Biden Admin To Help Evacuate Afghans Who Aided US In Late July

The Biden administration will launch a new effort to help evacuate Afghan nationals who aided the U.S. military during their operations in the country. NBC's Peter Alexander reports from the White House.
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  1. The governor of Guam has offered to help once again in doing our part in helping those Afghans who helped *our* people. Like it or not, those who are naysayers, we owe them a huge debt of gratitude by doing this. They helped *our people* over there. It’s the least we can do. I just hope it’s soon enough.

    1. I can’t imagine even the traitriots saying we shouldn’t protect our allies. They sure turned a blind eye to the Kurds though.

    2. @Harry Johnstone Have you got any idea how many times we’ve abandoned the Kurds? The reason is, they stay depending on us. They won’t stand on their own feet. I know. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. We train them, equip them, and fight FOR THEM. When we leave, they turn their backs and run.

    3. The U.S. should not resettle Afghanistan refugees in the U.S. They will need $1000s in social services. Furthermore, the families and relatives of the refugees will also get asylum and the result will be “Chain Reaction Immigration” with potentially 100s of 1000s of people being added to the already overburdened social service system.

    4. @kansasthunderman1 Not to mention. We have countless Veterans living on the street. They want to bring others in and give them free homes. It isn’t right!

  2. This report is great news. Afghanistan people.. who helped the US military need help! I hope the evaluation process goes well.

  3. Brothers from another land who have helped us, will need our help. It is only fair. Though they will have to adjust.

    1. The US helps no one. The US will take just a small amount for propaganda. Just enough to fool people like you.

  4. Just them or their whole families? If not you know they will go after their families if they leave and any family that is left behind

    1. @Cmorris94 No. Kurds mainly. During Vietnam, Biden was on board with leaving south vietnamese people.

  5. Sure … tell the Taliban when you’re going to evacuate. Wanna tell them what time and at which airport … you know, so they can send taxis to offer them ‘rides’.

  6. We can’t forget the heroes who have helped our American brothers and sisters! Bring those families to safety for them to thrive in the US. For them to have a chance of the American dream. The taliban massacre of the afghan soldier is concerning…..

  7. I see Bush is condemning the move made by Trump and carried out by Biden. Sorry, buddy, you made this mess your comments are not welcome. The blood is on your hands, Bush.

  8. Two generations of afghans have been fighting this war their entire lives with no brakes no tours of duty constant combat with the threat of their families being slaughtered FOR US!

  9. Now, if we can go back and reevaluate keeping our word to the Kurds. That would be the honorable thing to do. Just a thought.

  10. the US Military under Joe Biden just left Bagram Airfield without letting the Afghani leadership know , The US military left behind 70 Sniper Rifles, 900 guns , Grenades , Mortars , all marked with Property Of The USA Government , also left behind were 30 Humvees , 20 Pickup Trucks , 15 Armored Vehicles , and a container full of Satellite Phones that the Taliban looted after the US Military left and are now going to use against the Afghani people , how could the Us Military let this happen !

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