-9
      Mary Trump’s fraud suit
      E Jean Carroll’s suit
      Summer Zervos’s suit
      Tax evasion- at least a decade’s worth-10
      Congressional Tax and Financial Records-at least 4
      Sexual harassment
      Stole 75 million from his last campaign fund.
      Witness tampering
      In NY alone-7 cases of fake tax deductions
      Obstruction of Justice
      Campaign Finance Violations

    2. @Rambos Raiders
      I didn’t vote for a man who claims injecting disinfectants is the cure for Covid. You did.

    3. @Rambos Raiders
      I didn’t vote for man who endorsed a woman who said she had a “vaccine” for Covid. It involved getting the DNA from aliens. Yes, aliens. You voted for him.

  1. So CDC Director says teachers don’t need the vaccine to reopen schools and this guy says “despite that…still get the vaccine”

    1. @Beautiful One. Hey lost soul, you do realize Doing whatever the Republicans want you to do, doesn’t mean you’re bringing the Country together. Nothing is Free that’s why we pay taxes!

    2. @Random 549 98% survival, and many survivors get long term effects such as pulmonary fibrosis. They still aren’t sure about neurogical damage from the disease as well. The vaccines have reduced efficacy against new strains, but not completely useless, more like 70% effective. They can also make new vaccines using this new mRNA method in about 3 weeks.

    3. @HobbsO Vaccines & Microsoft operating systems take about 5 years each to work the bugs out. I am healthy and i will wait.

    4. @Adarll Kelly.Democratic hatred lives on in you, whether you lose or won. Don’t you think that shows your co dependency and pathology with always needing a scapegoat to blame for social failures? Why don’t you look in the mirror and perfect yourself before you try to perfect others. You are just as fallen and a sinner as everyone else. You are too fragile to own you don’t have all the answers nor do your corrupt leaders.

  2. yup–teachers need to be vaccinated—grocery store workers need to be vaccinated–waiters and waitreses need to be vaccinated—-yup–everyone NEEDS to be vaccinated——-this whole “virus” story is 1 big scam on mankind

  3. Who is calling for this? Because all the teachers I’ve seen have been ASKING FOR THEIR REAL JOBS BACK. REGARDLESS OF RISK.

    1. I plan to wait 2 to 4 years before taking any Covid-19 vaccine. Kinda like a new Microsoft operating system that typically needs 4 – 6 years to work all the bugs (deaths) out.

    1. Zuckerberg spends $400+ Million to help put Democrats in office & gets applauded. Conservative Dinesh D’Souza gives $20K to a college friend’s Senate campaign & he gets prison.

    1. @Kevin The patriot duh! Ofcourse he will follow the science! Democrats are the party of science, thats why they work so hard to make it fit their politics 🙃

  4. Funny how the guy that made the virus is the highest paid government employee. Story was brought to you by tail gunner Brian Williams.

  5. Mr Dementia has no clue. A couple months ago , joe- “Trump doesn’t have a plan for the pandemic.. I Do” now “there’s nothing I can do to stop the trajectory in the next few months” .. You might as well switch to knee pads harris.. what a sick bunch.

    1. Trump’s plan was to fight Covid on the golf course. That and whining about losing to Sleepy Joe, weak candidate. He should have replaced Mike Pence with the My Pillow Guy, I called it before Jan 6, big mistake, should have done it. I thought with ace attorneys Sidney and Rudy might have overturned it but My Pillow Guy as VP? He would have done the deed on Jan 6, Pence fell short.

    2. He’s right. What’s he supposed to say? “This will end by Easter like a miracle?” He’s pushing out vaccines and wait… would you look at that…. the cases per day have been decreasing since he took office… how bout that?

  6. Frankly I don’t give a dam if these “TEACHERS” never go back…this is the only shining light in this whole dam pandemic. Viva la private schools.

    1. when your favorite president doesn’t read books or anything else, he only watches TV, it proved we don’t need teachers or education to make it to the top

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