Biden Admin. To Advise All Americans To Get A Covid Booster 1

Biden Admin. To Advise All Americans To Get A Covid Booster


NBC News has confirmed that public health officials and medical experts in the Biden administration are 'coalescing around boosters for all Americans' eight months after being vaccinated. Dr. Kavita Patel joins to discuss. 
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    1. @Tony Smith By hospitalization rates of the unvaccinated. The vaccinated get a much milder form if they do catch it and just rest at home. Listen to doctors speaking at hospitals about who is filling up the beds, especially on ICU, and dying and non-government researchers tracking who is and is not able to recover at home vs hospitalized and dying.

    2. @Ash Roskell first off I’m a boy so don’t call me sweetheart. Second off I’m not American, so don’t tell me your failing countries problems. Anyways you’re a brainwashed sheep like I said. If you can still get covid and have metal get stuck to you then why tf should anyone get it? To boost your immune system? People can do that on their own by taking better care of themselves dult.

    1. @Marci LK I mean the flu shot is usually once a year. and normally people just get it on an annual vaccine routine. I am just comparing it to the number of the month, nothing else.

    2. @Ash Roskell Versus, meaning “against, opposed to” or “in contrast to,” is often abbreviated to vs. in sports coverage and to v. in legal documents.
      My mistake I worked in a law firm & in my hurry forgot the period after it. Hopes this helps

    3. @Darwinsom oh. I’m not at all an expert in the virus. But as far as I know, Covid is a variation of Sars disease. and both are respiratory zoonosis that comes from animals like Pigs and Bats. I haven’t heard of Sars vaccine so seeing a covid vaccine being available this early is very uplifting.

    4. @Marci LK yes you can get the others because they are a totally different mechanism. As you correctly say mRNA. Please monitor any blood clots if you are of child bearing age. What does monitor mean? At least pay attention if your legs seem a bit tight as in edema.
      No. Fauci addressed this directly.
      Maybe try “Pfeiffer vaccination after J&J”

    1. @Archie Clements to date that rate, braekthrough deaths, is 0.0009%. The main point of the vaccine is to keep you out of hospitals and drasticly reduce deaths. Currently 99.5% of those in the hospital are unvaccinated. So yes it works really good, not perfectly, but a higher survival rate then driving you car.

    2. @Archie Clements not my math, CDC statisics. 1,587 breakthrough death since the begining of the pandemic in all of America. FL had 1,720 deaths just between Aug 6th & Aug 16th 2021. This is public info if you were less lazy you to could be less ignorant. Your choice!

    3. I’m ready for mine too! Hopefully it is administered in my bum. Big daddy government is taking such good care of us

    4. @Archie Clements Well you’re wrong, darling. The vaccine is not dangerous. You don’t seem to get that none of this is about you — nor me — it is about our collectivism as a society. We’ve been offered a reasonable and safe way out of this COVID mess, isn’t that what we all want? Or do we have to wait until young kids die in record numbers?

    5. @Archie Clements Then there’s no reason for us to care about anything you have to say, is there sweet pea?

    1. @thegags and biden broke that deal hence why we are at this point keep letting Trump live inside you’re head Trump is going old new get a life.

  1. Only if my antibodies go down. I had 90 percent effacay against the original virus. Not sure about the delta. I will take a booster if I can get one.

  2. just so you know the evidence shows the vaccine is still good after 9 months and still going.
    you’re at more odds of getting a bad reaction from the vaccine.

    1. Same. I’ve never had a flu shot and only got the flu once (during the H1N1 pandemic). I was in the first grade then and am 18 now. Since then I’ve never gotten the flu, and really haven’t been sick much at all. To say that natural immunity is less effective than a vaccine is completely ignorant (looking at you Francis Collins!). If the disease can easily be tolerated, why wouldn’t you just catch it and get over it for natural immunity? Highly fatal diseases are different though, since vaccine immunity prevents you from having a fatal response. In those cases, natural immunity is a huge risk. But with something like influenza or a coronavirus, getting it and getting over it shouldn’t be an issue if you’re healthy.

  3. Imagine a “vaccine” so effective you need a booster shot… 2 months after taking the first 2

    Makes sense to me.

  4. Let’s report the fact that the White House isn’t requiring the vaccine. I thought they were federal employees

  5. Oh, yeah I forgot about Brian Williams until I saw this…he’s a VERY honest & TRUTHFUL reporter who used to work for NBC, right?…he’s a VERY reliable guy to believe, RIGHT?

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